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GCSE: Arthur Miller

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  1. Free essay

    How does Arthur Miller present family loyalty and conflict in A View from the Bridge?

    Eddie expects Beatrice to accept his decision and not question his authority; as it was uncommon in those days for a wife to have their own opinion, let alone question her husband. If we look at the relationship between Beatrice and Catherine, we can see that even though they are loyal to each other like mother-daughter, Beatrice dislikes the closeness of Eddie and Catherine's relationship: "But if you act like a baby and he be treatin' you like a baby.

    • Word count: 1002
  2. How does Arthur Miller use the character of Alfieri in A View from the Bridge to critique the conflict between justice and the law in 1950(TM)s America?

    The audience first see 'The street and the house front of a tenement building' in the play. The tenement building conveys the theme of entrapment, of close community and sets up Eddie Carbone to be in a position where he will fall out of favour from this close-knit community. Moreover, there is a desk 'at the right forestage', which is 'Alfieri's law office'. The fact that is at the forestage shows the importance this 'law office' is going to have during the course of the play; furthermore, it is at the right of the stage, which infers that it is good, rather than bad.

    • Word count: 2992
  3. The tragedy of Death of a Salesman has Biff as the central focus, not w***y

    In the first key scene, w***y has a flashback in the restaurant of his affair with the woman. Biff comes to Boston to find his father to help him graduate, but by the end of the scene Biff goes from admiring his father "Because if he saw the kind of man you are," to feeling angry and disappointed at him "He wouldn't listen to you." Because of this Biff doesn't graduate because he didn't go to summer school and ends up as a farmhand.

    • Word count: 1387
  4. Explore the presentation and dramatic functions of women in Death of a Salesman with particular focus on evaluating the role of Linda

    Linda is a caring wife and throughout the play cares for w***y, she also protects him from the reality of many situations "Oh. Maybe it was the steering again." She tries to protect him from the criticism of others and his own self criticism; she also reassures w***y that he is doing well in his job "You're well-liked". Linda admires w***y and almost treats w***y like a child, calming him down and reassuring him that everything is okay, and protecting him from the world.

    • Word count: 769
  5. The Crucible - Abigail

    She is made to sound very threatening but at the same time she is saving herself, not minding getting others into trouble. However, in contrast to this, there are times in the play where Miller shows some of Abigail's power slipping away from her and she is not able to play with the mind of the person she is talking to. A good example of this is where she is talking to Proctor near the beginning of the play and is trying to convince him that he still loves her.

    • Word count: 2130
  6. How Does Miller Build Up The Dramatic Tension In Act 2?

    The catalyst to make them argue is "... I thought you had gone to Salem this afternoon." This is important because of the business with Abigail and Mary being there today because of the court. Elizabeth provokes Proctor by bringing up Abigail in this argument. As tension is already ruling this scene, it is not a good idea of Elizabeth's to talk of her. However this does show that Elizabeth could be the stronger of the two as she was the first to speak of Abigail. Other evidence of this is moments later Proctor is "wide-eyed" and trying to put off this argument as he is "thinking beyond" going to Salem but realises he is going to have to give in.

    • Word count: 2319
  7. A view from the bridge- english coursework

    This links to why Alfieri is 'the bridge' as he appreciates living in America but strongly holds onto his Italian culture and traditions. Alfieri is a highly intelligent man which is evident in many ways. Firstly, his chose of words "My first thought was that he has committed a crime, but soon I saw it was only a passion that had moved into his body, like a stranger." As the quotation shows Alfieri's choose of words is sophisticated and also his use of poetic devices, in this case a simile, also shows his well educated status and sophistication.

    • Word count: 1466
  8. John Proctor, the Tragic Hero

    Proctors 'code of moral conduct' was almost to unrealistic and this made it difficult to follow. This shows that he is intelligent enough to learn from his mistakes, which a tragic hero needs to be. His sense of guilt is great, but at first he is not responsible enough to take the blame. His moral code and sense of guilt relates to the dilemma that John Proctor later faces by ensuring his fate. By this point in the play he is faced with that difficult decision and has accepted full responsibility for his actions, accepted his fate and has been physically and spiritually wounded by his experiences earlier that year.

