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GCSE: Romeo and Juliet

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  1. Examine how the title Characters differ in the way they express their love

    Benvolio attempts to awake Romeo from his depression by telling him, 'examine other beauties,' but Romeo feels almost surprised by his cousins lack of credulous; as he detects his cousin not believing him he feels the need to hyperbolise his situation. He begins to talk poetically, which subsequently gives the audience the impression this was pre-rehearsed and superficial, especially with his use of oxymorons such as 'sick health' and 'cold fire.' Romeo uses so many oxymorons in a small period which appears to be abstract and irrelevant to his situation, this also adds to the aura immaturity that Romeo gives off.

    • Word count: 2681
  2. GCSE Romeo and Juliet Essay Act One

    completely faithful, genuine and committed in his love for Juliet soon as the couple meet but rather that the relationship will develop throughout the whole play otherwise the consequent major events later on in the play will be meaningless. Contemporary Elizabethan audiences were used to hearing a play rather than watching one, this meant that they would be much more aware of the language that Shakespeare used, they would be more likely to detect changes in rhyme scheme and variations in characters use of language, Shakespeare even writes in the prologue to Henry V, "Gently to hear, kindly to judge

    • Word count: 2997
  3. Romeo & Juliet

    It also sets up tension for the next scene. As soon as Romeo and his friends enter the Capulet ball, the tension that was created from Romeo's soliloquy has died down. The first parts of this scene are dominated by servants at the ball. The comical lines from the servants start to lower the tension. One moment the play is serious, next moment it's very jolly. In Shakespeare's times, this comical section of the play would be used to get the audience back into the play.

    • Word count: 2040
  4. How does Robert Louis Stevenson explore the human nature in Dr J and Mr H

    Jekyll who is said to be good and Mr. Hyde who is said to be evil. This quote also shows how science seems to conflict with religion; God made man as one being, however Jekyll (a scientist), has a theory that man has a dual quality. It is evident that RLS has ideas, which disagree with religion, and these ideas are expressed through the mind(s) of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and the changes, which they undergo. Jekyll's scientific discovery is a key moment in the novel as this is the moment where he becomes free. Jekyll's transformation into Mr.

    • Word count: 2002
  5. Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scene 5

    I am setting the play in the past because I want to keep the originality of the play. Romeo and Juliet have just woken up from spending the night together after their marriage. Tybalt and Mercutio have just been killed and Romeo has been banished from the city. Lord Capulet has just promised Paris Juliet's hand in marriage. The scene starts with Romeo and Juliet waking up next to each other in bed. Romeo is feeling thrilled as he wakes up next to his wife, Juliet. Romeo says ' Let me be put to death; I am content, so thou wilt have it so.'

    • Word count: 2687
  6. Romeo and Juliet

    Romeo and Juliet had met by chance, fell in love and started a relationship plagued with tragedy. The prologue of the play reveals a lot about how fate plays an important part in the play. We are told in the prologue that Romeo and Juliet are 'star-crossed lovers' and 'death marked', which meant that they would never remain together. We are also told that their relationship would be plagued with death. Shakespeare uses language, action and many dramatic devices within the scene to interest and involve the audience.

    • Word count: 2006
  7. What use does Shakespeare make of the character of Mercutio in the play Romeo and Juliet.(TM)

    Mercutio says: "p***k love for pricking and you beat love down." If we are to keep in mind, Mercutio's often crude nature, it appears that suggests to Romeo that in order for him to conquer love and cure him self of love he should have s*x excessively. One interpretation is that Mercutio suggest to Romeo that s*x is all that the glorified emotion of love is. Thus it is meaningless. This is just one of many occasions in which he engages in smutty, boisterous language.

    • Word count: 2178
  8. With reference to the text how does a modern day audience respond to the portrayal of parent/child relationships in Shakespeare(TM)s Romeo and Juliet?

    Family relationships are very different today than at the time the play was set. Firstly the marriage age was a lot younger, people married at the age of as young as thirteen or fourteen, now the legal age of consent is sixteen, but the age many marry is a great deal older than this. Due to this modern day audiences respond in a shocked manner at finding out this information whereas at the time the play was set, the audience would not take any surprise at finding out the that Juliet was being wed at only 14 yrs old.

    • Word count: 2767
  9. Romeo and Juliet

    Since they are from different families they are enemies they hate each other as they do assist their household. In this scene it shows a lot of violence between the two characters and their friends. This fight causes lot of problems for the whole city because people's belongings are destroyed. The quotation, which shows the characters looking for trouble, is "what, drawn and talk of peace." This shows that Sampson and Gregory do not care about the peace in the city as long as they get their own back towards their enemies.

