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GCSE: Alan Ayckbourn

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  1. English- Absurd person singular

    I couldn't. Sidney: (furious) you take off all that - and you go back in there and explain." He tries to make her do what he wants, he could have said it in a different way and not make Jane cry but he is to busy trying to impress his guests. As your saying these lines to Jane I want you to lean over Jane slightly, bang a glass on the table and be at the brink of shouting, whereas Jane will be ducking slightly of terror and speaking quietly back to you. Sidney's social status is along way below his guests Ronald who is a successful bank manager and his wife Marion who is an alcoholic snob.

    • Word count: 2029
  2. What are the ‘confusions’ of the title?

    She neglects a further two rings on the back door bell. Rosemary comes in and she's very timid and uncertain of herself while Lucy's responses are very certain. Rosemary : Hallo, I thought you must be in.... Lucy : Yes. Rosemary : Oh, don't let me - if you want to get on .... Lucy : No. Their conversation was of a random quality, they're not really communicating with each other although they're talking, there is no contact of mind. Lucy gives very straight forward, mostly one word answers. Rosemary : From next door. Mrs Oates. Rosemary. Do you remember?

    • Word count: 2275

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