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GCSE: Harold Brighouse

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    Maggie's Role in Hobson's Choice

    3 star(s)

    Through this though she is also helping her sister. Maggie is a very determined woman. A good example of this is on page 16. She calls Willie up from the cellar and tells him that he'll be her husband, she doesn't ask him she tells him "I've seen, I've liked. I think you'll do for me." Her personality is very domineering, she is always in charge and she is the boss. On the outside she doesn't show her feelings towards Willie. But she does come to love Willie as she makes her sisters and Hobson respect him "either I can go home or you can go and put a collar on for Will.

    • Word count: 1464

    never associated with the lower class and the lower class was bound to do the same; the lower class related to their own type. The playwright of 'Hobson's Choice' - Harold Brighouse understood the importance of the social roles and values of the Victorians and consequently creates characters that juxtapose the whole idea and concept of the Victorian Era. Hobson's Choice reflects the social roles and values of the time through the characters reference to Status and gender. Maggie, Willie and Hobson are the three main characters the audience are focused on; these characters are presented in different ways and indifferent circumstances.

    • Word count: 1292
  3. By the end of the play Will is not the likeable lad he was at the beginning.' How far do you agree with this statement?

    After a lot of persuading and a beating from Hobson Will agreed it would be a good idea. The third act is a month later and they have got married and moved into a cellar in Oldfield Road, this is their business and home. Act Four is a year later and with the help of Maggie, Will's character changes significantly, he becomes more confident, assertive. Will also gets educated by Maggie as that wasn't something that the working class were able to afford. At the end of the play Will and Maggie move back to Chapel Street because Hobson develops chronic alcoholism also, Will becomes partners with Hobson on the condition that Hobson is a silent partner.

    • Word count: 1956
  4. Analyse the dramatic techniques that Brighouse uses to explore the theme of image in "Hobson's Choice"

    He very much wanted the people of Salford ( his daughters included ) to believe that he was a hard working business man, who ran his home with a firm hand, but his efforts - and money - were in vain, as he spent most hours of the day at the "Moonrakers" Inn Pub, getting unbelievably drunk and falling into neighbours cellars. Hobson became increasingly worried after he fell down Mr Beenstocks cellar around noon one day. He was extremely drunk and was really concerned that his actions would affect the business' trade.

    • Word count: 1048
  5. hobsons choice

    This is mainly due to her manipulating skills and bossiness. Maggie is a modern woman, the opposite of Hobson, who is old-fashioned and is not open to modern ideas. He believes women are substandard; he mocks his daughter's dress code and their preference of husbands. It is she who proposes to Willie for practical and business reasons and perhaps in some way to spite her father. She is unafraid of marrying somebody 'below' her, the son of "A workhouse brat". She uses her power to marry Willie and to drive away Ada Figgins, once she is married we see her become softened, less dominant and more loving and affectionate.

    • Word count: 1278

    Willie mossop is one of the chaacters in the play an is a real victorian Gentlemen. Hobson wants to go to the moonrakers to have an alcoholic beverage however his daughters Alice , Maggie and Vickey tell him to be home for 1 o'clock for his dinner.The quote used describing this is when Maggie says "dinners at one,remember" Hobson replies by saying "dinner will be when i come in for it,im the master here" when Hobson leaves Maggie tells the girls " make dinner for half past one we will give im half an hour " Maggie is being strong and bossy to Hobson.she is ordering him to do as he is told.

    • Word count: 1124
  7. Hobson's Choice' by Harold Brighouse struck me initially as a well constructed play with a plot that was skilfully unravelled for us by the characters that Brighouse introduced. Each character had a role

    Within this brave new world society was changing and people were unsure of their place in it. Furthermore when the play was first produced in 1916 the suffragette movement was very much a topic of the day and a strong character like Maggie would still be seen as challenging the values of the day. Her behaviour would have been as shocking to some of the audience as it was to Hobson. These factors alone would have further heightened the dramatic tension of the comedy.

    • Word count: 1128
  8. In Act two, Alice tells Maggie "I don't know what you're aiming at." She replies, "The difference between us is I do, I always did." Explain the differences between Maggie and her sisters. 'Hobson's Choice' is set in Salford in 1880

    Whilst Jim is around, Hobson seeks some advice from him. He requires advice on how to manage the girls. In the end he decides to get Alice and Vicky 'wed'. After Hobson has told Alice and Vicky that he will be choosing husbands for them, the girls are extremely unhappy. They wish to choose their own partners: "Can we not choose husbands for ourselves?" But are told: "I've been telling you for the last five minutes, you're not even fit to pick dresses for yourselves" Because this is an important matter Maggie takes centre stage: "If you're dealing husbands around, don't I get one?"

    • Word count: 1655
  9. Discuss the character of Willie Mossop in "Hobson's Choice". What advice would you give to an actor playing Willie's role in a stage production of the play?