    • Word count: 2006
  9. How does Arthur miller encourage the audience to believe in John Proctor as a hero in the play "The Crucible"?

    public that they had been lured into serving the devil and begin to accuse others of having been seen with the devil. In an attempt to prove that they are lying John Proctor and a group of friends put their lives at risk to save their friend and loved ones. In this essay I will show how Arthur Miller encourages the audience to believe in John Proctor as a tragic hero. When we are first introduced to John Proctor in the play he is described as a "man powerful of body....and not easily led".

    • Word count: 1662
  10. How does Arthur Miller create tension in Act Three of "The Crucible"?

    The scientific meaning of the word "crucible" is a small round dish used, at high temperatures, to purify substances. Irony has been used here, as the "purification" happening in Salem is actually killing innocent people, also indicating a tragic nature to the play. This has an effect upon the audience when they sense the irony, and creates an atmosphere where the audience wonder what exactly is happening in Salem to "purify" a community. The play, as already stated, is set in Salem, 1692, in a society bursting with paranoia over land, attack from Indians and Christianity. The village is obsessed that God is constantly watching along with the devil, providing not only good, but evil and sin.

    • Word count: 2247
  11. Explain the dramatic significance of Pages 88-91 of The Crucible by Arthur Miller

    The court refused to hear their testimony and Martha Corey and Rebecca Nurse were sentenced to be hanged. Elizabeth is pregnant and her trial was adjourned but Proctor is overcome by a sense of loyalty and chooses to help his friends. This shows Proctor has good morals and principles. The events that occur in the courtroom are more climactic than any other in the play. One of the few instances where the audience can predict what will happen is when Proctor confesses.

    • Word count: 2721
  12. Justice and the Law in A View from the Bridge

    The Law.' Miller once said that he wanted to make the modern equivalent of a Greek Tragedy. It is imperative to have a chorus in a Greek play; this chorus is made up of spectators, even bystanders, who would watch the drama and comment on it, directly addressing the audience. Miller created Alfieri to symbolize the chorus, but Alfieri also took part in some of the action in the play. He acts as a medium between the characters and the audience. His speeches to the audience, in a monologue form, help to translate themes and ideas running through the play.

    • Word count: 1106
  13. What is Alfieri's Role in 'A View from the Bridge'?

    He is then used throughout the play to convey a sense of fate in Eddie's life, and also to give the play a structure. At the beginning of the play, Alfieri is used to set the scene. He gives us background information concerning the history and culture from which Eddie originates (and this is inextricably linked to the sense of fate and inevitability that Alfieri gives us throughout the play). He uses the phrase "the greatest Carthaginian of all" to describe Al Capone.

    • Word count: 1853
  14. John Proctor: A Man To Be Admired

    In this playwright, integrity plays a big role as Proctor keeps his good name even in the face of death. Proctor willingly sacrifices his name to protect his wife, contradicting his moral beliefs, but then refuses to let them slander his name by posting his confession on the church door. On doing this, he receives his wife's trust and forgiveness again, but he can not base the remainder of his life on a lie, with too much pride to swallow; his only ethical route is death.

    • Word count: 1152
  15. How does Miller create a sense of tension and conflict between John and Elizabeth Proctor at the beginning of Act Two (to the point where Mary Warren enters)?

    Witches were, and are, thought of primarily as women although some men were classed as being witches. Witches were originally "created" to explain the inexplicable; to explicate the things that God couldn't possibly do. From 1420 onwards witches were thought of as "Satan's servants sent to seduce the weak and attack the Godly" (Pope Paul II). Many people who performed important services to their local community were seen as being witches This theme of witchcraft is introduced at the very beginning of the play. Reverend Parris catches several girls, including Abigail and Betty, his niece and daughter, dancing in the woods; something prohibited by the Puritans.

    • Word count: 2258
  16. How does Arthur Miller use the play format to show that Eddie is protective and possessive of Catherine in a View from the Bridge?

    We see that the community is very close knitted and look out for each other. Although they are poor they're determined to earn money and so that their children can have a better life. Arthur Miller is the famous playwright who can relate to a lot of the play as he worked and lived in the same community the play was set in. Also his parents were immigrants who came to America and he can relate to the main character 'Eddie' as he also worked on the docks.

