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GCSE: Othello

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  1. Peer reviewed

    He is a man "more sinned against than sinning".Discuss with relation to the character of Othello.

    3 star(s)

    Furthermore, Brabantio throws harsh abusive accusations and hypocritical insults at Othello. Othello had often been invited to Brabantio's house to speak of his experiences on the battle field; however, when it comes out that Othello has married has married his daughter Desdemona he accuses Othello of having "practised on her foul charms" and that he 2hast enchanted her" in order to seduce her into his "cunning h**l". This may show Othello as a victim to Brabantio, but Brabantio was once charmed by Othello.

    • Word count: 880
  2. Peer reviewed

    Othello essay: soliloquies

    3 star(s)

    This one reason why many people argue, that soliloquies are outmoded. Many people also argue that the theatre in Elizabethan England was for people of different age groups and backgrounds and that in the modern society, theatres are only for the intelligent and less broad people who will respond to the dramas and enjoy coming to the theatre. Some people believe that soliloquies force audience into being complicit with a character. For example, Iago. The audience will be uncomfortable with his intentions and his plotting of evil. However, I disagree and believe that soliloquies help to gain intimacy with the charchters and thus make the play more successful.

    • Word count: 812

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