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GCSE: Miscellaneous

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  1. Dream Job Speech

    I have wanted to both teach and act my entire life, and I will stop at nothing until I'm doing what I want to do. Here is some of my personal information. As I've mentioned my name is Joe McAlary, I am 24 Years old and I have a keen interest in both Teaching and acting. I have just recently finished my education and earned my degree in Theatre. I studied at the Manchester Metropolitan University for 3 Years and I finished with, a very high, first.

    • Word count: 869
  2. Dead Man Walking

    As the two bond through the wire and the glass that separates them literally and metaphorically - as they are two very different people, they grow surprisingly close. Eventually, Poncelet asks the Sister to be his spiritual advisor when the courts turn him down, because they have no evidence to prove he wasn't involved in the murders. Therefore, she stays by his side until his death. Throughout the film, the director, Tim Robbins takes us on a 'rollercoaster' of emotion by using many highly effective techniques including, camera shots, music, sound effects, flashbacks, and visual metaphors.

    • Word count: 3392
  3. Twilight Film Review

    Bella's first day at school starts like any other, she makes friends, and even has a few admirers. I would like to say that Bella falls for one of these 'normal guys' and lives happily ever after but Twilight is no average 'chick-flick'. No instead Bella's fate is to be swept off her feet (quite literally) by an un-human 'hotty'. The first time she sees the 'man' destined to be her partner our eyes are drawn to the screen when a group of five sallow skinned, black haired attractive students stride into the school canteen. As we watch them stroll along like sexy 8os characters from Baywatch, we notice Bella's eyes meet with the stranger at the back, the only one without a partner- Edward Cullen.

    • Word count: 1631
  4. Dark Knight Film Review

    Batman is very dark and serious (some might say, boring) and in a way that makes him boring; the Joker however is just insane, with his purple suit and constantly changing stories about how he got his scars. (Amoral and psychopathic, he explains ) and he evens mentions in the film how he will just commit homicide for no reason at all and that he just 'does things'. He is, in terms of the 9/11 analogy, not just a terrorist but worse, an anarchist who just kills and destroys for fun.

    • Word count: 1574
  5. Hard Times

    The term 'industrial revolution' is used to describe several things that changed in these times. 19th century most people lived in the country side. The living conditions weren't exactly first class but they had their own cottages with access to a lot of supplies of water. Coming up to the middle of the century many people started to live in these new industrialised towns. People in the middle of the century were moving in so fast that there was simply not enough housing for everyone to live in eventually, there was little space but new houses were built quickly.

    • Word count: 2516
  6. How I will present the character of Macbeth

    The king told MacBeth, "O Valiant cousin! Worthy Gentleman!" This quote clearly shows that MacBeth is respected, even by people of higher authority and MacBeth himself is in a high position in the army by being a Sergeant. At Scene Two, MacBeth has earned a new title which he was given but not told. "The Thane of Cawdor." This is where MacBeth begins to get corrupted and exploited by evil. MacBeth gets exploited by the 3 witches because he was easily influenced by the fact of being told there is a chance he could become king.

    • Word count: 569
  7. Boxers Monologue

    I already feel bad enough for what I did and the d**n paparazzi just make it all worst never mind causing the complete chaos that night. Why did it have to happen to me, I'm ashamed and embarrassed to even step outside my own home because of these people, I know

    • Word count: 494
  8. Themes In Jurassic Park

    The theme of money and greed is developed throughout the film. One of the fist times we see this theme is when John Hammond says: "we spared no expense". He says this phrase again and again many times during the film, which shows us that Hammond has more money than sense, and believes that money will solve everything. To highlight greed even more, Spielberg created the character Dennis Nedrey - the epitome of greed. The very fist time we see Nedrey he is gorging on food at a restaurant, and when the bill comes through he says to his companion: "don't get cheap on me."

    • Word count: 1032
  9. Iago has been called a motiveless malignity. Discuss your personal response in this.

    She isn't forced by Othello to do anything or strikes her. During that time, not only women were looked down upon, but coloured people too. Anyone who had an Africian heritage was refered to a 'Moor', 'Old Black Ram', 'The Devil' and many more rascist names. It is known that in 1596, Queen Elizabeth I ordered the banishment of ten "black moors" from her country. Shortly after this, English prisoners being held in Spain and Portugal were traded for "black moors." In 1601 Elizabeth ordered further expulsion of "black moors." It seems likely that the two events were related; it also seems likely that Shakespeare would have been aware of the Moorish ambassador's presence in London.

