English Language GCSE Creative Writing- The Manor - Scary Opening

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A squid ink shade of black had been overwhelming the sky for many hours, intensifying in colour with each second. The only source of light present was from the tiny spark of light created by my lantern. This delicate flame was keeping me company- and offering me a source of comfort in the back of the rickety, jolting carriage. The flicker of the flame somewhat entranced me, the slight warmth produced by it drawing me in, studying the flame and its beauty. However this comfort was short lived as an arctic blast of air speared through the carriage and murdered the innocent flame displacing the angelic light with a foreboding darkness. I had never been one to be afraid of the dark; the still of night was a beautiful contrast to the lively daytime. I strongly believed that nightmares were things created and concocted within the mind. The idea of fear was simply a product of an over-active imagination, and I had instructed my consciousness to suppress the idea of irrational monsters and impossible beasts created in the darkness of my room. My childhood years in which I used to believe such things seemed to be a distant memory, despite in reality only being a few years prior. A lot had changed since then; I had grown up too fast, and the horrific tragedies that had fallen upon me had aged me beyond my years.

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I had been anxiously awaiting the arrival at the manor since embarking upon the long journey at the first glimmer of morning sun. I had never been to or even seen this manor that my parents had allegedly written to me in their will along with a Bible passage written next to the official agreement; fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell. Part of me felt concerned especially due to the weird passage as my parents had no affiliations with Christianity, the other half filled with intrigue and morbid curiosity about where this twisted adventure would lead ...

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