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English Literature Poems

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English Literature Poems Compare the methods that 'Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan' employs to highlight the importance of cultural identity with another poem? I have chosen to compare 'Presents' and 'Hurricane' as both poems highlight the importance of cultural identity in society. Both poets 'Alvi' and 'Nicholas' employ many different and similar methods to illustrate the importance of cultural identity. The poem 'Presents' is about the writer herself at a younger age feeling insecure as she is of dual heritage (mixed race) 'in my English Grandmother's dining - room. In the poem the poet begins to conflict with herself as she believes that she is not of one set race 'I was there of no fixed nationality'. Throughout the poem the poet begins to show her insecurity as she begins to respond to the presents her aunties bought her from her native land negatively 'I could never be as lovely as those clothes'. A t the end of the poem the Alvi is unable to resolve her problem as she finishes the poem feeling rather down saying 'I was there of no fixed nationality'. ...read more.


In 'Presents' the poet begins with the first person pronoun 'They' which is plural. This is used to distance herself from her aunts. In the first sentence the writer uses the culturally specific term 'salwar kameez' to refer to the Indian dress. This is done to add a sense of realism to the poem. Within the poem the writer uses post modification of the noun blue when referring to the dress as being 'peacock -blue'. The poet applies this technique to make the poem sound more realistic and conversational as if she had just come to her mind. He also uses post - modification when it comes to describing the sari 'apple green sari'. The writer post - modifies the word 'blue' with the word 'peacock' as a peacock is considered to be an exotic, vibrant and luxurious animal. In the poem the poet uses verbs. In the third line of the first paragraph Alvi uses the verb 'glistening' as it really conveys an expensive nature. Throughout the poem the writer repeats 'I' to emphasise her individual from Pakistan. ...read more.


The poet uses this technique to show her confusion as well as to make the reader think. In this poem the poet employs metaphors 'the blinding illumination'. This metaphor is used to illustrate that her character (herself) is having a revelation or as you could say an epiphany. In the third paragraph the poet uses second person pronoun 'you' to address the storm. In the fourth paragraph the writer begins with the line 'What is the meaning of trees'. He purposely starts off with this line as it sounds rather philosophical and spiritual. Within the poem the poet uses the simile 'falling as heavy as whales'. The poet uses this simile because it helps the audience build a vivid picture in this case the simile implies that the trees make huge impact when falling as would a whale. Under the fourth paragraph there is a free verse line. The free verse line starts with the word 'O'. The poet begins with this as it shows emotion and heightens the impact. In this free verse line the poet uses another metaphor 'why is my heart unchained'. This metaphor is used to show that the character has resolved her problem. ?? ?? ?? ?? Yonathan Fecadu 11 YA English Essay C/W ...read more.

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