Love after love

"Love after Love" and "This Room" Love after love is a poem written by Derek Walcott it is all about finding your self and its telling you how to move on, it looks at the past and reflects all the good and bad things that had happened then. It tells you to be happy just the way you are. It also says that sad love after affair can restrict us, making us neglect ourselves but optimistic message that we will throw this off and be happy again. This room is a poem written by Imitaz Dharker, which has a similar idea of throwing you off restrictions and constraints but more, symbolic, showing that restrictions could be anything. It is about the unrestrained joy of life. Both poems are optimistic about happiness. The poems have different optimism, in love after love it says "You will greet yourself arriving" and "will smile" showing that happiness will return. Also in the text it says "The stranger who has loved you all your life" it is a clam message we should discover and cherish ourselves, it is a comforting promise of permanent love. It also says "will smile at the others welcome" implying that they are happy to see each other and they will say no words because there facial expressions will show it all. In this room it says "Breaking out" as pots and pans "fly by the ceiling fan." This is implying that it is an exciting, lively poem, more effervescent than other, almost like

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