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GCSE: Lawrence Ferlinghetti: Two Scavengers in a Truck, Two Beautiful People in a Mercedes

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  1. Two Scavengers in a Truck, Two Beautiful People in a Mercedes a poem by American poet, Lawrence Fernlinghetti. In this poem, he showed an insignificant, everyday incident - a meeting of a garbage truck and an elegant open Mercedes to make

    The garbage truck is "bright yellow" and garbage men wear "red plastic blazer" and here Fernlinghetti uses primary colours to show simplicity of garbage men's work. The material which is used for men's clothing suggests they clothing is cheap and uncomfortable. The first man is an old man with "grey iron hair", a hunched back and gargoyle appearance. Fernlinghetti names this old guy "Quasimodo" to illustrate his appearance as it is a reference to a well-known story about Notre Dame's bell-ringer.

    • Word count: 694
  2. Compare the two poems Two scavengers in a truck, two beautiful people in a Mercedes by Laurence Ferlinghetti and Island man by Grace Nichols.

    The poem includes the 'island man' waking up in London but dreaming of waking up in his home country. The poem gives us a picture of two different worlds and is based on dreams and reality. Both poems use shape to their advantage. In the poem "Two scavengers..." the author writes a poem not in stanzas but in 5 simple sections. Ferlinghetti presents both characters alternatively, using one of the sections to describe the bin men and the next for the rich couple. The reason the author did this was to show the inequality between the two sets of people.

    • Word count: 813

    It brings you in the film and what got me hooked the most was the use of slow motion. Also when Neo shoots his opponents is really exhilarating as he blows up a lot of stuff. As I mentioned before there are a lot of destruction involved. I really enjoyed the close ups. However on the other hand the bad points are neo and trinity shot so many times but they never seem to die. This is why I dislike it at times as you would expect that after some time the police officers will die but they didn't.

    • Word count: 791
  4. Compare how Society is presented in 'Nothings Changed' and 'Two Scavengers in a truck two beautiful People in a Mercedes.'

    'A stone a bomb', he feels that this would relieve him of the anger and pain he is feeling after having his home taken off him. He wants to break through the barrier between him and the pompous white people who are higher up in the hierarchy than he is and it should not be like that, as he is the true owner of this land. ' The skin about my bones, the soft labouring of his lungs', he had to work for this part of town and his life, this makes him angry and wanting to fight back, to kill and destroy.

    • Word count: 952
  5. In addition to 'Island Man' by Grace Nichols, I have also been studying, and have chosen to write about 'Two Scavengers in a truck, Two beautiful people in a Mercedes' by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

    Grace, on the other hand, shows how difficult it can be for an immigrant to leave their home land and settle into and urban environment, for example people from the Caribbean. The poets portray the characters in different ways to show emotions and also to symbolise important issues in everyday life. An example of this in Ferlinghetti's 'Two scavengers in a truck, two beautiful people in a Mercedes' is where Ferlinghetti describes the two bin men 'grungy from their route' contrasting them to the two rich people in the Mercedes with the man 'in a hip three-piece linen suit' unlike the two bin men.

    • Word count: 535
  6. A prominent voice of the wide-open poetry movement that began in the 1950s, Lawrence Ferlinghetti has written poetry, translation, fiction, theater, art criticism, film narration, and essays

    Following his undergraduate years at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he served in the U.S. Navy in World War II as a ship's commander. He received a Master's degree from Columbia University in 1947 and a Doctorate de l'Universit´┐Ż de Paris (Sorbonne) in 1950. From 1951 to 1953, when he settled in San Francisco, he taught French in an adult education program, painted, and wrote art criticism. In 1953, with Peter D. Martin, he founded City Lights Bookstore, the first all-paperbound bookshop in the country, and by 1955 he had launched the City Lights publishing house.

    • Word count: 674
  7. Compare the ways in which the poets present people in "Two Scavengers in a truck, two beautiful people in a Mercedes" and "Island Man"

    This poem was set in America and was aimed to show that there is class division and was commenting on American society. In this poem there is a huge contrast between rich and poor. I know this because the description of the two scavengers and the rich couple shows us the inequality that the two classes have. The poem is not set in stanzas but can be divided into 5 stages. It is more set out like a storyboard.

    • Word count: 590
  8. A comparison between the Poetic techniques of Ferlinghetti & Afrika

    key problems all over the world, which contributes to the poems' success, as everybody can identify with it. These poems are technically fictional, but the truth behind the moral of them adds a genuine realism. In "Nothing's Changed" (Afrika's poem), the tone as a general rule is very accusative and extremely opinionated. This is because the author is writing from his own experiences (he is black), almost in an autobiographical sense, and hence it is written in first-person form. He is in a way a spokesman, a representative for all black people that are discriminated against, which is shown in the poem by using "we" in line 26, "we" referring to black cultures.

