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GCSE: Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe

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Writing to inform

  1. 1 Give factual information and use a formal style.
  2. 2 Use straightforward language to convey essential information. Your audience could be anyone.
  3. 3 Use the present tense, write in short clear sentences, address the reader as 'you'. Use connectives and technical terms.
  4. 4 Break up your writing with diagrams, illustrations, images and subheadings.
  5. 5 You can give more information (eg: why and what you find interesting) and the genre could ask you to give instructions, write recipes, give directions or write manuals.

Writing to explain

  1. 1 Establish who you are writing to and why you are writing.
  2. 2 Genre – Explaining data, giving a speech or explaining how a mechanism works.
  3. 3 Purpose – To be clear, to show meaning and to make something clearer.
  4. 4 Write in the third person, use either past or present tenses, use clear factual language.
  5. 5 Give a balanced view and use connectives of comparison (whereas, though, while, unless, however).

Writing to describe

  1. 1 Your thoughts and feelings are important.
  2. 2 Genre – Writing a story, describe a scene, writing a diary entry.
  3. 3 Purpose is to build an image in the reader's mind.
  4. 4 Use adjectives and adverbs, similes, metaphors and all five senses ( touch, smell, taste, sight, sound).

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  1. Dad ages ago

    I was like what the FUCK had gone on there? I grabbed one of my brother's magazines (celebrity one) and flicked to the picture of the most "fit" woman in there and stared at it... Nothing, No an inch. Okay the average over sexed, overweight, desperate teenager should get the hots for Britney Spears, but nothing, oh dear. I tried to get back to sleep but every time I did the dreams would return. I think I managed to drift off. All weekend I felt weird, and yes every time I'd close my eyes I'd see those dreams.

    • Word count: 3108
  2. Imagine you are Mary and write a series of journal entries, which recount your adventures during the course of the novel

    He is a big man with a lean and hungry appearance that makes him look almost like a wolf. He isn't a very nice looking man and I think that was why I thought he was sinister. I was astonished when I saw my Aunt Patience. She has changed so much since I last saw her because I remember her as being a pretty and lively sort of woman but now all that prettiness and liveliness has vanished. Her face has fallen away and her skin is very stretched and she now appears to be a very nervous woman.

    • Word count: 3029
  3. Leaving Home

    India as I last remembered it, was freezing in the morning, and boiling in the afternoon (we went in December), pretty smelly, the people were scared to talk to me and my brother (my sister wasn't born then), and we didn't really want to say anything to them. The thing that disgusted me most about this country was definitely the latrines. I tried not to go to the toilet unless I had a full bladder and was desperate; it was also hard to get toilet paper over there. This time, we prepared ourselves with plenty of rolls before we left.

    • Word count: 3315
  4. One love in Amsterdam Netherlands

    What is your name young lady, Jasmine, my name is jasmine but you can call anything you want. So what is a beautiful girl like you doing here, why thank you, I'm here with a couple of friends, are your friends as beautiful as you are. She never answered the question, it was a bit strange, and I felt unsecure from that point, I couldn't feel the trust, between us. Here they come they approached me the way jasmine and I approached each other. One of the girls was whispering I could make out what she was saying.

    • Word count: 6860
  5. Creative Writing Coursework : Guilt

    "Pardon? You'll have to speak up, the music's too loud." She sounded more English than American. She clearly wasn't from North Carolina. "Tobias Jones, what's your name?" "I'm Sophie, Sophie Benjamin." I took a slurp of what must have been my fifth vodka and orange. "You're not from around here are you? English?" "No, born in Adelaide, Australia. I moved over here to North Carolina a few years ago." I stirred my drink seductively with a straw. "You fixed up at the moment...?" "Sort of. His name's Lance, but it's not going anywhere."

    • Word count: 6204
  6. The Ghost Sonata

    The milkmaid enters from the left, carrying bottles in a wire basket. She is in summer clothes, with brown shoes, black stockings and a white cap. She takes off the cap and hangs it on the fountain, wipes the sweat from her forehead, drinks from the cup, washes her hands and arranges her hair, using the water as a mirror. A steamship's bell rings, and the bass notes of an organ in a nearby church intermittently pierce the silence. After a few moments of this silence, when the milkmaid has finished her toilet, the student enters from the left, sleepless and unshaven.

    • Word count: 3445
  7. A story with no real end (or) The man with no identity

    Well, a little bird tells me that Martin King was Catharine's closest friend in high school. He introduced her to John McLeod at the much memorable republican convention of 1984.They were together three years and no little darling child. One must be wondering, was it him? Or was it her? Well, where this potential affair is leading remains to be seen. We'll be keeping an eye out. As for you Mr. Martin King shame on you! Let the poor widow grieve. Besides, she'll have a tough time replacing the husband voted one of the "The Ten Sexiest Men" two years ago.

