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GCSE: Blood Brothers

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  1. Blood Brothers

    In the plat there are two main characters. These are Mickey and Edward are twins who were separated at birth. The quote 'gis a sweet' is said by Mickey which shows that he is a rude boy and does not have any manners. As a youngster Mickey is rude and impolite to others. This is shown by the quote above which is said to by Mickey to Edward. Mickey speaks to Edward in this manner because he is from a working-class and has been taught that he would not get the things that he would want or ask for.

    • Word count: 3701
  2. Free essay

    What makes Blood Brothers an effective stage play?

    One way in which the social disparities are revealed through speech, as Edward is well spoken and formal, in contrast to Mickey who is informally spoken and uses abbreviated words vastly throughout his context. Another way that the differences are presented is through the behaviour and the way the two characters conduct themselves. Edward is straight forward in terms of personality, whilst Mickey is sly in the way he conducts his actions and his personality is quite difficult to understand.

    • Word count: 3612
  3. To what extent is the Summer Song sequence, sung by the narrator, a watershed in the play Blood Brothers?

    The narrator creates tension, always hovering in the background, almost omnipresent, even wearing funeral clothes. He is like a vulture circling above the twins, waiting for their inevitable deaths. His constant presence on stage and in the script keeps the ominous tones going. As they get older, he appears more often, worrying and reminding you that the twin's death is coming closer. The Summer Song is when the boys pass the middle of their lives, the peak of the mountain, and begin to accelerate downwards with an unstoppable chain of events leading to their certain deaths.

    • Word count: 3250
  4. In 'Blood Brothers' we discussed how the narrator affects the play and how the narrator can change the plays direction, place and time. We used the narrator in a scene from the play to act out what we thought the narrator would do.

    and Edward find out that they are real bothers they will die so the audience relates themselves to this whenever he is on stage; so when the children are playing when they are 7 the Narrator comes on (the balcony) and we are reminded of the superstition that they are going to die, which is immensely sad at the time especially seeing that Mickey and Edward have a brilliant relationship with each other, and that because of Mrs Johnstone's action their life's will fail.

    • Word count: 4722
  5. Compare how Willy Russell portrays the two mothers in 'Blood Brothers'. Account for the different reactions the audience will have to the two women throughout the play.

    However, their contrasting environments and backgrounds force them apart and eventually cause the tragic ending. From the beginning of the play, the mother - Mrs Johnston reveals facts about her life to the audience. From this we discover that she used to be young, active and beautiful but because she became pregnant, she had to marry the father of the unborn baby. As she grew older, her beauty and youth faded away and she became the mother of seven and fell pregnant again. Her husband then left her for a girl, who resembled Marilyn Monroe.

    • Word count: 3071
  6. Willy Russell's "Blood Brothers" Review

    They become best friends and declare one another to be their "Blood Brother". From then on the story follows their persistence to remain friends and the obstacles each come up against. Sadly though, their forbidden friendship finally leads to one another's tragic death; never knowing the truth that they were brothers. Never knowing they shared one name Till the day they died I never really absorbed the absurdity of the storyline because the script was so subtle in its telling of the story, and the performance of the cast didn't over dramatise the events unfolding.

    • Word count: 4096
  7. Explore how the theme of different social worlds is presented in "Blood Brothers" by Willy Russell. What comments might Russell be making about his twins

    Upon moving out into the country he says that "compared to Huyton it was paradise" which seems to show his dislike of industrial areas such as Huyton. At the beginning of the play there is a prologue which is designed to show how fate is meant to play an important role ion the play. The prologue is the ending of the play read out at the beginning. So, in giving the audience the ending at the beginning they begin to feel the story's elements locking together as the play wears on.

    • Word count: 3613
  8. Blood Brothers has been very successful on stage - write about some of the elements in the play that you think may have made the play so popular.

    Humour is a necessary ingredient in any successful play or musical, Willy Russell has mixed in a fair amount of humour all the way through to make the play not only heart rendering but also amusing. The narrator, characters, lighting, costumes and interesting entrances and exists bring the play together to form an elaborate musical that has been running successfully through out the years. The story line of the play is an interesting thought and shows an indepth view of the reality of our social and family lives.

    • Word count: 3235
  9. How might a director show how Mickey and Edward's relationship changes in Blood Brothers? How would this link to Willy Russell's intentions?

    The evidence for this point of view is one of Russell's interviews about Educating Rita, where Rita cuts off Frank's hair; it's supposed to be alluding to the cutting of Sampson's hair by Delilah. In fact the real reason was it was supposed to be a comic gag. So then how do we know that Russell wrote the play for the general audience and not for the commentators and critics, maybe he wrote the play to be enjoyed; rather than for people to debate the social meanings but just watch a musical?

    • Word count: 4171
  10. Willy Russell's Blood Brothers - The Grand Theatre Leeds.

    The general lighting used when the children were playing was quite false light and looked a lot darker than the lighting which was used when the families moved to the countryside. This helped create the image of the city being cramped and miserable and the contrast to the countryside, which was sunny and free. The lights were a lot darker too when the children were playing outside, however, the lights were extremely bright when the audience was watching inside Mrs Lyons house.