    • Word count: 787
  9. Two Scavengers In A Truck, Two Beautiful People In A Mercedes By Lawrence Ferlinghetti - review

    The beat poets were the U.S.As angry young men questioning some of the dominant values of American Culture. They also placed exuberant emphasis on poetry in performance, often with Jazz accompaniment. "The kind of poetry which has been making most noise here," Ferlinghetti remarked, "Is what should be called Street Poetry ......It amounts to getting poetry back into the street where it one was, out of the classroom out of the speech department, and in fat off the printed page. The printed word has made poetry so silent." Laurence Ferlinghetti has continued to live and write in San Francisco and in 1998 he was acclaimed to be the city's first poet Laureate.

    • Word count: 615
  10. The poem Two Scavengers in a Truck, Two Beautiful People in a Mercedes is a descriptive poem by Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

    The main reason I enjoyed this poem was because of the description of each person in the poem. One description I really liked was the description of the two people in the Mercedes, '' The man in the hip three-piece linen suit with shoulder-length blond hair & sunglasses The young blond women so casually coifed with a short skirt and colored stockings on the way to his architect's office '' this is the best description in the poem because it tells us that the man is going to work and it is clear that the man as a well paid job because he has an expensive car and an expensive suit.

    • Word count: 627
  11. Two Scavengers In A Truck, Two Beautiful People In A Mercedes - Ferlinghetti expresses many views about American society.

    Ferlinghetti writes about two sets of people, the garbage men and the people in the Mercedes. In the poem they both meet at red traffic lights where they are equal. Ferlinghetti feels that organically, they are similar but there is a substantial difference between them and most importantly economic wise as well as social wise. Nevertheless, the garbage men stare at the young couple 'as from a great distance' (line 27). They are actually close together, stuck at the red light. This perhaps suggests the 'distance' between the lives each pair lead.

    • Word count: 547
  12. How does Ferlinghetti use alternative methods to express views about culture and traditions and discuss.

    This is what the poem looks at. It is entitled the "two scavengers in a truck, two beautiful people in a Mercedes". This tells us straight away what the poem is about, and suggests to us a comparison of the 2.It is set early in the morning, in San Francisco." Vehicles pull up to a traffic light as the narrator watches. One is a truck, with 2 garbage men on the back. The other is a Mercedes with a man and women both of the high class.

    • Word count: 806
  13. Contrasts in Two scavengers in a truck, two beautiful people in a Mercedes by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

    Regardless, the garbage men stared at the elegant couple ?as from a long distance?. Actually, they are close together, waiting at the red traffic light. This shows that the distance between their life?s? state. In addition, the poet?s aim is to express the problem of disparity or gap between the rich and the poor. The poet uses third person omniscient point of view to describe the poem. He (poet) uses other ideas and feelings to express himself such as being the dustmen, looking at the couple, ?? watching some odorless TV ad?, the ways of life portrayed (person in a film, character)

    • Word count: 759

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  • Compare the brief encounters between two 'culture clashes' in 'An Old Woman' by Arun Kolatkur and 'Two Scavengers in a Truck, Two Beautiful People in a Mercedes' by Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

    "Towards the end of both poems the poets reach their conclusions both are drawn to a close with their feelings of inequality, Ferlinghetti closes his poem with irony; American democracy 'in which everything is always possible' and then in the following verse states 'as if anything at all were possible' leaves us questioning the reality of opportunity - does one ever get to 'cross the line'? Arun Kolatkur's poem on the other hand is intensely personal he concludes that this 'old woman' managed to achieve a moral victory and all he is left to consider his humiliation in the face of a humanitarian struggle and the fact that his very being was 'reduced to so much small change in her hand'. Both poets conclude with their intentions of the poem. Ferlinghetti remarks sarcastically at the inequality of democracy which supposedly puts countries like America above the third world countries whilst Arun Kolatkur leaves us with a message about humility and humanity, it is not for the wealthy to assume a moral high ground."

  • Compare how the two poets explore cultural issues in their work

    "In conclusion, in have summarised the two poems in general, looking in detail at how they are similar in different ways and how they are different in others. I have successfully looked at and analysed the styles, content and attitudes on both of the poems, comparing them where necessary. So, I have successful addressed the task set to me and explored cultural differences and attitudes in the works of these two poets."

  • Compare the ways in which the poets present people in "Two Scavengers in a truck, two beautiful people in a Mercedes" and "Island Man"

    "In my opinion looking at this poem the lines reflect the shape and action of the sea. The wave line shape of the lines gives a slow rhythm. Some phrases in this poem are detached to draw more reader's attention. Throughout the poem there is a bit of rhyme used "soar, roar". There is also alliteration used with the letter 'S', "Sun Surfing, Sound of Blue Surf" "Groggily, groggily, muffling, muffling" repetition and alliteration. There is no punctuation through the whole poem, however, she uses capital letters. Reading these two poems I have noticed that they present people but in every different circumstances and for different reasons. However, the messages are very different. Both poems use shape imaginatively but on the other hand both poems are very different. By Yuliya Boychuk 10P"

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