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Room 101

Room 101 is an idea about a place where people can deposit of their hates and despair. The term was originated from Orwell’s novel (nineteen eighty four), written in 1949. He wrote about a man called Winston Smith who had been imprisoned for 7 years for being a member of a secret organisation to promote freedom of thought. He has suffered many beatings and types of torture at the hands of his jailor, a man called O’ Brien who is attempting to brainwash Winston. O ‘Brien later decides that Winston must face the ultimate kind of torture – a visit to Room 101. This novel was later made into a TV chat show with Paul Merton in which they interview many guests about their hates and detests before later dooming this item to a life time in room 101. In this essay I intend to tell you about my dislikes and detest and tell you my reason for condemning these items to a life time in room 101.

The first item I would like to condem to a life time in room 101 is Politicians. I wish they would tell fewer lies. Election time comes around and all we hear are promises, promises and more promises. Are any of them realistic? NO! We are told that if they are elected they will do all these wonderful things that are really not possible. If they set out plans for projects that were more realistic, and then stuck to them we might actually support them more. Whenever there’s a problem all we hear are excuses and accusations. A few simple truths would probably make most people feel much happier. I personally would prefer to hear someone say “yes we made a mistake” than “no, it wasn’t us it was…….” . We all make mistakes and if politicians could have the guts to tell the public when they happen they would find themselves being much more popular. Until they’ve learned to be honest and upfront with the public they should be locked away.

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The next item I want to doom to a life time in room 101 is golf. I mean what a waste of time; the idea of hitting a small ball around a huge field in search of 18 small holes for four hours on a Sunday morning doesn't exactly grab you as exciting. To be honest, it’s going in Room 101 because it’s a waste of time. OK, you get some exercise walking between holes, but is it worth it. Almost every golfer I know is overweight so it can't be doing you that much good if you ask me. ...

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