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GCSE: Blood Brothers

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  1. How is it possible that two people grow up together in the same family background and conditions, yet turn out to be strangers?

    As the narrator and Sonny grow into adults, one moves towards "success" and the other moves towards failure. Once when their mother was dead, their lives completely changed. The narrator wants Sonny to finish his school and think about his future seriously. After knowing Sonny's plans to play jazz music, the narrator is surprised and annoyed. His conservative thinking and definition of success makes him unable to understand his brother's feelings. He fails to understand that music is Sonny's life and that's what he wants to do all his life. That makes him feel that he doesn't know his brother at all.

    • Word count: 999
  2. At The Beginning Of The Play The Narrator describes Mrs Johnstone As The Mother So Cruel. What Do You Think Of Mrs Johmstone?

    Mrs Johnstone at the beginning of the book is described as "the mother so cruel." I don't think this is fair as she is a mother of seven already. Another two would be too much, so giving up one of her babies is the right thing to do. The idea to give up Edward isn't even Mrs Johnstones. It was mrs Lyons that put the idea into Mrs Johnstones head in the first place "give one of them to me" so mrs Johnstone just went along with her when she realised what a wonderful life the baby would have with Mrs Lyons.

    • Word count: 563
  3. Review of a live piece of theatre - Blood Brothers

    Characters: Mickey was the twin in the working class he had bad clothes he had a green jumper which had holes and he put it over his knees his face was all dirty and you know from his body language that he was a little boy because he was jumping on the floor and he pretended that he had a horse his mum was telling him not to play up there. In his monologue his body language was that he was sitting on the floor and saying what he was not allowed to do but that he was almost eight

    • Word count: 1116
  4. Terraces - A script written for television by Willy Russell

    She eventually tricks Danny into leaving the house while it is painted yellow by other members of the street. Danny, who is angry and devastated that his family and friends care more about being on television that his feelings, leaves his house, the street, his wife and his son and walks away. The play is both dramatic and sad in many ways. The tension mounts as the reader goes on to discover what each character is like, and can almost predict the main events in the script -but then there's a twist.

    • Word count: 947
  5. The Wright Brothers

    He would often bring back presents home, one of these presents were a rubber band-powered helicopter. Young Wilbur and Orville immediately began to copy it. This was were they started dreaming about conquering gravity. In 1884 Bishop Wright moved his family to 7 Hawton Street Dayton, Ohio. The house had two libraries. At the same time Susan fell ill with tuberculosis. Wilbur who was just out of high school but put off college and nursed his sick mother. Orville lost interest in school and learned the printing business.

    • Word count: 2004
  6. Response phase - as part of our Drama Portfolio we were asked to study the play 'Blood Brothers' and re-enact parts of the production.

    Three people are sat down in comfy armchairs whilst the cleaner is scrubbing the floor. All three upper classed people are busy reading newspapers, the cleaner is scrubbing the floor with her nails whilst being used as a footrest for all three upper class people. Following is a picture/diagram of how it actually looked: The picture shows that the cleaner is angry, depressed and basically deflated after they demand that she clean up after them. The three upper class persons however, look more angry and all seem to be 'looking down their noses' at her.

    • Word count: 4638
  7. Choose a production you have seen during your course that made a strong emotional impact on the audience (Blood Brothers)

    This is quite ironic, because they are actually real brothers. They keep in contact; Mickey gets married, but is very unhappy. Eddie loves Mickey's' wife, Linda, so Mickey plans to kill Eddie. It all ends with a big finale, where both brothers end up dead. Because we are shown the final scene at the beginning, we know that as the play goes along it is building up to a big and sad ending, so we are left wondering all of the way through how its going to end. The story takes us through the two boys growing up so we feel that we really know them and their lives.