    • Word count: 4006
  10. How is Genocide Presented in The Boys in Striped Pyjamas and Hitel Rwanda

    Hotel Rwanda was released in 2004 and is based on a true story about the genocide of the Tutsi's in 1994, it documents the life of Paul Rusesabagina during the period he housed over a thousand refugees in his hotel Hotel Mille Collines. Directed by Terry George who is also the co-write of the book and with Paul's help they manage to make the film as truthful as possible and changing fewer things as possible and they done this perfectly but also managed to avoid recreating the horror of the genocide and haunting the survivors again.

    • Word count: 2320
  11. A Sons Plight

    By then I know it about time to end my life. It is time; I say to my self as I open my bag and pull the dazzling red trigger. Ahhhhhhhhh Mohammed Salmons' bedroom Wow, that was the scariest dream in ages, monsters in my dream it's like I'm a kid again. Knock, knock "Yeah mum I'm awake" "Breakfast's ready. Hurry up you're going to be late" screams his mum from downstairs. "Yeah I'm coming", hmm what should I wear to school?

    • Word count: 1431
  12. Journey to Rawhampton

    I walk down the stairs feeling anxious about the new future before me. We get into our Mercedes that fits so nicely in this neighbourhood and drive away from field road looking back towards my home that no longer belongs to me. The last glance is the same glance that will never leave me. We were on the highway to Rawhampton, I have mix feelings about leaving Silverdale It doesn't bother me leaving because I don't have many close friends in Silverdale, but hope to make a fresh start and make more new friends in Rawhampton.

    • Word count: 719
  13. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

    Throughout this powerful play, we can see that McMurphy symbolises a Jesus figure. If he is not referring to the way they look at him; "Now I see why you are all looking at me like I'm Jesus Q Christ!", he is playing the part; "...do I get a crown of thorns?" The audience ought to pick up on this as Ruckley is someone who lives his life crucified; "...he won't move till you pull out the nails." (Perhaps Ruckley is a flash-forward to what Mac will be after the lobotomy. Harding refers to Ruckley when Mac asks what Nurse Ratched means by an 'operation'.

    • Word count: 1061
  14. How does Luhrmann make Romeo and Juliet appeal to a younger more mainstream audience?

    Baz Lurhmann added a shot clip in this clip the setting and storyline are introduced. This adds verisimilitude to this as it is a shot in a helicopter as if it was on a news report. The fight scene occurs at the start of the film the captures the audience's attention and keeps them captivated. This scene is set in a petrol station rather than a town square. Luhrmann set it in a petrol station as it is modern and a place where lots of people will go. The opening fight scene occurs at the very beginning of the film, this scene creates a violent chaotic and angry environment.

    • Word count: 1009
  15. Father And Son

    Another way the author makes the characters seem realistic is through themes. One of the main themes of the story is communication. The father hears his son talking with his friends and feels jealousy towards them because he wants his son to talk to him in the way that he talks with his friends. The father is disappointed in him, so the son feels unloved and pushes his father away. He subconsciously makes a barrier between him and his father like the newspaper that he holds in between them when the father tries to make conversation: "not this again" This could mean that the son does not want his father to attempt

    • Word count: 1130
  16. How are the conventions of the horror genre used in the opening sequence of The Ring?

    The female role has changed throughout the horror genre as in a traditional horror he female would play a damsel in distress that needed to be rescued, however in modern horror films -such as 'The Ring'- there are characters like Rachel, a strong female able to support herself and uncover what's happening. The setting in 'The Ring' shows how the film has been modernised, a big suburban house with dark corners that seem able to hide anything, the dark hallways that appears to stretch on for miles.

    • Word count: 1102
  17. Romeo and Juliet/The Tempest

    Similarly, Prospero's relationship with Miranda possibly has two interpretations to it, like Lord Capulet's and Juliet's relationship. Prospero, in the second scene of The Tempest, puts Miranda to sleep by magic before he puts on his magic robe and summons for Ariel to confer about the tempest he caused. This shows a weak connection between the father and daughter as we find out that Prospero does not share everything with his daughter even though she is the only other human on the island. On the other hand, Prospero could possibly be protecting her innocence by not letting her hear the conversation about the tempest he caused.