    • Word count: 6039
  8. I am forced to live the life of a vulture, feeding from the deceased.

    You hated going to bed, your father had to drag you away from that window!" said mother. I never knew why she was poorly, her mother was ill also, and her big sister, Jacqueline, father used to say that god needed some more angels so he took some of the good people away with him for a while, his mother died of this strange illness. I couldn't remember this, I thought I really did used to sit at my window and talk to Sarah, although it was a long, long time ago so I couldn't be sure.

    • Word count: 3872
  9. It was all one big nightmare

    It was obvious there was something on her mind that was troubling her. 'Lauren, there's something you need to know...' What shocked me the most was my name. Unless it was something incredibly serious my name would not be mentioned in our conversations. 'This may come as a shock to you but now you have to know...' The delay between this sentence and the next seemed like years. I already felt sick. I could sense something was really not right here.

    • Word count: 4576
  10. English Coursework - Moral Dilemma

    I steadied my shaking hand, and slowly turned the handle of the brown wooden door that led to the outside. I briskly walked out and again closed the door at a snail's pace. I hastily unlocked the doors of my silver sports car; its metallic paint glimmered in the sunshine and, at the speed of light, rushed into its luxurious leather seats. I revved up the 3.0 litre turbocharged engine, it purred as though it was a big but sleek cat, but before departing I quickly rummaged through all my pockets. I didn't want to forget anything now did I?

    • Word count: 3785
  11. Green River Drama Play

    SAUL Listen, I'm gonna handle all the talking on this gig, capice? SAUL'S GANG nod in unison. CLOVIS (Nervous) Uhhh...Saul? SAUL Huh? CLOVIS (Stammering) W-w-what if your sister isn't too keen on this idea, huh? If she turns us down, we're fucked. SAUL (Smiling, confident) Don't get your nuts in a bunch, Clovis. She owes me. SAUL'S GANG seems to accept this without question and shuffle out of frame. CUT TO: INT. ASHCROFT LIVING ROOM-NIGHT NATHAN stands at his window, peeking out the HORIZONTAL BLINDS, trying to be covert and avoid his brother-in-law. He is obviously NERVOUS; knowing that SAUL'S presence at his tastefully decorated home means trouble.

    • Word count: 16626
  12. You Are Never Alone

    Toppay's initials were embroidered in dark brown at the rear of the saddle. The shotgun sheath was attached to the saddle, and lay loosely on the horse's flank. Snatching up his shotgun from the stall on the stoep, Toppay ran up behind his mare, and leapt squarely onto her back, sliding the gun into its sheath and rearranging his other weaponry for comfort. He checked the saddlebags for shells and pistol shot, before digging in his spurs, and raising his horse to a gallop.

    • Word count: 3585
  13. Rianne Summers fiddled around with the frequency dial on the car radio until she finally found a station

    "I'm not getting back in that car until we have to go home." Rianne laughed as she slowly and wearily made her way to the large wooden door of the bed and breakfast. "Yeah, until you find out that the nearest shop is two miles away," Amy teased, "and I know you Rianne, you rely on that car to get you everywhere." "You can talk, 'Rianne, give me a lift to college, Rianne, take me to work.' You rely on it more than she does!"

    • Word count: 7594
  14. The Day My Life Changed

    'There, done.' she said. 'Thanks,' Neo looked distraught, 'I thought he'd have to go to the hospital.' We turned to go. 'Wait!' We turned back to see the kind old lady unscrewing a jar of lollipops. 'Have one.' she said, I looked at the jar but Neo said, 'We'd love to, but Mum doesn't like us eating before our dinner. Sorry, but we can't.' The old lady could see that we were good kids. 'Never mind, you be careful.' We left the shop and Neo said, 'Just walk.' So we did. Neo said we had some things to sort out so we stopped at an old abandoned house 'Here, let me see your knee.' Neo bent down.

    • Word count: 3259
  15. Original Writing Coursework - Auschwitz

    "You three, the right," the man said with a smirk on his face, and it was done. Sari and Isaiah had gone to meet God, Elli's parents, Aran and Eva, and Elli herself, were slaves in the death filled hole that was Auschwitz. Elli's thoughts were interrupted by the resounding ring of the morning gong. The heavy door swung open on creaking hinges and a tiny girl was thrown in. She was probably five years old, with spindly legs and a drawn face. That much was usual. However, there was something abnormal about the little child. Her body was covered in scars and sores, bright scarlet weals, peeling burns and bizarre greyish lumps all over her chest.

    • Word count: 3450
  16. The Ring of Light

    He fell to his knees, tears filling his eyes, then, suddenly he heard a noise coming from the barn, he smashed down the door and looked up just in time to dodge an axe that came at him at a tremendous speed, it hit the door only a few inches away from Danny's head. Then he saw what had thrown it. It was about four foot tall, green skin, blood red eyes and very sharp teeth. A goblin stood in front of Danny grinning; Danny drew his sword and dived at it but it shot off out of the barn and was speeding towards the forest.

