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GCSE: Blood Brothers

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  1. Blood Brothers

    Also, the set worked well showing wealth in the Lyons' house and the poverty/discomfort on the black set (streets). The cast performed very well. Each actor was well absorbed into their role, managing to portray their character realistically. The characterization was the whole essence of the performance. My favorite character was Edward. I was quite humored by the lollipop, stockings, accent, and behavior. Edward's accent reminded the audience of his class. The Lyon's are well-spoken, suggesting a good education. The costumes were impressive, providing strong individuality.

    • Word count: 857
  2. A review of the production of Blood Brothers

    Mickey's uniform was scruffy and dirty the total opposite of Eddies. They were treated differently by society by a policeman. Both of the brothers were throwing stones when a policeman caught them and took them home. He had a drink at the Lyons' house and advised docking Eddie's pocket money for a while as a punishment. Whereas at the Johnston's he told Mickey off and saying that its not a joke throwing stones and that he could be fined next time.

    • Word count: 2290
  3. Who was most responsible for the tragedy that occurred at the end of Blood brothers?

    At the time Mrs Johnstone found out that she was getting twins Mr Lyons was away on company matters, in fact he was away for nine months, what a coincidence. Mrs Lyons managed to manipulate Mrs Johnstone into giving away one of the twins. Mrs Johnstone was convinced that the child that was given away would have a brilliant life. She thought she was doing it for the good of the baby but you simply cannot treat human life like an item for sale what she did was wrong and started of that tragedy that haunted her at the end.

    • Word count: 1539
  4. Overview of the theme of love and kindness and the threats of these in all 4 plays of act one

    Later on Dawn and Mickey are having an argument about boys being less mature than girls. This is when Dawn makes a very significant remark, "No one in their right mind would fall in love with you." This instantly sets alarm bells of in the readers mind. This shows that Dawn has very intermit feelings towards Mickey and is trying to hide them. When the interview about 'young love' falls on Dawn's divorced Sister Janet, the growing bond between Dawn and Mickey is threatened. Janet sarcastically states, "Young love? You want to know about young love?

    • Word count: 1264
  5. Blood Brothers Coursework The theme of hardship

    Its views are believable and moving and has been keeping theatres full for many, many years. The story revolves around twins born into a poor Liverpudlian family. Deserted by her husband and already with a large family their mother gives one of them away to her wealthy, childless; employer Mrs Lyons. The twins meet years later as children and become inseparable friends, to the horror of their mothers, only to be separated again and then reunited in adulthood with tragic consequences.

    • Word count: 1332
  6. On the 15th of February some drama pupils and I went to watch a play (musical) called Blood Brothers at the Royal Concert hall in Nottingham.

    Then we see her giving up one of her babies to a friend as she has had twins. However little does she know in later years the baby she gave away (Eddie) is now eight years old and friends with her son (Mickey). This is not good because Eddie and Mickey have no idea that they are blood brothers. They then become best of friends and have even agreed because there birthday is on the same day to become blood brothers as they cross there arms prick their fingers, mix the blood and become Blood Brothers But when there mums find out they are not pleased, so Eddies mum (Mrs Lyons)

    • Word count: 773
  7. Who is to blame for the tragic deaths of the twins in Willy Russell's 'Blood Brothers'?

    Mrs.Lyons decided to take it upon herself to have the child as her own, "He need never guess" was her response to Mrs.Johnstone, about the deceit...could this be the story of the twins' deaths; being cruelly separated at birth by Mrs.Lyons, not knowing that they were brothers, or was Mrs.Lyons just desperate for a child of her own, and didn't realise the consequences of her actions? To add to the blame of Mrs.Lyons, she had carried out many other scheming concepts, such as when she took advantage of Mrs.Johnstone's belief in superstition, "they say that if either twin learns that he once was a pair, they shall both immediately die".

    • Word count: 2139
  8. alternative ending on A clockwork orange

    I viddy round me and Oh My Brothers, Your Humble Narrator was surprised to look at the platties I was wearing, but Len, Rick and Bully were too wearing them, like this big platties and harsh harsh harsh to move. I started smeching and going buaaa buaaa buaaa and my drooges smeching hahaha, and I slosh voices saying Welly well welly and pee and em going buaaaa buaaaa buaaa and then Oh My Brothers lovely lovely and glorious Ludwig van and I was tolchoking really horrowshow that grazhny bratchny as the pum pum of the drums, I was the master of the orchestra.