    • Word count: 3923
  11. What is a hero? In this essay I will be discussing three short stories - Half Brothers and The Sexton's Hero, both by Elizabeth Gaskell, and also Werewolf, which is written by Angela Carter.

    It is something that we are left wondering about, as the answer is never given. As the story progresses, we are never told who the narrator actually is - do they simply not want us to know, or are they trying to protect their identity? One thing that we do gather is that the narrator may be an outsider. The use of the word 'they' gives the impression that the narrator may not be a central part of this; they may only be telling the story as they have been taught it. At this point in the story, the narration is in the third person, but the tense quickly changes from present to future.

    • Word count: 8073
  12. 'Street Scene' was written by Elmer Rice and exploits the values of a Catholic family in New York, America. A powerful drama, 'Street Scene' deals with eternal issues: love, hate, racism and prejudice via several sets of families.

    Maurant has flashbacks to the dying moments up to and including Mrs. Maurant's death, these flashbacks simply make Maurant more frightened about dying. The scene is set in a prison cell. After being found guilty of his wife's murder, Maurant has been sentenced to death. The scene opens with a declining Mr. Maurant emotionally decaying whilst being intimidated by a sadistic police officer. Police officer 1:Y'alright there Mr. Maurant, you know people tell me its real scary when you're on death row.

    • Word count: 7901
  13. Choose a scene in "Blood Brothers", By Willy Russell. Imagine you are the director and write about How you would represent the scene on stage.

    Mrs Lyons has lots of money but no children and she really wants a child, Mrs Johnston cleans in Mrs Lyons house and when she tells Mrs Lyons she is pregnant. She asks to keep one of her babies, after a lot of persuading Mrs Johnstone gives in and the two brothers Mickey and Eddie grow up and become friends in ignorance of their fraternity. As they get older they drift apart as the class and money issue becomes more apparent between the two.

    • Word count: 3325
  14. My Mother Said I Never Should - response.

    I also found it challenging to be able to relate to each character and infuse a little part of my personality to each of them. I found I had these problems because I have not experienced some of the things the characters within the play had done. I managed to overcome this by remembering certain plays/television programmes/films I have seen that cover the certain subjects that each character was going through, for example when Jackie fell pregnant, I thought of 'Lolita' by Stanley Kubrick when Lolita falls pregnant at 16/17.

    • Word count: 6613
  15. Response phase - as part of our Drama Portfolio we were asked to study the play 'Blood Brothers' and re-enact parts of the production.

    Three people are sat down in comfy armchairs whilst the cleaner is scrubbing the floor. All three upper classed people are busy reading newspapers, the cleaner is scrubbing the floor with her nails whilst being used as a footrest for all three upper class people. Following is a picture/diagram of how it actually looked: The picture shows that the cleaner is angry, depressed and basically deflated after they demand that she clean up after them. The three upper class persons however, look more angry and all seem to be 'looking down their noses' at her.

    • Word count: 4638

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  • Compare how Willy Russell portrays the two mothers in Blood Brothers. Account for the different reactions the audience will have to the two women throughout the play.

    "In conclusion, one the one hand, sometimes Willy Russell portrays Mrs. Johnstone to be the 'real' mother and induces the audience to be attracted to her. Russell than portrays Mrs. Lyons to be the 'false' mother and sways the audience to find her unsympathetic and snobbish. He portrays her as a cold woman who does not show much emotion. We see her as over-protective of Eddie as she fears his bond with the Johnstone family. Yet on the other hand, Willy Russell tends to make the audience to believe that Mrs. Lyons and Mrs. Johnstone are equally sympathetic. He portrays both mothers to be loving and caring mothers who make the best of things. In general, Willy Russell does portray Mrs. Johnstone to be the 'real' mother seeing that she understood the tender relationship between Mickey and Edward. Willy Russell portrayed Mrs. Lyons to be a very selfish woman because of her previous actions like sending Edward to boarding school and showing Mickey that Edward and Linda have been unfaithful. The audience will also feel very understanding and sympathetic towards Mrs. Johnstone throughout the play whereas they may have felt hatred for Mrs. Lyons."

  • Compare how Willy Russell portrays the two brothers in Blood Brothers. Account for the different reactions the audience have to the two characters throughout the play.

    "I really enjoyed reading the play, after having studied it in great detail. Although a sad ending it is a brilliant play throughout and never a dull moment. There are lots of creative moments in the play which always keep you interested. I especially like the way Russell compares and contrasts the two classes between Eddie and Mickey during childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Humour is also brought into the play as you can see that Mickey just doesn't have a clue and isn't ever going to get anywhere and you also see that Eddie is so different and has the brains but starts to throw it away due to his love for Lisa and Mickey's bad influence. For me Russell did a great job despite vastly exaggerating the difference of upper and lower class society."

  • Discuss the influences on the lives of Mickey and Eddie in Blood Brothers.

    "In conclusion, I can divide the influences on the lives of Mickey and Eddie in four main sections. The differences between Mickey and Eddie in the family, the social class they are, the education they have and the religion of the family. They are identical twins but they have got a very different life, I think it is because these things that I have mentioned before influenced them."

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