    • Word count: 2764
  17. View From a Bridge - Way Justice is Presented

    But, Italy represents different things to the main characters in the play. For example, Catherine associates Italy with mystery, romance and beauty, "well you're always saying it's so beautiful there, with the mountains and the ocean". Rodolpho, on the other hand, is actually from Italy, and thinks it is a place with little opportunity, and a place that he feels justified in escaping from, "Happier! What would you eat? You can't cook the view!". All of the characters appreciate the benefits of living in the U.S., but still strongly hold to Italian traditions and identify it as home.

    • Word count: 2736
  18. Act 4 of the crucible is dynamic theatre; discuss how miller makes this act dramatic

    Miller himself was called before a committee, and he began to notice a certain resemblance between the two trials, such as 'naming and shaming' by people anxious to divert attention from themselves, together with confessions given under duress. This has resulted in the play being seen as a political allegory. At the beginning of act 4 we see symbolic setting and scenery created through Miller's clever use of stage directions, which in turn, introduces and establishes the tone that will continue throughout the remainder of the play.

    • Word count: 1421
  19. How does Arthur Miller dramatise conflict in the play "a View from the Bridge?"

    Also, on the illegal immigrant's arrival, though Eddies is not present, the family is laughing because of Rodolpho. "They laugh as EDDIE enters." This stage direction portrays the exclusion that Eddie feels, especially of his thoughts of Rodolpho. This is supported by the fact when Catherine comments on Rodolpho's hair, immediately after arrival, Eddie almost semi-consciously orders her out; "How's the coffee doin'?" Though not obvious at first Miller slowly builds character and atmosphere, and also tension which leads to direct conflict which is built around Eddie's flaws.

    • Word count: 1314
  20. A View From A Bridge Coursework

    Alfieri was standing on the bridge looking over, watching the argument flare out until its disastrous conclusion, ending in death. Miller started the play with Alfieri, the narrator. This was because of Alfieri's importance. Theoretically, Alfieri was telling a story that had already happened to the audience. It was important to let the audience know that this story was a circular plot. Alfieri started the play with his first soliloquy. He was walking to his office when he saw a couple of long shore men.

    • Word count: 3819
  21. The American Dream and 'All My Sons'

    In relation to the play 'All My Sons,' the American Dream seems to be criticised. The main character, Joe Keller is a businessman who lives life as an average American that has survived through the great depression. Keller is not particularly well educated but is able to have owned his own factory manufacturing important airplane parts.

    • Word count: 539
  22. a view from the bridge

    These impressions of Marco show that he is mild mannered and calm which does not prepare us for the confrontation at the end of act 1. Marco says very little at the end of act 1 as Miller intends to present him as a man of actions rather than words, by including many stage directions but very little speech. Eddie punches Rodolfo and 'it mildly staggers Rodolfo. Marco rises.' This shows the audience that Marco has seen that this has gone to far and decides to step in and becomes serious and his response is he challenges Eddie to a

    • Word count: 623
  23. How does act one set up audience expectations

    This is shown in the play by the fact that lots of people in the village are being accused of witchery, and you die whether you have an excuse or proof that your not a witch, if you admit it you are saved but have to promise you want to come back to the lord but if you are truly faithful to the lord such as goody Proctor, you will not falsely admit to being a witch and therefore will be killed.

    • Word count: 1689
  24. The Crucible - Power and Manipulation

    For example, the Committee had lists of people and wanted the witnesses to name names, after observing this Miller took it into consideration for his play. When Miller was merely a young adult he had attended a socialist conference during the McCarthy period, when the Senator was first creating Hysteria concerning Communism. This is what inspired Miller to make Hysteria the main theme of his play. Additionally Miller was also brought in front of the court and was questioned about his loyalty to Communism; this also gave Miller an idea for his forthcoming play.

    • Word count: 4473
  25. Trial the development of Joe Keller. How does Miller manipulate the audience’s sympathy?

    is thinking about what he is saying, and therefore does not want to say anything 'wrong', and consequently has something to hide, giving him a more ominous figure. However, the repetition of 'he' and 'him' shows how sympathetic he feels towards the incarcerated man, hence giving the audience the impression that Joe Keller has emotions and can therefore be sympathised with. Subsequently, Miller also casually slips in phrases that Keller says in casual conversation that show how passionate and considerate Keller is towards his family.

    • Word count: 881

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