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GCSE: Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe

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Writing to inform

  1. 1 Give factual information and use a formal style.
  2. 2 Use straightforward language to convey essential information. Your audience could be anyone.
  3. 3 Use the present tense, write in short clear sentences, address the reader as 'you'. Use connectives and technical terms.
  4. 4 Break up your writing with diagrams, illustrations, images and subheadings.
  5. 5 You can give more information (eg: why and what you find interesting) and the genre could ask you to give instructions, write recipes, give directions or write manuals.

Writing to explain

  1. 1 Establish who you are writing to and why you are writing.
  2. 2 Genre – Explaining data, giving a speech or explaining how a mechanism works.
  3. 3 Purpose – To be clear, to show meaning and to make something clearer.
  4. 4 Write in the third person, use either past or present tenses, use clear factual language.
  5. 5 Give a balanced view and use connectives of comparison (whereas, though, while, unless, however).

Writing to describe

  1. 1 Your thoughts and feelings are important.
  2. 2 Genre – Writing a story, describe a scene, writing a diary entry.
  3. 3 Purpose is to build an image in the reader's mind.
  4. 4 Use adjectives and adverbs, similes, metaphors and all five senses ( touch, smell, taste, sight, sound).

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  1. Peer reviewed

    How Are Teenagers Presented In The Magazine Article The Good News About Teenagers?

    4 star(s)

    The main purpose of the article is to explain that teenagers and teen years aren't bad. Graham attempts to explain this through much humor, visual devices, and personal experience. The way in which the article is set out is visually appealing. The Teen Talk headline is smaller than the main headline, but is in bold and capitalised. The main headline contains different sized fonts, to emphasize certain words, especially the words 'Good News'. Also, the first sentence of each paragraph is bolder and underlined; this is to capture the attention of the readers. The cartoon is in the centred in the middle of the article to create a visual break in the text, and it adds an interesting layout to the article.

    • Word count: 616
  2. Peer reviewed

    Aftermath - creative writing.

    4 star(s)

    I was scared: Petrified. I managed to pull my achy bones out from the debris, the pain was horrific. I could feel the cold misty wind stroke my face. In the far distance I could hear low voices that became louder and louder: hysterical screams. I attempted to crawl my way towards the noise - in hope for help. Shards of glass dug into the palms of my hands. Warm blood trickled down my knees, my throat tightened with the dirty dense dust. I could taste the fear. Behind me I heard a crackle.

    • Word count: 550
  3. Peer reviewed

    Writing to describe english coursework

    4 star(s)

    The ladies of the nights hurrying along to their corners, their high heals clattering with every step. They leave a lingering scent of cheap perfume and their adventures of the night before. Each inhabitant looked as though they belonged no place but there. Suddenly the shady streets burst with the melodic roar of street life; the gentle sirens in the back ground, the arguing of neighbours that have become almost mandatory in this little place, the roar of the cars as they sped past and the sound of their horns when trapped like a corned beast, the incessant dog barking, the booming music with its heavy bass filling the streets and the wind whistling through the gaps in the buildings.

    • Word count: 974
  4. Peer reviewed

    Descriptive Writing Of A Beach

    4 star(s)

    Abandoned, nothing there apart from a few sea gulls pecking at the rubbish left by yesterday's visitors. Empty crisp wrappers, chocolate wrappers, ice cream papers and half eaten cones scatter the yellow sand. Young children stumble onto the moist sand, with small buckets and spades in their hands, they shout and talk in excitement. Damp sand is forced between their toes. Straight away, the young children put on their swimming costumes and are smothered with thick white sun screen, to protect them from the bright sun. Children running towards the shoreline; their parents struggle onto the sand, loaded like camels with everything they will need for their day.

    • Word count: 581
  5. Peer reviewed

    "A Memorable Occasion in my Life"

    4 star(s)

    Panic had started to infiltrate the backstage area. Everyone was on tender hooks and extremely nervous. I had never really felt like this before, it was a totally new feeling for me to be experiencing. People would keep asking if I was alright and if I was ready for the events of tonight. All I could do was stand there, nod my head slowly and silently, and look at my shuffling feet whilst my teacher continued smoothing down my dress and brushing my knotty hair off of my make up clogged face.

    • Word count: 845
  6. Peer reviewed

    I knew this was a race I had to win (short essay)

    3 star(s)

    He has a few days of his existence left. I need to provide the fee needed for the fee. I will not allow my father to just exit this world when he still has so much to experience. The rest of my family and friends are relying on me to countenance this competition in order to save my father! I will not give up at any rate for my precious fathers life is on the line.

