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GCSE: Blood Brothers

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  1. My Paper Planes By Kenneth Wee - Compare and contrast the speaker's attitude towards life with that of his subject in the poem.

    As we see from the poem, he remembered his brother for "dancing to your bubbling laughter's pace", something which was not embodied in the speaker himself. The speaker was also rather obdurate on the ways of the world. Living a very mundane routine throughout his lifetime, he has developed rigid ideals and lives in accordance to them. For instance, his pragmatic nature has shaped him into being diligent and discipline, challenging each obstacle that came in his way. However, this monotonous task has made him spiritless, for his thinks his life as unexciting.

    • Word count: 946
  2. Twentieth century Drama assignment – Bloodbrothers

    It comes into the play some years after they decided to become blood brothers. I intend my scene to make the audience stop and think about the way people are treated in our generation because of their class. When reading the play written by Willy Russell I noticed that Mrs Lyons is seen who is a character with severe mental issues. She can break down very easily and can get extremely paranoid at the slightest thing. I decided to use her character in my scene because I feel that she is the best character for acting out.

    • Word count: 666
  3. Choose a production you have seen during your course, which made a strong emotional impact on audience. Discuss in detail one scene or section that made an impact on you.

    The scene continues with Mickey who enters erratically interrupts him. Mickey is breathing awkwardly this make the audience unsettle as the way they have seen Mickey as a child, is a change as you see someone completely different at the end than you saw at the begging as a load playful child. The lighting is quite bright and concentrated on the main stage and characters. There are no other sound interruptions as this helps the audience pay attention to what is being said on stage.

    • Word count: 895
  4. I am writing to apply for the job of director in the new production of Blood Brother.

    Mickey was brought up in a council estate by his mother. But Edward was brought up in a wealthy house by Mrs Lyons, who he thought was his biological mother. Mickey speaks using slang, however Edward speaks in a rich wealthy accent. Both brothers have different backgrounds. Mickey was brought up by his biological mother and grew up on a council estate. Mickey has had awful experiences in his young life, he has never been as wealthy as Edward. Mickey's mother only had enough money to feed all her children. Mickey did not care about his education, but felt passionate about earning his work and pay and looking after Linda and himself.

    • Word count: 973
  5. Authors of short stories have to pay attention to structure, atmosphere, social background and language, comment in detail on the way your attention is sustained by 'the Half Brothers' by Elizabeth Gaskell.

    Elizabeth Gaskell uses structure a lot to maintain the reader's attention. 'The Half Brothers' has a very long and detailed background that helps the reader to understand and begin to care about the characters and their lives so far, thus sustaining their attention. This is unusual for a short story as it is traditional for short stories to have no background or scene settings. A further outcome of this detailed background is that Gaskell's characters are developed.

    • Word count: 567
  6. How is it possible that two people grow up together in the same family background and conditions, yet turn out to be strangers?

    As the narrator and Sonny grow into adults, one moves towards "success" and the other moves towards failure. Once when their mother was dead, their lives completely changed. The narrator wants Sonny to finish his school and think about his future seriously. After knowing Sonny's plans to play jazz music, the narrator is surprised and annoyed. His conservative thinking and definition of success makes him unable to understand his brother's feelings. He fails to understand that music is Sonny's life and that's what he wants to do all his life. That makes him feel that he doesn't know his brother at all.

    • Word count: 999
  7. At The Beginning Of The Play The Narrator describes Mrs Johnstone As The Mother So Cruel. What Do You Think Of Mrs Johmstone?

    Mrs Johnstone at the beginning of the book is described as "the mother so cruel." I don't think this is fair as she is a mother of seven already. Another two would be too much, so giving up one of her babies is the right thing to do. The idea to give up Edward isn't even Mrs Johnstones. It was mrs Lyons that put the idea into Mrs Johnstones head in the first place "give one of them to me" so mrs Johnstone just went along with her when she realised what a wonderful life the baby would have with Mrs Lyons.

