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The Match – Descriptive Writing


              All of us were extremely excited because of this match. It was the most important one we somehow had win. We had waited for it for eight months, which we spent with rigorous training knowing that the tournament would not be easy. This tournament was the real test of my soccer skills. Tiny, but sharp needles of rain drops were falling on us as we were running towards our transport vehicle with our heavy kit bags and studs* which were making us slip on the wet and shiny grass. The fresh smell of rain mixed with soil was tangling my nose but I had to move on to win my match and take a further step in my dream of becoming the best soccer player.

              The rusted fifteen seat bus was bouncing along the tattered road to the famous Shackshire stadium where our most important soccer match was to be held. Whoosh was the sound of our small bus’ dented wheels as it drove at a high speed over the newly formed rain puddles. This was the only sound heard as all the eleven players, one disinterested manager, our coach and five hired cheerleaders were still, making the over packed bus feel like a silent funeral. Sweat was dripping down everyone’s forehead which was making our already wet blue and white jersey even wetter and smellier. The jersey was of our soccer club, SwordFeet with club logo of an old shiny sword through a football, it was a little immature but it gave us all our inspiration. The cloth of the jersey was rough and was causing rashes as it was constantly eroding my skin because of being wet. The 20 kilometer road strip seemed unending with dried out trees and filthy, smelly swamps along side. Though the stadium was famous, it did not have appropriate and accessible travel route making it completely isolated from the Shire (a well known city in iceberg town).

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                 All the other matches this season were not at all important but this one. It was against the ruthless BahamaBoyz. This club had earned the reputation of tearing their opponents’ limbs and emerging victorious using notorious means. It was a blood-bath if anyone tried to argue and we having all average built, 5 feet 4 inch players did not have the guts to do it. We reached the ever famous shackshire stadium. Each of us stepping down the ramshackle step of the bus and popping our head out in that speck of ...

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