    • Word count: 536
  7. Peer reviewed

    Lliving the teenage dream

    3 star(s)

    feel pressured from their friends to do things they wouldn?t normally do like take drugs or drink alcohol nevertheless when you?re a teenager your friends are your whole life and all you want to do is spend time with them. School can also be a another area of pressure and problems for teenagers but it is also a sociable part of a teenagers life, a place where friendships can be made and laughs can be had .education can put a lot of

    • Word count: 545
  8. Peer reviewed

    Short story - I Survived the Titanic

    3 star(s)

    Five days later, still out on sea, total anarchy and chaos hung in the atmosphere as people were screaming, shouting; a half hour ago, the captain of the Titanic had given us a serious caveat: the ship was on a collision course with an ominous iceberg of great magnitude. When I comprehended the words, which had just sailed through my ears, my mouth opened aghast with shock and trepidation; fear surged through my body like a sensation which I had never felt in my entire life.

    • Word count: 657
  9. Peer reviewed

    Shipwreck story.

    3 star(s)

    Eating was not a major issue for few days as the stock in the ship was enough but with time I had to resort to fishing, which was really challenging as the waves were to harsh. In addition to this, getting a goodnight sleep was another challenge I had to face. Unfortunately, all the furniture and beds were broken thus I had to sleep on a torn mattress, which I luckily found. On the other hand waves were another stumbling block: never in my life I thought I would be scared of waves but I don't know why those waves I heard at night caused a sense of loneliness and fear.

    • Word count: 725
  10. Peer reviewed

    Creative writing. Smoke was accumulating, there were only a few minutes left till it would drown me. Searching the perimeter for any exits, there were none, only a chair in an empty room.

    3 star(s)

    The clock was ticking. I needed a plan and I needed it quickly, questions gushing, but no answers. They called themselves "The Tiger's Paw", ranked top of the most dangerous terrorist groups in the world; they would kill anyone who would get in their way. Waving my hand in the thin frosty air, catching the taxi drivers' attention, the tires screeching, staining the ground below them. A few minutes later I had reached my destination. Bold colorful words caught my attention "HEATHROW AIRPORT". The board, the flight numbers were rapidly changing, flicking before my eyes. Recalling the flight attendants voice rang in my ears "London to Panama, departing in 15 minutes, please depart to gate 5".

    • Word count: 856
  11. Peer reviewed

    Write the words of an article for a teenager magazine in which you describe your best teacher, explaining what and how your teacher taught you.

    3 star(s)

    She wasn't a teacher which made me sit down on a chair, and learn. She taught me her strength; the strength she will use to grab me from a lightening car; or carry me to the top of the mountain. She taught me her bravery; the bravery she will use to fight with someone two feet taller than her. I learnt her intelligence; the intelligence which she can use to create a new planet. Don't you just want a teacher to be fun; interesting, and; hyperactive?

    • Word count: 648
  12. Peer reviewed

    Writing to Analyse, Review, and Comment: "Life is unfair" Is it?

    3 star(s)

    When I walk outside, the people who use to say hi are now acting as though they have no idea who I am. Isn't that unfair? Me being who I am, I say Hi and in return I get a spit in my face like a scum. Life is just not how we expect it to be. Our environment is slowly turning into a trash can because there is no 'respect'. Don't you think life is just unpredictable? Although, it doesn't always end up like this.

    • Word count: 603
  13. Peer reviewed

    Out to the sea. Hard rust flakes had replaced the hulls black paint in places. Sharp edged barnacles stuck fast to the shipside.

    3 star(s)

    I couldn't let those hardened sea dogs see me vomit. I stole a glance at my brother. Ashen faced, he was thinking the same thing. An anchored ship makes not a sound. The swell threw the boat about roughly, squeezing the rubber fenders against the shipside, causing a wailing sound. It stood out against a vast empty quietness, like a baby crying, sad and forlorn. There are other sounds too, if you care to listen. Some waves go off in wrong directions, hit against others and make low lapping sounds.

    • Word count: 875
  14. Peer reviewed

    The final hour. There was rampant and piercing gunfire opened by the enemy; there was a forceful flow of lethal bullets.

    3 star(s)

    There was rampant and piercing gunfire opened by the enemy; there was a forceful flow of lethal bullets. The gunpowder smelt fresh out of a factory, and reeked of danger. The bullets were ripping through the air and were difficult to dodge. One bullet brushed past my shoulder sending a shiver down my spine, blood rushing down to my toes. Death was nearer than ever; I knew I would breathe my last. My palms were sweaty despite the cold; I could feel numbness all over.

    • Word count: 859
  15. Peer reviewed

    Friendship And Kinship If someone asks me who is the most important person in my life, my answer will be: my family members and friends

    3 star(s)

    Also, this will be unlimited to choose. However, we do not have any chance to choose our relatives. Every member is predetermined when we were born. It is possible that we cannot find someone in our family who we really want to talk when we have problems. When we discuss a question, we might have a quarrel because we can't find common ideas.