    • Word count: 2646
  10. How does Shakespeare use language, characters and dramatic devices to evoke sympathy for Juliet, in act three scene five?

    The audience continues to feel sorry as this is one of the first times they have a substantial speaking scene with lady Capulet and she enters by banging loudly on the door desperate to get in. It works well in getting the audience to feel sorry for her as her mother has no idea of the relationship between her daughter and Romeo meaning they are not close and do not understand one and other. Shakespeare also has the use of language to help him provoke sympathy for Juliet Lady Capulet senses Juliet's sadness and believes it to be for her cousin's recent murder she uses the line "but much of grief shows still some want of wit."

    • Word count: 2105
  11. Study of Juliet's Charachter in Shakespeare's, Romeo and Juliet

    I will concentrate on the ways in which Juliet portrays every aspect of her personality. At the beginning of the play Juliet is perceived to be a quiet, well-mannered daughter of Lady Capulet. She lives with her parents in a mansion and was brought up by a very outspoken Nurse. In the play the Nurse has an excellent relationship with Juliet as she brought her up and treated her like her own daughter. The Nurse is a very sincere woman that worries for Juliet throughout the catastrophic story.

    • Word count: 2127
  12. Shakespeare's balcony scene is renowned throughout the world. Given the restrictions of the Globe Theatre, How might Shakespeare have directed this scene to appeal to his whole audience?

    However, The Globe Theatre has a very unforgiving stage as no artificial lights can be used and little scenery. Most scene setting of scenes is done with costumes and the actors' ability to portray the emotions which constantly change in this love tragedy, a difficult task in any day. The reason behind choosing this part of the scene (Act 2 Scene 2 line 133-141) was because of its significance. Up to this point in the scene the lovers' relationship has escalated but this section shows how it all falls to pieces once returned to reality Impinges on it.

    • Word count: 2472
  13. Analyse the dramatic qualities of Act 1 scene 5 and show how this relates to Romeo and Juliet as a whole, focusing on Shakespeare(TM)s use of conflict as a theme. Explain how character is presented to the audience through interpreta

    Such as 'From forth the fatal loins of these two foes'. Here Shakespeare has used alliteration to emphasise how important fate is to the play as a whole. The fact that the Prologue is written in sonnet form (the traditional style of a love poem, always fourteen lines long, divided into three sections of four lines, with the last two lines separate,) suggests strongly the continuous theme of love throughout the play. This however is contradicted by the fact that the sonnet is chanted in chorus, traditionally used in Ancient Greek tragedies.

    • Word count: 2568
  14. The deaths of Romeo and Juliet could so have easily been avoided, how does each character in the play contribute to their tragic demise?

    Tybalt, Juliet's cousin disliked Romeo and his family just like the rest of the Capulets did, and wanted to kill Romeo for turning up at their family ball. Therefore Tybalt tries to find him, and when he does he starts an argument. "Romeo the love I bear thee can afford no better term than this thou art a villain", Romeo responded but could not explain why, as it was because of Juliet. Tybalt disagreed with Romeo's kindness and could not make him change his mind, so he killed Mercutio.

    • Word count: 2816
  15. Why is Act 1 Scene 5 such an important scene in the play? Romeo and Juliet

    The language used indicates different emotions and it reflects them through the use of speech. Passion is expressed when Romeo and Juliet are talking to each other but anger and degradation is used when Capulet and Tybalt speak. Other scenes in 'Romeo and Juliet' help us to understand the motives and the personalities of certain characters, especially when they are cross-referenced with this scene. The main themes that run throughout the play 'Romeo and Juliet' are fate, love, hate and death.

    • Word count: 2594
  16. Romeo and Juliet

    In Act 1 Scene 2, Juliet's father, Capulet, talks to Paris about Juliet as he wishes to marry her. Shakespeare shows Capulet's role as a father over Juliet, and how he thinks of her well-being by wording, "My child is yet a stranger in the world." By saying this, it suggests Capulet role as a father to Juliet is respectful and caring, but protective. By saying 'My child' indicates he is protective over Juliet, as 'my' is a pronoun; it tells us Capulet sees Juliet as an object which belongs to him which emphasises his power over her.

    • Word count: 2380
  17. How does Shakespeare use language and dramatic devices to show Romeo's development?