    • Word count: 991
  8. ‘Blood brothers’ - Review of Theatre Performance

    When he gets out he is a changed man. What was once a chirpy, lovable Liverpudlian is now a withdrawn, reclusive sedative addict. Linda feels that things are not working with Mickey, but she do does not mean to have an affair with Eddie. When Mickey finds out about it (told by Eddie's own mother) he flips out and goes to Eddie's office where he holds him at gunpoint. Mickey's mother hurries to the office and begs Mickey not to shoot Eddie, as he is his twin brother.

    • Word count: 1497
  9. Blood Brothers by Willy Russell - Analysis of a Performance

    Mrs Johnstone is always behind on her bills and is always in debt with the tax man, But Mrs Lyons is rich and can bring up the son with everything he needs. The boys grow up and as they get older they are still none the wiser. When they were about 7 they meet in the street and find out that they were born on the same day and year. They then make a pack to be blood brothers. The two boys Mickey and Eddie soon find out that they will soon be split up and may never see each other again.

    • Word count: 607
  10. In the short story “The Half Brothers” how does Elizabeth Gaskell manipulate the reader’s feelings?

    and wife, leaving my mother a young widow of twenty, with a little child just able to walk, and the farm on her hands for four years more by the lease, with half the stock on it dead, or being sold off one by one to pay the more pressing debts, and with no money to purchase more, or even to buy the provisions needed for the small consumption of everyday.' Gaskell emphasises Helens youth a lot 'scarcely seventeen'. This helps us to feel sorry for Helen, as she was still not mature enough to deal with all these problems.

    • Word count: 2729
  11. Taizé

    He left Switzerland, the country of his birth, and settled in France, where his mother came from, to be where the war was raging. As he wrote later, "The more a believer wishes to live the absolute call of God, the more essential it is to do so in the heart of human distress."

    • Word count: 456
  12. How does Russell draw the attention of the audience towards this central theme in Blood Brothers?

    When Eddie agrees, Mickey is shocked because the people in his area would hesitate straight away. Mickey : Round here if you ask anyone for a sweet you have to ask about twenty four million times and you know what? they still don't bleeding well give you one! The different reactions from the brothers are because of their different upbringing, family and environment. Eddie is an only child and quite glad to be sharing sweets. Mickey is bemused by Eddie's generosity because people in his area would never want to give anything away as they do not have much, they want it all for themselves.

    • Word count: 1911
  13. The Half-Brothers

    Many events take place in the story, in the introduction the story mentions the death of the eldest brother's farther, the story tells us that the narrators sister dies before he is born, it also tells us that the narrators' mother did not cry at her daughters death but instead did not cry until the coming of the narrators half-brother were I quote, "When my aunt came back from the funeral, she found my mother in the same place, and in the same place, and as dry-eyed as ever.

    • Word count: 1611
  14. Willy Russell Plays: Blood Brothers, Our Day Out and Educating Rita - and the theme of Social Inequality

    She wants to be educated so that she can have choices. As the play progresses and Rita becomes more educated she begins to make her own decisions, she moves out of her house, ends her relationship with Denny and says "I might even have a baby" The people from the middle class backgrounds however were made to look rather different. Eddie in "Blood Brothers" doesn't have to share his toys with brothers or sisters like Mickey does, and his mother doesn't have to worry about financial problems because they have quite a lot of money.

    • Word count: 1339
  15. All are Punished

    She did manage to get herself a job as a cleaner in a rich, elegant household. Victoria screamed at Mary, the owner of the house, for putting shoes on the table. This upset Mary, as she wasn't superstitious yet. It was about two months after this that Victoria discovered she was pregnant again. She thought that she must have been unlucky and become pregnant just before her husband left her. After this she decided, no more babies. There was just enough room and money in the house for her to cope with one extra child among the fray of them.

    • Word count: 1922
  16. And do we blame Superstition for what we come to pass? Or could it be what we, the English, have come to know as class?

