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GCSE: Writing to Argue, Persuade and Advise

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  1. Education is not just about which school you go to, or what qualifications you gain; it also about what you learn from your experiences outside of school. Write a speech for your school or college Leavers Day to explain what you think makes a good education

    Let me give you an example. If you were to become stuck in a situation in which you and the people with you were forced to rely on things you had learnt in the past, what would you rely on? Those test papers with 100% stamped on the front page of each and every one of them? Or those survival skills you learnt at Scouts all those years ago? The choice is easy to make now, but unfortunately, we usually find revising for tests much more important than going to extra-curricular clubs.

    • Word count: 540
  2. Debate/Speech - Tourism Does not Benefit the World

    Such a disastrous financial condition has led to extremely abnormal unemployment rates. Even before the spread of the pandemic, tourism affected the world phenomenally. Environmental harm has severely augmented effects over a nation. The ecological condition of many countries has deteriorated since the beginning of tourism. Air contamination levels have been observed to increase due to high levels of tourist activities. Even if tourists behave responsibly, the sheer number of them can cause damage.

    • Word count: 487
  3. Computers / One of The Greatest Inventions

    Throughout the years, computers have changed the way people work, be it any profession/field for several reasons. Thanks to the newest state of the art technology, personal computers have microprocessors built-in, which are bound to decode and execute written data processes. This groundbreaking microprocessor technology allows your personal computer to receive inputs from the user as a result of interactions with the mouse and keyboard devices. It also allows your computer to perform several tasks; for instance, it grants you the ability to resolve varied and complex mathematical calculations at the push of a button.

    • Word count: 654
  4. I believe that capital punishment should be banned throughout the world.

    In addition, most states now have a sentence without parole. Detainees who are given this sentence will never be set free. In this way, the safety of society can be guaranteed rather than with capital punishment. It has a brutalizing effect, capital punishment is inhumane on society. The brutalization impact is that executions desensitize the public to the immorality of killing, which creates more corruption and homicide. Capital punishment makes society more risky by additionally expanding violence through the brutalization impact, increasing the likelihood that people will then choose to kill.

    • Word count: 504
  5. Speech persuading Year 11 students of the importance of revising now for their GCSE exams

    It had begun with a firm intention which developed into an ongoing timetable of revision and hard work. It is these limited and daily thirty minutes of revision, which carried her through to achieving the best of her abilities. So how did Sarah revise well for her exams? Reminisce, firstly. We need to highlight the fact that you all should have been in education for about ten years by now; about two to three years studying GCSE subjects.

    • Word count: 482
  6. Evaluate whether the ethical as well as moral issues are important enough to stop scientific developments

    The usual groups of people of which volunteer for such testings are said to be students, low earners, etc. however with this a lot of different problems may arise. There are many various reasons as to why people may agree with animal and human testing as well as why people may disagree to animal and human testing, these various reasons are elaborated below: For animal testing Again there are various different reasons as to why different people from different group?s different categories agree with animal and human testing. The reasons are as follows: -Human suffering from various health diseases and various conditions is minimised and therefore improves human health.

    • Word count: 825
  7. Home Schooling persuasive letter

    There are also advantages apart from the educational ones. Since your son will have more free time he would have the opportunity to spend some of that time outside and thus lead a more active lifestyle. Additionally this free time would allow for him to be able to go out and get work experience if he so chooses. Finally if you feel like you may be struggling at times with teaching him or any other aspects, there are many support services available such as ?Education Otherwise? who not only provide support but also holds local groups/sessions where he would be able to meet other home-schooled children.

    • Word count: 719
  8. Asperger's Syndrome Letter

    The students with Asperger?s syndrome would sometimes make you feel like you?re unstable for your profession. That?s a mutual feeling when teachers have to educate someone with a disability. Take a breather and put yourself in their shoes. Picture yourself being in an alien cultural to your own, where you are always in danger of breaking norms and values you don't understand, and you struggle to keep up with the flow of communication that comes naturally to those around you. This is how a student with Asperger?s syndrome might feel in a school environment. Due to problems with communication and shortage of understanding social interaction a child with Asperger?s syndrome may find group work difficult.

    • Word count: 974
  9. Teens aren't addicted to the Internet - Dont fall for the stereotype.

    The article gives a stereotypical image of teenagers; we all are internet addicted young adults, spending our times alone in a dark room and conducting all social interaction by proxy. This image could not be farther from the truth. Additionally, the author makes another stereotypical accusation about teenage boys when she claims that they spend ?unedifying hours in bedrooms? watching porn.? Are all teenage boys obsessed with porn? According to Public Religion Research Institute only 29% of young men found porn to be morally acceptable and 65% disapproved.

    • Word count: 798
  10. Are we all fundamentally the same? Persuasive writing.

    We humans are similar but we have a particular need or erg to be unique however, some of us may argue with the fact that we are not fundamentally the same, as we all are not blessed with unique qualities. This may be the struggle but we all have at least one or more difference that makes us unique and as time passes we realize it ourselves. Although we all have this erg for fulfillment but culturally we express that need in different ways for example ?Frozen? by Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee, Elsa (character)

    • Word count: 640
  11. What I can't stand. Soapbox on Chavs

    These people are in gangs acting as if they?re 8 foot tall and built up like a rugby player, in the corner of the McDonald?s car park. I once unfortunately came into contact with one of these ?gangsters? on my way walking back home from my friend?s house. I was half way there when I just looked to my left and saw some filthy unwashed scum in a hoodie. I was trying my best to avoid when he shouted at me ?Yo fam, ya got a cig on ya mate?.

    • Word count: 694

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