English Language - story of disappointment

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Controlled assessment: Story- Disappointment

Disappointment, that was Robert's life in a nutshell; he always found everything disappointing and everyone was always disappointed in him for some reason or another. As he got up, he looked in the mirror revealing his 5ft 6, 60kg body and short brown hair and eyes. Completely average. He pulled on his school uniform, a white shirt, black trousers and a black jumper and then walked downstairs. “Happy 16th birthday!” Robert's mother cried.

“What’s so happy about it?” Robert remarked in his monotonous, depressing voice. “I'm just another year closer to death and still none the wiser as to how to end this wretched boredom I find myself in”

“Come on Robert, not this again; you need to find a hobby, that'll end your boredom.”

“It's not as easy as that” He declared as he pulled a bowl out from a cupboard “I just find everything... disappointing.”

“Robert, are you depressed because if that's the case I can take you to see a doctor or a psychiatrist. Would you like that?” Robert completely ignored his mother's question and poured cereal and milk into a bowl. “Robert, please don't ignore me. Ya know, you're not the only one suffering here; I've been depressed too since your father...” Robert's mother uttered but Robert cut in before she could finish her sentence. “Don’t speak of him.” Robert ordered “Don't speak of that Degenerate in this house!” Robert punched the table and his mother flinched. “Robert! Calm down!” his mother plead, tearing up.

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“Why should I? If anything, you should be angrier than me!” Robert asserted “He'd come home, late and drunk and then would beat you. Instead of being brought to justice he just left. If I had my way he'd be dead by now!”

“SHUT UP!” Robert's mother bellowed. “I'm sorry I brought this up, now just get ready and go to school. I've got to go to work”

“Fine.” Robert snapped “I'm going the library until 6 tonight” Robert finished his cereal, grabbed his bag and stomped out of the house. Outside it was sunny but Robert this disappointing as ...

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