    This changes the way the audience perceives Romeo and builds a relationship with the Elizabethan audience's perception of Romeo's vulnerability to life and his premature understanding of love. Shakespeare tends to take advantage of the language and dramatic devices which are usually incorporated by common play writers - this gives Shakespeare a greater intention to alter the meanings conveyed by Romeo's feelings, thus manipulating, within his own grasp, the feelings he might be intending to achieve from the Elizabethan audience.

    • Word count: 2287
  18. Romeo & Juliet: First Act: Dramatic Devices

    point of view as they stood watching the play. This style of language also emphasises the Capulet's wealth as the fact that he has many servants increases his social standing. The speech made by Capulet at the start of the scene is very important as it sets the mood for the rest of the party and also the rest of the scene. He starts by welcoming the guests and jokes with them saying that if the ladies did not dance they had an affliction of corns on their feet.

    • Word count: 2889
  19. Romeo and Juliet: Fate or folly?

    The prologue also says, "death mark'd love", which also is another example of pointing out fate. This tells us that there is no control over what happens which is closely linked to fate as you have no control over that either. What is meant to happen will eventually happen despite what our actions are. We are told the lover's misfortune ends up leading to a depressing and tragic end when it says, "Civil blood makes civil hand unclean." This clearly shows a murder takes place.

    • Word count: 2735
  20. Does fate bring Romeo and Juliet together?

    Sadly enmity and hatred between the two families was just one barrier in the lovers' relationship. The ill-will caused a broken-hearted ending with both Romeo and Juliet dying for each others love. The Prologue is a sonnet, a single stanza of fourteen lines, outlining the story. From the opening of the scenes of the play, Romeo and Juliet were destined to fall in love and eventually die together. The Prologue tells us that Romeo and Juliet are "a pair of star crossed lovers take their life". Star crossed lovers is another phrase for destiny as when you talk about stars people often relate it to fate.

    • Word count: 2846
  21. Romeo and Juliet - To what extent do you agree that Act 3 Scene 1 is the turning point of the play?

    Romeo for example, is a classic courtly lover, like many an adolescent boy, he is always falling in love and when he is not talking about 'a fire sparkling in lovers' eyes' or about his 'brawling love' he was quite literally just having cheerful banter with his friends. However, in the first two acts, there is one major difference between Romeo and the stereotypical teenage boy, he lacks the urge to fight, he does not come across as someone to hold a grudge against the world, and he most certainly does not go looking for trouble.

    • Word count: 2318
  22. Romeo and Juliet

    Lastly is that tragedy always offers hope at the end of the play. From the huge tragedy death of Romeo and Juliet all hope went down for Juliet they both killed each other over there love and there families curse of friendship, on act 5 scene 3 the two families end this evil curse of the families Capulet and the Montague's. As they said ...''O, brothers give thy hand...'' At the end of this entire romantic, tragedy and all wrapped up with two star cross lovers, I can clearly say this is obviously a love and tragedy love story.

    • Word count: 2059
  23. How is drama created in act 3 scene 1 of Shakespeare(TM)s Romeo and Juliet?

    Mercury being the only liquid metal is breaking all the rules. Again this could be bringing about Mercutio's disobedient character, which we distinguish in the scene when he fights Tybalt as he is going against the law. Mercury is also known to be very poisonous. If you were a poisonous character you tended to be very harsh almost stuck-up. There are occasions during the scene when we see Mercutio uses harsh insults towards Tybalt such as "minstrels" and "rat-catcher" meaning who meant nothing, This again gives us the evidence that Shakespeare has linked Mercutio's character to his name, subsequently creating drama.

    • Word count: 2391
  24. Romeo and Julliet

    Shakespere Stage Visual Spectacle/ how things appear Audience response? Emotions Dramatic Spectacle/drama Tension Excitement Mystery/Suspense - Unanswered questions Intrigue Captivated audience is captivated by the dramatic spectacle on stage Enthralled Manipulation of plot events, characters + Situations Romeo and Juliet Act III Scene V Study the dramatic effectiveness of Act Three Scene 5 of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet? This scene takes place the morning after the day that Romeo had killed Tybalt and had been banished from Verona by the Prince. He had spent the night with Juliet in her bedchamber and has now awoken in her bedchambers the following morning.

    • Word count: 2072
  25. Romeo & Juilet. Review Act 3 Scene 5

    If I was directing the scene between Romeo and Juliet I would place Juliet higher than Romeo. The reason for placing Juliet higher than Romeo is to show that, even though Juliet is younger she still has a great love for Romeo. To set the actors like this is to create an effect of a sea-saw on the audience. If Juliet was higher than Romeo and the same age as Romeo then it would give the impression that Juliet had more love for him.

    • Word count: 2316

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