    • Word count: 514
  16. Peer reviewed

    Lord of the Flies Research Paper

    3 star(s)

    William Golding was a very popular and serious author. He "is considered one of the most distinguished twentieth century novelists" (Marsh 1). Golding has based his story off the classic novel The Coral Island, by R.M. Ballantine, and creates a modern myth that unfolds with swift and brutal inevitability. "In addition...Lord of the Flies shows a grasp of telling detail that bespeaks the author's experience with real-life situations" (Marsh 1).

    • Word count: 383
  17. Peer reviewed

    Travel Writing

    3 star(s)

    I was looking for my parents because a huge crowd of tourists had separated us. I finally see them on the other side of the group of tourists, talking to the custom agent with their suitcases open. I could hear the man asking my parents some questions such as if their suitcases belonged to them and if its contents as well and my dad replying that everything was his. The man kept on asking similar kind of questions to my parents and then ten minutes later, they were free to go.

    • Word count: 708
  18. Peer reviewed

    Creative Writing - Isolated.

    3 star(s)

    She reached over to her desk, opened the drawer and pulled out her purse. She tipped its small contents onto the bed, and counted. "Fifty five, sixty, sixty two, sixty two pounds and seventy four pence," she muttered to herself, "well, that's not going to go far, but it's all I've got." She carefully placed the money back into her grubby purse, and put it into her bag. She paused to listen to the world around her when she heard a slamming of a door.

    • Word count: 989
  19. An review of "The Edge" by Alan Gibbons

    Their new home is with Cathy's parents where her r****t father refuses to accept her black son Danny. Cathy spent weeks meticulously planning their escape and removing any chance of The Animal finding them but will a slip of newspaper under the carpet in London be their downfall. The story is written by Alan Gibbons and is in a multi-narrative form which means that different characters can convey their different emotions about the same parts of the story.

    • Word count: 506
  20. When things went wrong

    When we got down stairs in the kitchen we cooked some pasta with random things we found in the fridge: corn, butter, carrots, tomatoes, cheese and random spices we found in a cupboard, we were so hungry. While we were eating we went on her laptop and looked at the bus and train timetables for my way home. When we found them, I set the alarm clock on my phone to remind me when to leave her house. After that we went on Facebook, a social network, where we chatted with our friends and stalked some of our good looking

    • Word count: 1177
  21. Creative Writing Inspired by Praise song for My Mother

    Daddy knew that I was sad, even though I didn't show my emotions. After breakfast, he took me high up the mountains. The mountain range was spectacular. The view was breath-taking, everywhere you look, and you can see the flowers blooming, the trees swaying with the wind, and the bees playing hide and seek with the flowers as they buzzed from one another. Daddy said "Let's sit over there" he pointed at a boulder of rock. It's like the boulder was put there for these particular moment. Once we were sat down, he started to sing with his beautiful and warm voice.

    • Word count: 1043
  22. Creative writing. My stepmother was vile. I guess most kids think that when their father remarries. But in this case, it was true.

    I even tried to get dad to get me a ticket. Anything to help my younger brother. So I phoned to tell him the great news but instead I received the opposite. Jamie had climbed to the tallest building and tossed himself off. Father was traumatized, of course, and Natasha was quietly triumphant. For a few months, Father became more concerned than ever since mother died. But Natasha was beautiful and had charming ways about her that soon lured my Father's attention away. And now that she had succeeded, she focused on another. Poor Jeffrey was next.

    • Word count: 1444
  23. Description of ice

    As my hand cools down I smell cold fire. I see icicles forming on window sills. As I see the soft and delicate snowflakes falling from the cloudy white sky, I wonder how they become so hard and brown. I see other people walking on the streets they kick the ice not thinking about its feelings. My hands start to shiver so I put them into my pockets.

    • Word count: 527
  24. How does Shakespeare create a sense of drama in Act 3, Scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet?

    Later due to confusion and an undelivered letter Romeo thinks Juliet is dead and therefore commits suicide. Juliet wakes up from a deep sleep and kills herself when she sees Romeo dead. In the deaths, the two families are reunited. Shakespeare uses many devices to create tension, drama and conflict. Shakespeare creates tension and drama in many ways before the street brawl. Tybalt makes it obvious that there is going to be a clash in Act 1, Scene 5 when Montague stops a fight during a party and Tybalt replies 'I will withdraw, but this intrusion shall, Now seeming sweet, convert to bitt'rest gall'.

    • Word count: 1729
  25. English Short Story - The Box

    The dog started trotting toward the patch of woodland. Where the dog stopped there was a small crater. Then he remembered the shooting star he watched last night with his friends and put one and one together. This box, whatever it was, came from the sky. -Spaceship- George was eating lunch with his fellow crew members. 'Space food...' he thought as the grey mash came out of the microwave. It wasn't that it didn't taste good, it didn't have any taste. Every day they ate the same cocktail of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Every Sunday they could add some flavouring to their food.

    • Word count: 1182

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