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GCSE: English Language

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  1. Arguing in support of refugees in Australia

    • Word count: 1418
    • Submitted: 08/07/2012
    • Awarding body: Not known/Not applicable
  2. The Man Behind the Cat: Dr. Seuss

    • Word count: 1647
    • Submitted: 06/07/2012
    • Awarding body: AQA (for GCSEs)
  3. Ban Advertisements!!!

    • Word count: 815
    • Submitted: 04/07/2012
    • Awarding body: WJEC (for GCSEs)
  4. A Collection of Accidents

    • Word count: 2170
    • Submitted: 28/06/2012
    • Awarding body: Not known/Not applicable
  5. A* Room 101 speech -adverts and spitting.

    • Word count: 526
    • Submitted: 23/06/2012
    • Awarding body: WJEC (for GCSEs)
  6. Junk yard bedroom

    • Word count: 618
    • Submitted: 21/06/2012
    • Awarding body: AQA (for GCSEs)
  7. The word failure should never be used in education. Discuss.

    • Word count: 692
    • Submitted: 19/06/2012
    • Awarding body: Not known/Not applicable
  8. Advice I'd give a younger me.

    • Word count: 1139
    • Submitted: 09/06/2012
    • Awarding body: Not known/Not applicable
  9. Popular phrases. Their origin and meaning - by Ivonna Skale (15)

    • Word count: 1526
    • Submitted: 30/05/2012
    • Awarding body: Not known/Not applicable
  10. Creative Writing. The judge arose decisively; his figure emanated an aura of power and importance

    • Word count: 1476
    • Submitted: 21/05/2012
    • Awarding body: Edexcel (for GCSEs)
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All potential employers will be scrutinising your CV to see if you've achieved a good pass in English Language and it'll be next to impossible to get to university without one. The ability to communicate, to analyse meaning and to use language to express yourself concisely, coherently and effectively is one of the most important skills you need whether it be in your career, in further study or in your personal life. So, yes, it's pretty important.

What you'll be studying is how the language is applied in different contexts and for different reasons. You'll be speaking, listening, writing andanalysing and learning how to use language confidently and accurately. It does include imaginative and creative writing but will also furnish you with other skills such as analysis of meaning, pr

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