    But on the other hand, would Mickey shoot his brother and long-time friend? Maybe Mickey was under the influence of the pills when he ran to nis mother's home and took the gun from under the floorboards and blew Edward to pieces. All this we have to take into consideration. Mrs Johnstone said to Mrs Lyons that she only had to shake hands with a man and she was pregnant whereas Mrs Lyons couldn't have a baby no matter how hard she tried. I think the moment that decided both of their futures was when Mrs Lyons put new shoes on the coffee table and Mrs Johnstone said: "We are just able to get along now."

    • Word count: 2148
  17. Blood Brothers

    Before she was married though she was said to look like Marylyn Monroe the young and beautiful Hollywood actress. Her former husband Mr. Johnston ran off with a younger woman after Mrs. Johnston had lost her looks and left her with all the children to look after. This is evidence that Mr. Johnston is the kind of man who judges people on their looks and wants a young beautiful woman. Paragraph 3 Mrs. Johnston is a typical working class woman living in Liverpool.

    • Word count: 1239
  18. Describe in detail the techniques, which Willy Russell uses in ‘Blood Brothers’ to add depth and interest to his play and entertain his audience.

    The fact that Edward had so much and Mickey had so little really got to him and he went in to town to shoot Edward. Just as Mickey decides that he can't shoot Edward. Mrs. Johnstone comes in and tells them that they are brothers. This pushes Mickey over the edge and he shoots Edward and then gets shot by the police. Willy Russell wrote Blood Brothers using a lot of interesting language. Some of the way that he does this is to use the continuing references to guns throughout the play.

    • Word count: 1309
  19. You are the director of a new production of the play “Blood Brothers”. Give advice to the actors playing the roles of Eddie and Mickey about how to tackle the age changes.

    You would also have to think how someone who is better off would walk compared to someone who is from a less well off background. You have got to consider how to use the tone of your voice. At first they were a bit shy. But after they first met you would have to consider how an eight year old would not be shy so they would say anything so say your lines so the audience have no clue to what you will say next.

    • Word count: 556
  20. How does Russell present superstition as a driving force in Blood Brothers?

    Russell uses language to present superstition as an important driving force. The Narrator's Language is full of supesitious imagery. He constantly threatens the two mothers withimages such as "shoes upon the table" and "walkin' on the pavement cracks". The repeated refrences to superstitions associated with bad luck create the sense that the characters cannot escape the influence of superstitious belief. Furthermore, the Narrator's references to the devil imply that the power of superstition increases as the play progresses.

    • Word count: 419
  21. Pretend you are Linda, how would she feel at the end of Blood Brothers?

    I wouldn?t change a day I spent with Mickey and Eddie. Not even the time Mickey found Sammy?s air rifle and we all ended up getting told off by the police because Eddie didn?t know when to keep his mouth shut. It seemed like a dream come true when we all found each other in the countryside again. All the fun started all over again, of course by then I knew my feeling towards Mickey, I told him every day, before school ?Mickey, I love you? and after school ?Mickey I love you.? He was too shy though, it only used to embarrass him.

    • Word count: 526
  22. How is the Narrator portrayed in Blood Brothers and what is his function?

    This may be done to accentuate his mysterious and ghost like atmosphere, adding to his connection with the underworld. However, it could also be said that his attire is similar to that of someone attending a funeral or business meeting, foreshadowing and constantly reminding the audience of the ultimate tragedy and the contractual ?bargain? that Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Lyons share. At the start of the play he tells us what is to happen to Mickey and Eddie; how they will die ?on the self same day?.

    • Word count: 852
  23. At the beginning of the play "Blood Brothers", the narrator introduces Mrs Johnstone as The mother so cruel is this an accurate description of her?

    However is this description an accurate description of her? This is an accurate description in a way, because she gave away one of her twin children, which can be seen as horrible thing to do, because no matter what circumstances, someone is in, they should never give away one of their children if the truly ?love them?. She is also cruel, because she is betraying both of her sons in a way, not only Mickey, because she is lying to them and not telling them that they have twin brothers.

    • Word count: 663

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