    • Word count: 521
  9. blood brothers narrator

    " . . . .the devil's got your number, he's gonna find y', y' know he's right behind y', he's starin' through your windows, he's creeping down the hall." This verse in the song suggests that the devil is getting closer and closer to Mrs Johnstone and one day he is going to catch her. This is the only song that the narrator sings in the play which is suggesting that the narrator may just be the devil. The play is also a tragedy as two twins grow p not knowing each other and then both die on the day that they find out that they are twins.

    • Word count: 755
  10. Blood Brothers Coursework

    The actors can continue Eddie's naivety and Mickey's through out the rest of the scene. An example of this is when the two boys are having a conversation about the "F" word. Eddie says he will look it up in the dictionary also Mickey shows ignorance when he calls a dictionary a "Thingy" because he doesn't know what one is. Through out the scene the two actors should show they are felling safer in each other's company. This should replace the caution shown at the begging of the film.

    • Word count: 1060
  11. How does Willy Russell portray serious issues in an entertaining way?

    But Willy Russell does manage to portray these issues in a entertain way to engage the audience. The characters and their language also reflect how life really was at that time. The two main characters Mickey and Edward, who were separated at birth, are presented in a totally different way. When they meet Mickey is presented typically like a lower-class person, we can immediately tell that through his language as he uses a lot of slang and swear words. Willy Russell wanted us the audience to react alarmingly to Mickey, someone like a troublemaker, as shown by the quotes, 'But I'm not playin' now 'cos I'm pissed off', and 'Yeh, I know loads of words like that.

    • Word count: 2408
  12. Discuss the Dramatic effect of role models in Blood Brothers. Willy Russell wrote blood brothers to purely entertain the youth of Liverpool

    I have chosen these two particular characters because they play leading roles in Edwards and Mickey's life and influencing the outcome of the play. Willy Russell purposely created the character Sammy for the play to use him as Mickey's stereotypical older brother who Mickey would do anything to be like. Sammy is the most influential character in the play but this is for all the wrong reasons. Sammy could be seen as a bad role model for Mickey. As the play progresses Sammy is continually portrayed as an angry and sometimes violent character.

    • Word count: 635
  13. Blood Brothers After being separated at birth Micky and Edward were brought up in completely different environments

    This seems fantastic to Mrs Johnston because all of her children share one room. Mrs Lyons becomes jealous so of her easy relationship with baby Eddie she fires Mrs Johnston and now Eddie is completely separated from Mrs Johnston and his twin. Even though they were split up destiny finally brought them together. The twins are brought together because of their nature. They meet by accident when they are seven years old and become very close right away. They feel so close they become "Blood Brothers". This is ironic because they already share the same blood because of their natures.

    • Word count: 731
  14. Blood Brothers

    Edward's clothes showed that he was rich and had the money to spend on clothes and suits. These clothes showed very clearly on stage who was of a higher class. The set changing added extra effect to this part of the scene as it helped move the location successfully. At the end of the 1st Act the projection on the cyclorama changed from a wall full of graffiti to a field in the countryside. This didn't only show the location change but also that the families were moving on in life and the characters were growing up.

    • Word count: 1246
  15. I now feel that I fully understand the form and structure of 'Blood Brothers'. It is a episodic comedy/tragedy that really shows you how tough it was to live as a working class in 'Thatcher's Britain'

    He believed that Margaret Thatcher helped the rich and made life difficult for the poor. These views that he had greatly affected his writing because in every play that he wrote, the poor were displayed to be courageous and battling even though they were treated badly, and the rich to have the easy life with not a care in the world and look down on the lower class. The second task that helped us to understand the play more was when the workshop developed to the point where we were able to build the two different households.

    • Word count: 1604
  16. Blood Brothers' The Final Scene

    Years before 'Blood Brothers', Russell had performed as a singer and a songwriter in clubs and public houses whilst also working during the day. The enactment was well accepted when it was first performed in a secondary school in Fazakerly, a suburb of Liverpool, despite the fact that the school stage lacked special effects such as lighting and surround sound. Just a year later, Russell then turned this minor play into a globally established production. One summer 'Blood Brothers' was shown on Channel Four.

    • Word count: 1879
  17. EXPLAIN HOW THE TWO MOTHERS ARE DIFFERENT AND WHY RUSSELL PRESENTS THEM IN THIS WAY? The musical play Blood Brothers, written by Willy Russell, is the story of twins separated at birth

    Thus there are clear biographical parallels to the character of Mickey. He was also influenced by females during his life thus the strong relations to the mother in this work. Liverpool in those days was split according to social class. This means people in that time were divided along the lines of being rich and poor, the educated and non-educated etc. Liverpool has been the home to one of the highest levels of unemployment in the developed world, with over 25% of the workforce out of a job, and it is important to consider this when taking account of Russell's depiction and own views of class and unemployment The main theme

    • Word count: 2715
  18. Hoe does Russell create a sense of tension and conflict for the audience between Mrs Lyons and Mrs Johnstone in the play 'Blood Brothers' ?

