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GCSE: Romeo and Juliet

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  1. By a close analysis of the language, form and structure of Acts 1 and 2, consider the ways in which love is depicted and how Romeo and Juliet come to be married

    The language and imagery the characters use throughout the play portray the contrast of the feelings of each character, and the events which take place. The course of events which lead to the marriage of Romeo and Juliet takes place in a sequence of hate and suspicion, not completely of love. Their meeting occurs primarily as a result of the Montague?s wishing to interrupt the Capulet?s ball. Any other reunions then take place under very secret circumstances as their families loathe each other.

    • Word count: 1710
  2. What caused the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet?

    He informs Romeo about a party being held at the Capulet?s later on that day. Romeo is first unsure about going, but soon gives in. Although he agrees, before the party Romeo mentions ?I fear, too early: for my mind misgives Some consequences yet hanging in the stars?. This clearly shows that Romeo already knows that something will go wrong for him from that night, and that he?s destined a misfortunate future. Had it not been that Romeo attended the party, he would never have met Juliet, which wouldn?t have led to their ?death marked love?, as mentioned in the prologue.

    • Word count: 2088
  3. 'Romeo and Juliet' - Characterisation of Mercutio

    On the verge of his death, in Act 1 Scene 3, he curses the two families by repeating "a plague on both your houses!", which emphasises the hatred he now feels towards them. He is lying in between Romeo and Tybalt and was friends with both; he protected Romeo and had no mischief with Tybalt. Despite this, now they are worthless to him as he says "they have made worm's meat of me"; this powerful metaphor highlights that the arrogance, pride and egotism that the Montagues and Capulets felt towards each other brought him to his grave.

    • Word count: 1048
  4. How is the relationship between Juliet and her parents presented in the play 'Romeo and Juliet'?

    In my opinion arranged marriages are cruel, but it was a perfectly normal thing to experience in the 1500 hundreds. Also in this scene Capulet declares ?Earth hath swallowed all my hopes but she?. This reveals to the reader that Juliet is Capulet?s only child, and that hemay have tried for a child many times or his children might have died before she was born, this helps us understand why he behaves the way he does toward Juliet. In this scene Capulet appears to be an untraditional father as he does not force Juliet into an unwanted marriage.

    • Word count: 3953
  5. Who or what is to blame for the deaths in "Romeo & Juliet"

    He died at the end of the play because he drank poison when he thought that Juliet was dead. Blaming his death to someone is impossible because there are so many individuals and actions that lead to his death. As it is going to be mentioned a lot in this essay, all the deaths wouldn?t have been without the feuding between the two families. His death could have been avoided if the letter, send by Friar Lawrence would have got to Romeo quickly about Juliet?s faked death. The Lord Capulet had the biggest part to be blamed for Romeo?s death because he decided that Juliet was to marry Paris, which was the reason for her taking the sleeping potion.

    • Word count: 827
  6. Romeo and Juliet - Baz Luhrmann's film interpretation

    By using a black female reporter it shows the universal awareness, indicating the importance to be shown on national television. Using media also makes it look a lot more realistic and modernized. Luhrmann has used fire as a motif, to display the strong, hatred this is also used in act 1 scene 1. Luhrmann has projected the two household?s names on identical sky scrapers. They are in contrasting colours to emphasise....... Furthermore the sky scrapers also convey their high status in society; they are both rich and powerful families.

    • Word count: 1228
  7. Romeo and Juliet

    This helps to tell us how strong the love between the couple is. The two feuding families, Montague?s who the family of Romeo and Capulet?s who the family of Juliet, both show a lot of hate, even the servants fought them; if the servant would fight for their master then the two families really must have some historic hate between the families, but this shows the servants are very loyal to the family and are part of them, so this is showing love. The fight of Mercutio and Tybalt was an act of hate between the two societies.

    • Word count: 1632
  8. Describe what happens in Act 1 Scene 5 and explain why this part of the play is so important

    As the characters show who they really are the audience gets a better understanding about the characters. The scene sets of very hectic and confused. Everyone in the Capulet household is busy as Lord Capulet is stressing out and is shouting as all his servants. This is shown by ?More light, you knaves, and turn the tables up; and quench the fire, the room is grown too hot.? This shows that the party is very unorganised and that it is getting hot due to the numbers of guests.

    • Word count: 2007
  9. Romeo and Juliet: Write a speech for County Paris.

    It was late Monday evening I was summand to the Capulet mansion, I had heard that the vile Romeo has slain the noble Tybalt. Whilst there Capulet asked me to marry Juliet, I was thrilled, I said, ?My Lord, I would that Thursday were tomorrow?.

    • Word count: 417
  10. How does the prologue to Shakespeares 'Romeo and Juliet' prepare the audience for the play?

    what causes the hate within the two houses but it is there and drags the households into fights this is particulaly shown in line 4 'where civil blood make civil hands unclean' the word 'blood' is meaning that death and injuries occur due to the feud the families have. 'Civil' is meant to mean poliet or fair which is a bit ironic since there isn't any politeness. The second quatrain is about the lovers, Romeo and Juliet, and their deaths.

