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GCSE: Measure For Measure

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  1. Discuss the context in which Shakespeare(TM)s play Measure for Measure was written in.

    Angelo, who is young, and unproven, is placed in a position in which he has no option to decline. Furthermore the two appointments of King James, one as King of Scotland, and the other as King of England can be seen to be parallel to the two appointments of the Duke. It has been said that James considered his rule of Scotland too lenient, and this can be collated against the previous 'fourteen year' rule of the Duke in Vienna, before his delegation of power to Angelo. His return to power analogises the ascension of King James I to the English throne, where he would have ruled after receiving much experience.

    • Word count: 869
  2. Measure for Measure -  Pg 121-127 script analysis.

    Would you give your brothers life or give up your body to redeem his sin. Isabella - I would definitely throw away my body, just as long I could keep my soul! Angelo - I would not want your soul. How we sin matters more than how many times we sin. Isabella- What do you mean by that? Angelo - I will tell you from the highest authority which is me that I can change any of my decisions. I can save your brothers life, but don't you think sin can be used as charity to save him?

    • Word count: 942
  3. "What themes are introduced in the first act of measure for measure? How is this done?"

    Lucio for example says this: "Lord Angelo, a man whose blood is very snow broth." Lucio repeats the Duke's descriptions of Angelo's seeming invulnerability; his "blood is very snow broth," and he "never feels the wanton stings and motions of the sense." It will be very ironic, then, when this man who appears to be so very strict and pure falls to temptation, as all people tend to do. So we can see that even the common people of the city think Angelo is a decent character and this also seems to be the opinion of the duke, because he believes Angelo is good and trustworthy enough to rule Vienna.

    • Word count: 611

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