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GCSE: Twelfth Night

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  1. Examine the Levels of Deception in Twelfth Night

    Viola's disguise is of a high level, relating equally to its important consequences, how obvious and comical it is to the audience, and also that it is complicated and difficult to maintain, as Viola not only has to disguise her s*x but also her origins of social class. Feste disguises himself in order to fool Malvolio, using the comical elements of literal disguise. As Sir Toby Belch says: "put on this gown and this beard; make him believe thou art Sir Topas the curate" Apart from the immediately obvious deception seen here, this disguise is interesting in a number of ways.

    • Word count: 2431
  2. Malvolio’s Treatment in Twelfth Night

    All of these attributes are witnessed throughout Twelfth Night, showing that this offensive characterisation is in fact true. We first meet Malvolio in Act 1, Scene 5 where he is showing his dislike of Feste the fool. As Feste seems to have made a good impression on all the other characters, we immediately see how sour Malvolio is and object to the way he sneers, delighting in putting down Feste. This also gives the impression that Malvolio is an attention seeker and is jealous of the attention Feste is getting from Olivia. He even goes so far as to criticise Olivia (his mistress)

    • Word count: 2433
  3. In “Twelfth Night”, Shakespeare explores several different kinds of love. Discuss the various types of love portrayed in the play.

    Orsino would have been a very popular character as he is a loving and imaginative with words. In Elizabethan times, this would have been very popular, compared to our modern times as now, many people may think that Orsino is love sick and that he should get on with his life instead of moping around after some girl. "O spirit of love, how quick and fresh art thou" This shows the sensitivity of Orsinos character (which love may have done to him) and shows that his colourful language indicates his social status. Unrequited love can be a love of many different emotions.

    • Word count: 2472

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