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English essay on horror, tension and suspense

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English essay on horror, tension and suspense The wind was whistling. A young lady was driving down a deserted road in her small car. It was around half ten at night, Mary was driving home from University. She was very tired and apprehensive, as she was driving alone at night along an abandoned road. As she was driving, the full moon was shone through the bare branches casting eerie shadows on the path where she saw a strange lady. She looked closer and saw a frail, old lady hobbling down the road. Mary had too much passion in her to leave the old lady suffering in the terrible weather. Holding her steering wheel in a tight grip, she drove over to the old lady, offering a lift. With a fearful face she opened the door and let the old lady in. The old lady looked very friendly and was very thank-ful for Mary giving her a lift, but never revealed her name. The lady gave directions to where she wanted to be dropped. ...read more.


Then suddenly the machines started to work. "Who's there?" she said startling. There was silence. The once silent atmosphere was turning into a frightening nightmare for Mary. Her head ran wild again with images of stories and horrific deathly movies. The electricity in the room where the old lady was standing was flickering, which brought shivers down Mary's back. Suddenly the lights went out! She felt her leg being pulled. It was stuck. She sat on the floor with fear of death. She heard movements coming from the corner, so she slowly looked up. It was pitch black and the few rays of light coming from the window didn't help much, apart from allowing her to see very faintly. She felt and heard breathing on the back of her neck and she knew someone or something was definitely in the room with her. The back-up lights turned on and, in a split second, she turned around to see who was there. She saw a man hanging with his hands and legs tied up to a rope from the ceiling. His eyes were rolled up and his b****y body seemed drained of fluid. ...read more.


She was confused about what happened that night, as the old lady said that she had fallen asleep. But when she roamed her hands at the back of her head she felt cuts and deep wounds, but no blood. She was afraid and petrified. She stood in the middle of the room with the old lady and the mysterious body. There was again silence; only the heavy beating of the rain on the windows and door could be heard. She listened to the thunder and saw a few lightening bolts. She heard a loud thump from the room next door. She roamed around and at the right moment rain out of the room and out of the haunted house. As she made her escape, her heart was beating faster then she had ever experienced. She ran into her car and quickly drove off. She had only spent half an hour in that haunted house, but to her it felt like hours. She drove furiously home, not knowing what had happen to her since the moment she saw a dead body in the haunted house. Since that day's experience, she never gives lifts to any stranger and always stays in her car with her doors locked until she reaches her destination. ...read more.

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