    When Mr. Brighouse started to write his plays with passion and pride he wrote the play "Hobson's Choice." The genre of this play was comedy. Hobson's Choice was eventually shown at the end of World War One. The play was written rapidly. Mr. Brighouse changed the course of the final act and set the play back in time to the 1800. The phrase "Hobson's Choice" is well known. To have "Hobson's Choice" is to have no choice at all. "Hobson's Choice" comes from the 17th Century Cambridgeshire horse trader choice Hobson. Hobson's customers in theory had free choice but in practice they bought what Hobson wanted them to buy.

    • Word count: 1963
  10. Maggie can be described as a woman of many qualities"What aspects of the play verify this statement?

    Towards the end of this scene, we meet Willie Mossop. He plays an important part of this play. When we first meet him, he is a shy fellow. "I'm not much good at owt but leather." As the play progress, Maggie marries Will and they start up a business together. By the end of the play, Willie is a completely different person, he is no longer shy, but he is a very confident character who is not afraid to speak his mind. Thanks to Maggie Willie had changed in character. Maggie first becomes aware of w*****s talent, when a customer, Mrs Hepworth, visits the shop and demands to see Willie.

    • Word count: 1231
  11. 'Hobsons choice' 'chronicles a shift in the balance of power between the generations and the sexes' - show how this occurs in the course of the play.

    Whereas Maggie is clever, mature and gives orders to Hobson. We think she comes across as a mother and wife in the house. Maggie tells Hobson "don't be late" and he is not. She cooks cleans and reminds others of times and dates. Hobson does not think Maggie runs the house but we think that if Maggie were not there Hobson would not cope. Hobson thinks of Maggie as a "proper old maid." He thinks she is "too useful to part with." As for his other two daughters Alice and Vickey.

    • Word count: 1725
  12. Discuss the characters of Maggie and Hobson in their dramatic context. Comment on how they illustrate and highlight the social context of the Victorian era and the effect on the modern audience.

    Hobson was a respectable businessman who was proud of his position in society. He was a widower, yet still a responsible father, a churchwarden and a member of the masons; certainly a man who would have been looked up to. However Hobson had many flaws in his character, which would have resulted in a mixed audience reaction. He was stubborn and often undermined and bullied people he believed to be less important than himself. This is displayed in Act 1 where Hobson beats Will Mossop to reinforce his solid Victorian values and emphasise his superior power.

    • Word count: 1946
  13. Hobson’s Choice - review.

    In Act Two, Maggie shows that she is Hobson's oldest daughter, as she forces her two sisters to accept Willie as part of their family. "You can both of you kiss him for your brother-in-law to be." Maggie is shown to be determined as she insists that Vickey and Alice should kiss her husband to-be Willie, even though they are completely against the idea. Also in Act Two it is shown that Willie's education is progressing "that's his business card: William Mossop, Practical Boot and Shoe Maker, 39a, Oldfield Road, Salford.

    • Word count: 1063
  14. Hobsons Choice.

    Maggie is a symbol of a modern Victorian woman; she breaks all of the 'rules'. The way a woman behaves differently than she should have done would amuse the audience. In the Victorian era it was normal for men to be the 'boss' of the family. Men chose their daughters marriage partners, women practically belonged to men. Women were meant to obey the Victorian men. The audience of 1915 would find this amusing because of the boss role being reversed. They would laugh at Hobsons determination to be in charge, Maggies courage against her farther and also the way Willie was controlled by Maggie.

    • Word count: 1340
  15. Hobsons Choice.

    Hobson does not realise how lucky he is and I feel that that is why he takes advantage of his best working daughter Maggie. Maggie is a thirty year old slim but tall, long haired kind woman; she is one of Hobson's three daughters, (the other two are called Alice and Vickey); Maggie is by far the best worker she also looks out for her father which his other two daughters do not do. As soon as the story starts we get the impression that Maggie is very eager to help her dad out by selling firstly some boot laces

    • Word count: 1489
  16. How do you think the audience at the first London Performance of 'Hobson's Choice' in 1916 would have reacted to the Development of Will Mossop?

    The way all of Hobson's workers are treated is of a very low standard. ' In the centre of the stage is a trap leading to the cellar where work is done.' This is where Will and all the other workers work, nobody ever goes down this trap, workers are always called up from it which signifies how little they are thought of. The change in Will's treatment changes when working class customer Mrs Hepworth recognises Will's talent for making the best shoes around.

    • Word count: 1047
  17. Will Mossop is not a believable character. He changes too much. What do you think? Trace the stages by which he develops from the slow-witted shoe hand into the confident young businessman. Do you find the change to incredible?"

    He doesn't want to leave Hobson's shop because he's scared of the change and has probably never even walked into a better shop than Hobson's. Due to his poor social rank he has not had a good education. Unless you came from a family with a good income you probably wouldn't get a good education. You would most likely have to be taught by your parents. Will comes from a poor family and can barely read or write. When a rich woman offers him a business card and is told to read it he struggles a great deal..

    • Word count: 1166
  18. Hobson's Choice discussing Maggies character.

