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GCSE: Shelagh Delaney

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  1. A Taste of Honey

    'A Taste of Honey' shows an insight to the problems and strains that can be brought on by the above issues and those that the working class suffered. In the opening scene of 'A Taste of Honey' you are introduced to Jo and Helen's new flat. It is a run down, dingy, old place and is all that Helen can afford. The optimism that Helen carries is shown right away as when Helen first walks in she is optimistic about the situation by saying, 'Well!

    • Word count: 1593
  2. A Taste of Honey How does Shelagh Delaney present the changing factors of Jo's character?

    Jo and Helen doesn't get on well with each other and Helen leaves Jo at home when she goes out in the play a lot happens too Jo her mother leaves she gets pregnant, she lives with a bisexual and her mother returns Thought out the play Jo's character changes at the start Jo is critical as she says to her mother "your knocking them back worse than ever" she is capital and organised as she says "I hate to see an un-shaded electrical light bulb I will put my scarf around it", "im not just talented im jeanious" When

    • Word count: 1246
  3. 'A Taste of Honey'How does Jo relate to all the other characters? A Taste of honey became a sensational theatrical success when first produced in London by Joan Littelwood's Theatre Workshop Company.

    Living conditions were very harsh, as people were often forced to live in bed sitters, sharing bathrooms and kitchens. As well as the five characters - Jo, Helen, Peter, The Boy and Geoff, there is a link between their relationships. Act 1, Scene 1 opens with Helen and Jo, moving into their new flat; Helen: "well! This is the place." Jo: "And I don't like it." When Helen and Jo arrive, Helen tries to be motherly towards Jo but Jo doesn't really wants to know, as Helen hasn't been there for her whilst she has been growing up.

    • Word count: 1207
  4. Geof is the only genuine caring character in the play; the others are totally selfish and self centred. Discuss this statement. From the beginning of the play we can see Jo is the main character, she is highly independent and self reliant this

    You Know what happens when you do things like that. The baby will be born dead or daft!' She feels she has let herself down and been promiscuous, however the sailor boy was offering her marriage and love before he left, she felt in a safe relationship and that was why she slept with him. But Jo just sees that she's made the same mistakes her mother made when she had her at a young age. Most expectant mothers don't have this negative attitude towards their unborn child however I feel it's because she thinks she may let the child down like her mother let her down.

    • Word count: 1597
  5. Year 10 pre 1914 drama coursework

    If he doesn't show up I'll be back" This is the start of the period when Helen leaves Jo. At this stage in the play the readers don't know if Jo will survive for long without Helen. Peter however se this and gives Jo a pound to have so she could buy food to eat. Jo's role in the play is to show what it would be like in those times to be a single expectant mother. She also has the purpose of showing us how parents have influences on their children: for example Jo was created after Helen and Jo's dad had a one-night stand.

    • Word count: 1202
  6. Form and Structure

    This idea is also indicated throughout the outcome of the play - the initial characters in the play Helen and Jo end up as they begun, rejected and the relationships they developed throughout the play have failed( Peter has gone off with another woman, Jimmie left Jo pregnant and does not come back to see her, and Geof leaves Jo). There is only Jo and Helen left, and Helen portrays selfishness and illustrates dislike towards her daughter, as shown on the final page( 86), which was the case in the opening of the play.

    • Word count: 1850
  7. How might an audience react to Act One Scene Two in A Taste of Honey? What social comments are being made here?

    Moving into Scene Two the pace slows considerably, due to the tension and uncertainty between Jo and her boyfriend. After the first scene, Act One Scene Two moves the play along quickly, introducing a new character, Jimmie, who is heavily involved in the occurrences of the rest of the play. The scene falls into four main parts, two of which are based around Jo and her boyfriend and two involve Jo's confrontations with Helen. Alternating the parts in this way allows the audience to see how one area of Jo's life affects her actions and emotions in the other.

    • Word count: 1795
  8. 'A Taste of Honey' by Shelagh Delaney examines the relationship between a mother and her daughter. What are the dynamics of this relationship, and how does it develop? What methods might a director use to represent this relationship on stage?

    Jo then finds out she is pregnant with the sailor's baby and is destined to be a single mother. Jeff notifies Helen that Jo is pregnant and Helen then returns for good when Peter kicks her out. Helen then drives Jeff away and they end up as they were at the beginning of the play, living together as mother and daughter. At the beginning of the play you immediately see that Helen and Jo do not have a close typical mother-daughter relationship as the first lines are an argument between them, Jo is complaining that Helen is a bad mother

    • Word count: 1989
  9. From dependence to independence - To what degree does Jo mature during the play and become less dependent on other people?

    Jo replies by saying, "I'm not just talented, I'm geniused." Jo is also intent of leaving school - and Helen - at Christmas. She seems to think that she is mature enough to do so. She hates the flat and when Helen says, "This is the place," Jo replies, "And I don't like it." She hates life and doesn't realise how good it can be because she is always on the move. She also seems lonely. This is most likely because she is never in one place long enough to make any friends.

    • Word count: 1565
  10. A taste of honey - From dependence to independence.

    Jo reveals her childish side by replying with "I'm not just talented, I'm geniused." Jo's intentions of leaving school and Helen at Christmas, becomes apparent, as she seems to think that she is mature and independent enough to do so. Another sign her naivety. Her view of the new flat also comes into light when Helen says, "This is the place," and Jo replies with, "And I don't like it." Her attitude to life is arguably summarised with those few words.

    • Word count: 1346
  11. A Taste of Honey was first performed in 1958. It was set in Manchester.

    Conversation between Helen is like verbal sparring. Helen is very self-centred. Jo becomes increasing central to action. Helen is a whore, she goes out for sex in return for money. She is thoughtless, poor and unromantic. We can tell this from act 1 scene 1 because she only thinks about herself, she is need of money and she doesn't marry for romance, but for money. This shows she is poor and unromantic. Jo is argumentative, mature and responsible at times She is arrogant, she can get angry, she has feelings. Jo is also stubborn, poor, serious, negative, insecure and self-sufficient.

    • Word count: 1096
  12. Evaluation - 'A Taste of Honey' by Shelagh Delaney

    I think that tableau is one of the most effective skills used in drama today. It creates a visual, still picture that relates to a part of the script. I then went on to use Tableau a lot more when studying 'A Taste of Honey' due to the fact that I thought this was very effective and gave a clear understanding and justification of relationships and moods to the audience. Tableau was such an effective skill that I went on to discover new ways of conveying information when using Tableau. Through Tableau I was able to incorporate an essence of power by using levels.

    • Word count: 1113
  13. How does Shelagh Delaney establish the relationship of the main characters for the audience in Act 1 Scene 1 of ‘A Taste of Honey’?

    This would be the most important scene because it gave us an idea of what Helen and Jo are like. It tells us what there attitudes are and what sort of relationship they have. Helen reacts differently to Helen at the first impressions of the flat. While Helen is making the flat sounding a lot better than it actually is to make her feel a little bit better so she doesn't feel like a failure, Deep down inside she knows she is.

    • Word count: 1291

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