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GCSE: Comparing poems

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  1. Modern Poetry Comparison

    Also both poems are written in the first person, we know this because they say 'I'. Due to Poem 'B' being in six stanzas it is very quick and easy to read and understand, so I have split Poem 'A' into six parts as well to make it easier to compare. Poem 'A' tells us that the mans roots are very black, and that he is proud to be Black and that him and his people originated from Africa, I concluded this from the line "Black as the depths of Africa". In poem 'B' the man says "he is tires of this world", he is saying a prayer, which means he is fed up of the

    • Word count: 961
  2. Compare and Contrast two 20th century poems - Unholy Marriage and Street Accident

    The first stanza is full of religious images which the young female is being compared to Virgin Mary, "anointment of her breast" The religious image continuous into the second stanza, which religious and s****l images are intermingled "how sweet she would have been in bed", which indicates the crash, has taken place. The repetition of the b sound (bed, bridegroom, benediction) exemplify the violence of her bones crushing to dust. Also in the second stanza, there is a lot of religious images to show the tragic death of the young girl, "Benediction", and the place the accident took place were not the right place.

    • Word count: 1231
  3. Essay Plan. Compare how Two Scavengers In A Truck, Two Beautiful People In A Mercedes and Nothings Changed portray culture.

    Scavengers: ?red plastic blazers? ?grey iron hair? ?hunched back?- grotesque 3. ?Also with long hair and sunglasses?- born at some time with different opportunities, so similar yet so different 1. Afrika shows it through food 1. Rich and Powerful: ?haute cuisine?- only the best, expensive, up-market, exclusive 2.

    • Word count: 394
  4. Compare the ways people are presented in Vultures with the ways people are presented in one other poem [Two Scavengers...].

    However, he is shown to be affectionate and loving to his wife, demonstrative of Achebe?s underlying message. He describes their actions: ?pricked the eyes of a swollen corpse...its bowel?. This shows their utter brutality and is designed to revolt the reader through the forceful power of verbs like ?swollen? and ?gorged?. The corpse is described as being in a ?water logged trench? which could be a reference to the conditions of the First World War: war is explored in more detail in the latter half of the poem.

    • Word count: 972
  5. Compare how imagery is used to present feelings and ideas in This Room and Love after Love

    The furniture then begins to rise and the room is then portrayed as a big celebration. It is then realised that all of it was a metaphor to show that the poet?s spirit had escaped her body and she values the freedom she?s got. ?Love after Love? is a poem about self-discovery and the poet is trying to say that there is a time in our lives when we come to realise what we really are and only at this point can we truly be happy. It is thought that the poet has maybe just ended a relationship and being in love has made him forget who he is.

    • Word count: 600
  6. How are people presented in "Two scavengers" and "What were they like?".

    the second going into more detail like what they were wearing ect (lines 10-30) then the last one is making a statement about society and almost zooming out from the four main characters. ?What were they like? is set in (two) stanzas unlike two scavengers, the first one questions and the second one the answers. It is almost as if a future student is asking a historian. The questions are an insight into what the Vietnamese people were like before the war destroyed them and their culture.

    • Word count: 987

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