    • Word count: 563
  8. Terraces - A script written for television by Willy Russell

    She eventually tricks Danny into leaving the house while it is painted yellow by other members of the street. Danny, who is angry and devastated that his family and friends care more about being on television that his feelings, leaves his house, the street, his wife and his son and walks away. The play is both dramatic and sad in many ways. The tension mounts as the reader goes on to discover what each character is like, and can almost predict the main events in the script -but then there's a twist.

    • Word count: 947
  9. Choose a production you have seen during your course that made a strong emotional impact on the audience (Blood Brothers)

    This is quite ironic, because they are actually real brothers. They keep in contact; Mickey gets married, but is very unhappy. Eddie loves Mickey's' wife, Linda, so Mickey plans to kill Eddie. It all ends with a big finale, where both brothers end up dead. Because we are shown the final scene at the beginning, we know that as the play goes along it is building up to a big and sad ending, so we are left wondering all of the way through how its going to end. The story takes us through the two boys growing up so we feel that we really know them and their lives.

    • Word count: 991
  10. Blood Brothers by Willy Russell - Analysis of a Performance

    Mrs Johnstone is always behind on her bills and is always in debt with the tax man, But Mrs Lyons is rich and can bring up the son with everything he needs. The boys grow up and as they get older they are still none the wiser. When they were about 7 they meet in the street and find out that they were born on the same day and year. They then make a pack to be blood brothers. The two boys Mickey and Eddie soon find out that they will soon be split up and may never see each other again.

    • Word count: 607
  11. Taizé

    He left Switzerland, the country of his birth, and settled in France, where his mother came from, to be where the war was raging. As he wrote later, "The more a believer wishes to live the absolute call of God, the more essential it is to do so in the heart of human distress."

    • Word count: 456
  12. You are the director of a new production of the play “Blood Brothers”. Give advice to the actors playing the roles of Eddie and Mickey about how to tackle the age changes.

    You would also have to think how someone who is better off would walk compared to someone who is from a less well off background. You have got to consider how to use the tone of your voice. At first they were a bit shy. But after they first met you would have to consider how an eight year old would not be shy so they would say anything so say your lines so the audience have no clue to what you will say next.

    • Word count: 556
  13. How does Russell present superstition as a driving force in Blood Brothers?

    Russell uses language to present superstition as an important driving force. The Narrator's Language is full of supesitious imagery. He constantly threatens the two mothers withimages such as "shoes upon the table" and "walkin' on the pavement cracks". The repeated refrences to superstitions associated with bad luck create the sense that the characters cannot escape the influence of superstitious belief. Furthermore, the Narrator's references to the devil imply that the power of superstition increases as the play progresses.

    • Word count: 419
  14. Pretend you are Linda, how would she feel at the end of Blood Brothers?

    I wouldn?t change a day I spent with Mickey and Eddie. Not even the time Mickey found Sammy?s air rifle and we all ended up getting told off by the police because Eddie didn?t know when to keep his mouth shut. It seemed like a dream come true when we all found each other in the countryside again. All the fun started all over again, of course by then I knew my feeling towards Mickey, I told him every day, before school ?Mickey, I love you? and after school ?Mickey I love you.? He was too shy though, it only used to embarrass him.

    • Word count: 526
  15. How is the Narrator portrayed in Blood Brothers and what is his function?

    This may be done to accentuate his mysterious and ghost like atmosphere, adding to his connection with the underworld. However, it could also be said that his attire is similar to that of someone attending a funeral or business meeting, foreshadowing and constantly reminding the audience of the ultimate tragedy and the contractual ?bargain? that Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Lyons share. At the start of the play he tells us what is to happen to Mickey and Eddie; how they will die ?on the self same day?.

    • Word count: 852
  16. At the beginning of the play "Blood Brothers", the narrator introduces Mrs Johnstone as The mother so cruel is this an accurate description of her?

    However is this description an accurate description of her? This is an accurate description in a way, because she gave away one of her twin children, which can be seen as horrible thing to do, because no matter what circumstances, someone is in, they should never give away one of their children if the truly ?love them?. She is also cruel, because she is betraying both of her sons in a way, not only Mickey, because she is lying to them and not telling them that they have twin brothers.

    • Word count: 663

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