    "You're past the marrying age. You're a proper old maid Maggie, if ever there was one." Hobson shows his domination by saying this to Maggie he also says to Vicky and Alice I will chose husbands for you (here he means high class people but not lawyer because he hates lawyers). He is a lazy idiot because all he does all day is go down to the pub, get drunk and comes home and has an argument with his children.

    • Word count: 1415
  19. How is the historical context of 'Hobson's Choice' reflected in the portrayal of male and female characters in the play?

    In the society men's roles were usually quite different to women's roles with the exception of Mrs Heptworth as she was from a higher status than most of the men in the play. The men in the play were more middle class going up to professionals. Henry Horcatco Hobson is a middle aged windowed man, who owns a shoe shop. He is quite self-opinionated and thinks he should be in charge although things don't really go his way. The play named after him is quite ironic as he has no choices, which is not that usual for a Victorian man.

    • Word count: 1280
  20. How do you think the audience at the first London performance of 'Hobson's Choice' in 1916 would have reacted to the development of Willie Mossop?

    The audience at the sight of Willie Mossop would have felt some sympathy towards him. He is 'lanky' in stature and the poor ragged clothes he was supporting adding to this. However, the audience can also feel proud of their riches, for they do not have to work like Willie and are able to afford decent clothing. The appearance of Willie was not the only thing which made the audience look down on him, his name at this early part of the play was very informal.

    • Word count: 1404
  21. Hobson's Choice.

    Maggie is determined to run the business and is clearly sick of him hanging around without buying anything. She, also, may be jealous that Alice has an admirer and as Maggie is 30, too old, for an admirer she may be trying to drive him away, 'This is a shop, you know. We're not here to let people go without buying.' And so clearly she is not going to let Mr Prosser go without buying anything, so she her asks for some laces, ' And now you'll have boots to go with the laces, Mr Prosser.' Her sisters have not stood up for Mr Prosser during this so obviously Maggie is in charge.

    • Word count: 1157
  22. After having read 'Hobson's Choice', by Harold Brighouse, I am to concentrate on the remarkable character of Maggie Hobson.

    The men's role in the 1880's had a higher role in the society, than the women. The women were considered to be second-class citizen, in the society. As the play starts going, we can that Maggie isn't happy about women in the society. We can see this dominant role, when Albert Prosser enters the shop, to see his girlfriend, Alice. Maggie manipulates Albert by saying "This is a shop you know. We're not here to let people go without buying". After this scene, Albert leaves by buying a new pair of bootlaces and boots, and after leaving his old boots in for repair.

    • Word count: 1129
  23. Harold Brighouse, the author of Hobson's Choice was born in 1882 in Eccles, near Salford Lancashire; where the play is set.

    As this defies the traditional laws, this is shown in the play. Maggie breaks the traditional ways, which Vickey and Alice play, which develops into comedy. I think Brighouse wrote the play to celebrate his cultural background and his roots, which is Salford and the people that love there. I also think that as a result of this, Brighouse feels a connection with the different characters and personalities that he has created. This is one of the reasons that the characters jump of the page and are very 3 dimensional.

    • Word count: 1381
  24. `Hobson's Choice` by Harold Brighouse. Why are the characters of Maggie and Will popular with a modern audience?

    a happy and wealthy life, and as Maggie's father does not want her to marry she goes and finds herself her own husband to spend the rest of her life with, Hobson's shoe maker Will Mossop, all in a business arrangement as they both are getting paid not enough for their work at Hobson's. Maggie is a strong character when it comes to love and she recognises Alberts love for her sister Alice but disagrees in courting one another "Courtings like that my lass, All glitter and no use to anybody" Then being the good businesswomen that she is, makes

    • Word count: 1242
  25. Hobsons Choice - Select two or more moments from two different acts that show how the writer has developed the character of Willie Mossop or Maggie.

    In the first act, Willie Mossop is first seen, when he pops up from the cellar when Hobson shouts for him to meet Mrs Hepworth. We are told, that he comes out of the cellar, "reluctantly", as if he is afraid of meeting Mrs Hepworth, an upper class, and well-dressed lady. Our first sight of him makes us think of him as a man of lanky build, and a very shy person. His clothes suggest he belongs to the lower class, and the stage directions tell us his clothes are "a poorer version of Tubby's", a fellow worker in the workshop.

    • Word count: 1699

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  • Analyse the events of act one and discuss how the playwright, Harold Brighouse prepares the audience for the transformation of Will Mossop's character as seen in act four of Hobson's Choice.

    "In Conclusion I feel that Maggie is solely responsible for the change in Will. Since she dragged him into marrying her he has changed into a strong, self-confident and self-assured man. At the end of act 1 he shows that he won't be bossed about by Hobson and becomes determined to marry Maggie. He turns into the strongest man in the play from being the weakest. He now knows what he is doing in life and is not afraid of changes as he was at the beginning of the play. He is now successful and respectable but he doesn't gloat or boast over Hobson's misfortunes. At the end of the play he shows of all his new qualities. Will's change has happened for the best for him without a doubt but not for Hobson. Hobson used to be in charge of Will and boss him around but now the tables have turned as Hobson now needs Will."

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