    • Word count: 4518
  17. Dazzling - autobiography.

    and a yawn... and my mum went back to bed. I punched the air in excitement. I had got dressed undetected at 3 am. My excitement quickly died as I then had an even more dangerous task now of going down the stairs. I held my breath until I reached the last step which made me feel dizzy and yellow, blue and green sparks appear in front of my eyes, I quickly tip toed into the coat room and buried my head into a jacket and took deep breaths until the light headed sensation in my head dissipated. I put on my white trainers and walked into the kitchen where my dad stood waiting. "Alright champ?"

    • Word count: 3059
  18. The Diary Of Mrs Danvers

    She tried to make conversation, and I answered her awkward questions with no more than due politeness. I wanted to make her feel how different she was from my Rebecca, how much shorter when Rebecca was tall, how plain when Rebecca was beautiful, how much duller when Rebecca was full of wit. I watched her face as I told her how much entertaining Rebecca did, how beautiful Rebecca's bedroom was, and saw that already she was beginning to feel inferior, already beginning to fear me.

    • Word count: 3492
  19. I Looked Up In Dismay

    All the sudden it darts across the screen to the other side. Now the screen read "Try Again", the timer began going faster. "No way.", my thoughts raced trying to figure out how to out smart the skull and cross bones on my screen. Nothing came to mind. The timer ran down and next thing I knew my computer had downloaded a virus and began to erase everything from my hard-drive. "Well I guess there goes my computer for today". Darting out the door and late for class I ran to my 1 o'clock Aeronautics class.

    • Word count: 4979
  20. Creative Writing - Isolated.

    They said that it should be cut halal. He said that Allah was the only person who could help them. I took Ghulam aside and Ghulam and I decided that we should not kill the animals straight away and because we might need them in the future and they were only there as a necessity. He agreed and once we spoke out. This is when the groups split. These groups that split weren't just friends, it was the groups in what peoples character could be determined. Straight away I saw one group of boys that disturbed me.

    • Word count: 3402
  21. Psycho Fear

    The aroma in the house was repulsive, it almost made an investigation impossible, but nonetheless it took place. However, no conclusive evidence was found to inform the police to who committed the murder. Agent Smith, member of the renowned F.B.I commented pattern of the murders. This person and the two before that were killed; all went to high school together. The police could be dealing with a personal vendetta he thought. Though the F.B.I scoured the house and searched every nook and cranny, they found nothing until the police did. A cassette was obtained from James's stereo system.

    • Word count: 3208
  22. Write an original story on a subject of your choice .It can be real or imagined.

    The bus arrived at the seaside town Tim smelt the sea air and also he could smell Fish and Chips. The teacher told the class to gather round and said " I am going to give you all an hour on the sand and then you may have your packlunches after that." Tim got the last bucket from the pile there was of 30 it was all cracked and there was no bottom to the bucket Tim sighed and went to build a moat and a sandcastle so he decided to do the moat first and while he was digging he noticed something in the sand, a book!

    • Word count: 4415
  23. The Burst Bubble of Dreams

    "That's ok, I don't mind, he's lovely." Emily just looked at me as if I had completely flipped. I could tell she was getting ready to say something, but before she could, some of Chris' friends showed up. "Hey Em, hey Nikki, where's Chris at?" "Hi Jason, he's in the house getting changed, his clothes were wet." Emily told him, but not before giving me a look to let me know that we WERE going to talk later. "Yeah, he kinda went swimming," I added on. "In his clothes?" "Yup!" "WHY did he decide to go swimming in his clothes?"

    • Word count: 8876
  24. "He's not actually a vampire. Do you honestly believe the rumors? "Of course I do! Everyone else does

    It was after his family died and was taken in by foster parents. He had brown eyes and short, green, brushed-up hair that made him out to be more on the wild side. His personality reminded me of a dog?s. He was always playful and loyal to his closest friends and family. For some reason, Michael was impossible to hide from. No matter where you go, he'd find you. Sometimes that was a good thing and others, not so much. I remember when we were in elementary school, we played hide-and-seek. When Michael was ?it?, he'd take a deep breath through his nostrils before starting to look for everyone.

    • Word count: 5793
  25. The ABC Journal of my Life

    I think when people hiccup it can also be very annoying. It seriously just bothers me. I don?t know why, but I just want to smack them and say, ?SHUT UP!? Another thing that?s bothersome to me is when guys pants sag. Seriously, can?t they pick up their pants and put on a belt. Something else that really bothers me is when you?re trying to talk to someone and they are texting and not paying attention to the conversation. It makes me want to get up and walk away. WHAT CAREERS INTEREST YOU & WHY?

    • Word count: 4086

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