    This explains that she owes money to people and she can't pay them off, she keeps coming up with excuses. Mrs Johnstone gets a lot of tension and conflict in her life which affects her children: 'mam, how come I'm on free dinners? All the other kids laugh at me'. This quote explains that because Mrs Johnstone is quite poor her children have to have free dinners and her children don't like that. Mrs Johnstone has conflict and tension because she cant feed her children properly: 'ey mother I'm starving an there's nothing in.

    • Word count: 1036
  19. In 'Blood Brothers' we discussed how the narrator affects the play and how the narrator can change the plays direction, place and time. We used the narrator in a scene from the play to act out what we thought the narrator would do.

    and Edward find out that they are real bothers they will die so the audience relates themselves to this whenever he is on stage; so when the children are playing when they are 7 the Narrator comes on (the balcony) and we are reminded of the superstition that they are going to die, which is immensely sad at the time especially seeing that Mickey and Edward have a brilliant relationship with each other, and that because of Mrs Johnstone's action their life's will fail.

    • Word count: 4722
  20. The German Job

    The only chance I had of seeing a World Cup that doesn't involve seeing it on a puny 10" fuzzy TV screen or in an overcrowded pub with nowhere to move and inhaling so much cigarette smoke I had may as well have taken smoking up myself but the really big thing you miss out on, the reason so many people go to football matches, why some people pay so much for a single ticket, to own one seat for 90 minutes is to witness the atmosphere.

    • Word count: 2727
  21. Blood Brothers - Examine the Role of Mrs Lyons in Both Act1 Scene 5 and Act 5 Scene 5. How Far Has she Changed and how could this be represented on Stage?

    When she hears of the mother's dilemma she suggests that she take in one of the boys to look after. "If he grew up here, our son, he could have everything!" At first the mother isn't keen at all but Mrs Lyons being the very persuasive woman she is, slowly changes the mind of the mother till she agrees that it would be better if Mrs Lyons had one of the boys. As Mrs Lyons has had no children of her own she does not quite understand what she is asking of them mother and it is this which gives her the passion to persuade the mother.

    • Word count: 1446
  22. I am writing in response to the governor's decision to stop the production of Blood Brothers by Willy Russell. I understand the reasons for this, but I wish to demonstrate how certain themes are an integral part of the play

    Also, the fact that he has been brought up with so many brothers and sisters who swear makes it second or even first nature for him to swear. There is also the point that Eddie uses bad language in the wrong context. This is demonstrated when he calls his mother a "Fuck Off" this not only shows the audience that he doesn't understand how to swear, but it also hint as the fact that Eddie is actually a Johnstone and is showing his true nature.

    • Word count: 841
  23. In the story of 'Blood Brothers', I am going to introduce the situation between two boys, which are twins, but are separated at birth and both of the boys grow up in different environments.

    Mickey's idol is Sammy, his older brother. Sammy influences Mickey, for example when Mickey explains to the reader how he wants to be just like Sammy: "I wish I was out Sammy Our Sammy's nearly ten He's got two worms and a catapult An he's built a underground den But I'm not allowed to go in there Cos me mam says I'm only seven But I'm not, I'm nearly eight." I think that Mickey's idol is Sammy since mickey doesn't have a father to guide him in life, so mickey follows Sammy's footsteps.

    • Word count: 1673
  24. Compare how Willy Russell portrays the two mothers in 'Blood Brothers'. Account for the different reactions the audience will have to the two women throughout the play.

    However, their contrasting environments and backgrounds force them apart and eventually cause the tragic ending. From the beginning of the play, the mother - Mrs Johnston reveals facts about her life to the audience. From this we discover that she used to be young, active and beautiful but because she became pregnant, she had to marry the father of the unborn baby. As she grew older, her beauty and youth faded away and she became the mother of seven and fell pregnant again. Her husband then left her for a girl, who resembled Marilyn Monroe.

    • Word count: 3071
  25. Blood brothers coursework 'You're not the same as him, you're not' Mrs. Lyons says this because Eddie (her adopted son) has been playing with Mickey (

    Mrs Johnstone is a poor working class mother and as I have already stated is very poor. Eddie however lives in a large well dressed house, his mother and father love him and have no trouble providing for him and even buy him gifts on a regular basis. 'His mother hugs him and his father produces a toy gun for him' This shows that Eddie has loving parents. At seven years of age Mickey and Eddie both behave very differently in comparison to each other.

    • Word count: 1085

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