    • Word count: 1907
  18. Great Expectations

    The novel opens with the description of the setting. Words likes "marsh country, land raw and wet" shows us the place was really old and poor. The chapter introduces Pip who has gone to the churchyard to visit his parents' graveyards. The audience feel sorry when he started to cry sight of his parent's tombstone. Also the writer try to create humour to show us how immature pip was, when he was looking at his father's tombstone and were trying to figure out how he used to look like.

    • Word count: 789
  19. Chappie and Bone- Two Sides of the Same Coin

    He exhibits no self control over both drugs and money, evident by his over lavish spending of his mother's collection of valuable coins on the former until "none of the plastic bags had more than a few coins inside" (11) and is more or less controlled in his actions by Russ, whom he idolizes and depends on for a while after he gets kicked out of his house since "Russ and the biker guys were [his] only friends" (8). He has no sense of consequences and is reckless in his actions, as expressed when he "aimed the rifle at [Willie] and pulled the trigger...the safety was on and the trigger was locked."

    • Word count: 951
  20. A comparison of two adverts- Skoda Fabia and Citroen C4

    Because it is aimed at women it uses thoughts of cooking at home to perhaps rekindle memories of cooking at home with mum. Also the idea of brightly coloured cakes and icing is more likely to appeal to women than men; stereotypically women have a love of all things sweet and fanciful. The cake making process (as shown in the advert) is also quite delicate and flowery: again appealing to women over men. The Citron advert, aimed at men, is very modern/techno as it tries to convey its message of technological advancement.

    • Word count: 2552
  21. Explore the ways in which Hitchcock creates tension and impact in the shower scene in Psycho

    The censors objected to too much nudity and any physical violent contact to the skin. Hitchcock had to make alterations to fit to the censors code, making sure that excessive nudity or violence were excluded. The shower scene is one of the most famous scenes in cinema history, with tension and impact creating a gripping and memorable scene. The shower scene consists of Marion showering, when an unexpected figure appears from the shower curtain and brutally stabs Marion to death. The use of camera shots, sound and music help create a powerful sequence. Before the shower scene, as Norman walks through the house guiding Marion, the music that is non-diagetic creates such tension but is quickly relieved as the music slows and becomes less urgent.

    • Word count: 986
  22. Crucible analysis

    Arthur Miller uses language appropriately to show Proctors 'breathless and angered' hatred for Abigail, "It is a w***e" he shouts. Abigail reply's "...he is lying!". Arthur Miller creates a strong dislike between these characters, which causes tension. However between Proctor and Elizabeth, although they do not speak directly to one another, there is a sense of love and care. Elizabeth speaks highly good of her husband, and tries to think of the best thing to say. Miller creates a severe pressure between Proctor and Elizabeth by good use of stage directions for Elizabeth.

    • Word count: 1854
  23. Great Expectations

    like "as I never saw any likeness of either of them" He uses the word "never" to make the reader feel affection for pip. Also his 5 little brothers had all died too "were sacred to the memory of five little brothers of mine. Here we realise that Pip only has one family member left, his sister, but his sister is horrible too him too and she dies later on in the story, this shows that he has no one that loves him and he is very alone.

    • Word count: 845
  24. Much Ado

    But, as we enter Act5 Scene I, Leonato is now trying to prove his daughter's innocence. When Leonato first starts off, he uses the pronoun "you" of which signals distance but still implies that they are of the same rank. As the text progresses, he starts to say "marry thou, thou dissembler, thou... fear thee not" which signals a tone change. In Shakespearean (and older) times, this could have either meant friendliness or superiority but as Leonato is outraged, superiority is implied. This gives the reader the feeling that Leonato "dominates" over Claudio.

    • Word count: 582
  25. Bassanio's reactions

    Surprisingly, this terrifying soliloquy has been left out in the film. Instead, the hatred is revealed to the viewers through the (close-camera / camera-shot?) on the wide-opened staring eyes of Shylock and his deep, heavy tone when he answers Bassanio, 'I am debating of my present store,'. Of course, the effect is far less powerful than the words. Then Shylock begins to talk about the way he has been mistreated, like a 'stranger cur', as well as in the film where he has been expressed to be even more pitiful.

    • Word count: 955

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