    • Word count: 704
  11. Analyse Act 1 Scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet Compare the original text to Baz Luhrmans film interpretation of the scene

    The scene starts off showing a yellow truck owned by the Montague boys. The first shot we see is one of a tattoo on the back of one of the Montagues? head. The tattoo is of the name ?Montague? and also has a religious symbol. This is how we immediately know that these boys are in fact Montagues. Also, the number plate on the back of the car and the first few lines read out by the characters make it obvious to us that they are Montagues. In the original text, both families are portrayed equally in the way that neither one in particular is favoured.

    • Word count: 1247
  12. How Does Shakespeare Present The Relationship Between Capulet and Juliet in Romeo and Juliet?

    He asks Paris to "woo" her, obviously wanting her to fall in love with the person she marries. By Shakespeare introducing the relationship between Juliet and her Father early on in the play indicates how important they are to the whole plot. On the other hand, due to the prologue, the audience is suspicious of their relationship and what the true nature of it is under that superficial father-loving-daughter relationship. Another thing that leads us to consider this option is that the topic of marriage is being discussed in Juliet?s absence, showing us that Capulet isn?t as open-minded as we thought.

    • Word count: 1806
  13. Examine the way Shakesphere presents the youthful haste and romantic nature of love.

    He always thinks about her, "sad hours seem long," he can't get her out of his head and tells us that the love from Rosaline hasn't returned, he is not in real love he is in unrequited love. Even though Rosaline has no interest in Romeo, his romantic nature takes control over him and he can't help feeling miserable, ?deep sighs." However this all fades at the first sight of Juliet, even though Romeo said to Benvolio, "thou canst not teach me to forget," which shows the dramatic irony when he meets Juliet.

    • Word count: 763
  14. Romeo Falls in Love Essay

    Montague is worried about what Romeo can do next like self-harming or something worse to commit suicide. Montague is getting worried about Romeo?s actions and thinks he may be clinically depressed and have a mental issue. Romeo revealed his problem to Benvolio, Romeo explains to Benvolio that he?s in love and the girl he loves doesn?t love him ?She?ll not be hit by cupid?s arrow? It is unrequited love that Romeo is experiencing. Rosaline, the girl Romeo is in love with, has a chastity belt, so she will die a virgin and no one take her virginity.

    • Word count: 1812
  15. Explore the ways in which Romeo and Mercutio are presented in Act 2 Scene 4 and in elsewhere in the play and in the performed version.

    I will be also looking at Lurhmann?s modern film version and Zeferelli?s old version, where Romeo and Mercutio are presented differently. Romeo is a romantic person who takes love seriously. In Act 2 Scene 4, Shakespeare suggests that Romeo has been restored to his normal witty self, which is revealed by his bantering stichomythia with Mercutio, for example, as soon as Romeo mentions ?a most courteous exposition?, Mercutio cuts in and says ?Nay, I am the very pink of courtesy.? The speed of their bantering shows their close relationship as if they understand each other?s thoughts well.

    • Word count: 2160
  16. How did Shakespeare keep his audience interested in the play Romeo and Juliet with specific reference to Act 3 scene I and how would you make this Scene relevant to a modern audience?

    In absence of the technology it was hard for Shakespeare to express his ideas because of the lack of effects such as lighting, sound and computer generated imagery. Shakespeare used dramatic devices such as language, conflict, contrast, dramatic irony, pace and suspense to make his plays interesting. Because of these difficulties, Shakespeare had to use language to keep the audience interested. As Shakespeare didn?t have any cameras and a lot of the audience were far away from the stage he had to use the language to describe the character.

    • Word count: 1032
  17. Romeo's diary entry from the ball.

    Hurt, the only way I could think to relieve myself from such pain was suicide. There was no other way. While I was suffering, my good cousin, Benvolio came. He told me that my family had clashed with the ungraceful Capulet?s near the marketplace. Why can?t they just be civil with one another? I don?t like it when they fight-it?s not right. Fortunately, this chaos was put to an end by the fair Prince. As I was moping, Benvolio proposed that I go with him and others of the Montague?s party, to check out some fine woman at the Capulet?s ball (My family?s enemy.)

    • Word count: 715
  18. Different kinds of love is portrayed and presented by symbolic language and imagery through the characters in Romeo and Juliet.

    ? Shut up his windows, lock fair daylight out and makes himself an artificial night.? (I, i, 134-135) The scene was depressing, Shakespeare created a difference between light and dark, also a unhappy and sorrowful feeling of Romeo. Same as Romeo, Paris loved Juliet very much. ?So will ye, I am sure, that you love me.? (IV, i, 26)

    • Word count: 630
  19. Characterization of Juliet

    But that statement soon changes after she meets the young and handsome Romeo. Upon meeting Romeo, she jumps head-over-heels for him and will think of no one else but him. Instead of going through her options, which includes Paris, and making a well thought of decision, she secretly marries Romeo a few hours later, showing a sense of independence.

    • Word count: 522

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