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GCSE: Blood Brothers

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  1. Drama Coursework-Blood Brothers Willy Russell - Examine the roles of the female characters.

    stone in place of a heart" this is so that as we go through the play our opinion of her can change. Willy Russell wants this judging of Mrs Johnstone (the main character) to take place since the narrator says; Bring her on and judge for yourself, How she came to play this part" This means that the play can now act as a trial for Mrs Johnstone. Instantly we go to a contrast with the idea of Mrs Johnstone being cruel because, in the next scene she is shown as a strong, happy character who is "sexier than Marilyn

    • Word count: 1746
  2. Mark Twain once said, "Every piece of writing is influenced by a once-written piece…it is not derivative if the matter is arranged in a manner that relates to the readers of those times" - The Matrix review.

    Although it is not visible to the unobservant eye, right from Plato's cave allegory to Robert Frost's thoughts on taking the road less travelled, the Wachowski brothers rely on noteworthy theories by prominent personalities for the formation of their story. The most apparent use of a theory in the film is that of Plato's cave allegory. The allegory describes a dark underground cave where groups of people are sitting in one long row with their backs to the cave's entrance.

    • Word count: 1058
  3. Blood Brothers: Willy Russell.

    Mickey gets his high school sweetheart, Linda, pregnant, and marries her. But then it all goes wrong for Mickey and Linda. Mickey is made redundant, and gets into crime to get money, but then is caught and sentences to 7 years in prison, whilst in prison he becomes depressed and becomes dependent on anti-depressants. Linda is in despair, and turns to life-long friend, Eddy to help. They meet up, it starts as a friendship but a romance buds. Mrs Lyons intent on ruining life for the Johnstone's goes to Mickey's workplace and tells him of the close relationship between Eddie and Linda.

    • Word count: 1713
  4. Blood Brothers is set in the inner city of Liverpool.

    We see them both go through the hardships in life (mostly Mickey). In the end of the play we see both of the twins suffer and die, in what is an extremely powerful ending. Russell uses this plot to show us/the audience how hard and unfair life can be. He does this by contrasting the differences between the two families. One of the obvious factors that he points out to us is money. Mickey lives in an extremely diminutive sized house in a rundown area of Liverpool. Mickeys mother Mrs Johnstone is in major debt and because of this Mickey isn't used to things like toys and sweets.

    • Word count: 1254
  5. What is a hero? In this essay I will be discussing three short stories - Half Brothers and The Sexton's Hero, both by Elizabeth Gaskell, and also Werewolf, which is written by Angela Carter.

    It is something that we are left wondering about, as the answer is never given. As the story progresses, we are never told who the narrator actually is - do they simply not want us to know, or are they trying to protect their identity? One thing that we do gather is that the narrator may be an outsider. The use of the word 'they' gives the impression that the narrator may not be a central part of this; they may only be telling the story as they have been taught it. At this point in the story, the narration is in the third person, but the tense quickly changes from present to future.

    • Word count: 8073
  6. I saw Blood Brothers in London in July 2003.

    On stage right is a row of dilapidated council houses and opposite is a row of London brick houses. When an indoor scene is being played then a drop-down small backdrop descends and stage crew carry on the props. The whole width of the stage at the back utilises a sliding additional stage set at 6' height. During street scenes this platform is used for added height and during the countryside scenes it is slid stage right and off. This is when a back projection is used to depict the countryside. Guns, both pretend and real are used several times throughout the play.

    • Word count: 1408
  7. Five Tamil Brothers.

    So as they walked down the beach the brother kept reminding the boy of his promise. Then, opening his mouth as wide as he could, the first brother swallowed the sea in one enormous gulp! The seabed spread far out in front of them, revealing its treasures of fish and shells. Quickly running off, the boy began to collect the most precious of these delights. Now holding the sea in your mouth is a very tiring job, so when the brother's cheeks began to ache he signalled to the boy to return to the shore. The boy was too busy searching for unusual shells to take any notice.

    • Word count: 887
  8. Blood Brothers Development.

    There was 1.5 hours allocated for rehearsal. We elected that we would not have a director but that we would monitor our own performances. We also agreed to encourage each other and provide opinion if necessary. As rehearsal progressed we began to apply little extra pieces of self-direction. As an example, when Mickey and Linda are dismissed from the class, Perkins is given a chance to get his own back and he sticks his leg out to trip Mickey. This allows a moment of glory in an otherwise dull role as the class nerd.

    • Word count: 869
  9. Blood Brothers.

    This in turn creates a bitter resentment between the two brothers and smoothes the foundation for the downhill spiral of disaster that is about to begin. This diagram below, is a diagram of the scene that I performed: The contrast in the scene between previous events such as fun at the beach is apparent from the seriousness of the deal that Sammy is trying to sell Mickey. Sammy is dressed in scruffy, but confident clothes. They are scruffy to represent the fact he is broke and needs the money, but confident and 'hard' because that is what he wants to portray to intimidate.

    • Word count: 2215
  10. "Blood Brothers" by Willy Russell.

    Jennifer's getting worried, Is she going to run? It's all part of the devils fun. Mickey has lost his best friend, At the tender age of eight Y' never know who's behind the gate! Born on December twelfth One into poverty the other into wealth, Inside they are the same, But will they ever meet again? That is my question, Will they ever meet again? MICKEY rings the doorbell on EDDIE'S old house. A WOMAN answers the door. Woman: Can I help you young man Mickey: Ye, is um...

    • Word count: 2045
  11. 'Street Scene' was written by Elmer Rice and exploits the values of a Catholic family in New York, America. A powerful drama, 'Street Scene' deals with eternal issues: love, hate, racism and prejudice via several sets of families.

    Maurant has flashbacks to the dying moments up to and including Mrs. Maurant's death, these flashbacks simply make Maurant more frightened about dying. The scene is set in a prison cell. After being found guilty of his wife's murder, Maurant has been sentenced to death. The scene opens with a declining Mr. Maurant emotionally decaying whilst being intimidated by a sadistic police officer. Police officer 1:Y'alright there Mr. Maurant, you know people tell me its real scary when you're on death row.

    • Word count: 7901
  12. Discuss how Willy Russell creates a dramatic ending to 'Blood Brothers', paying particular attention to the effect on the audience.

    Never put new shoes on the table..... You never know what'll happen." During the play Willy Russell explores class difference in great detail, showing how it can determine your chances further on in life. He also explores this theme in his other plays such as 'Our day out'. In 'Blood Brothers' he does this by contrasting the backgrounds that the two boys are brought up in. Mickey, the twin who was kept, was brought up in a working class background with little money and spoke with a broad scouse accent and used slang terms.

    • Word count: 1722
  13. Travel Writing - Euro Disney in Paris, France.

    After a long but by no means boring journey, it looked as though we had finally arrived at Walt Disney land as the huge parking lot we entered. As the car door slammed behind me the five year old inside me was jumping out, bouncing around in happiness at the thought of meeting his favourite television character. This excitement had to be kept within as I, along with many other five year olds had to withstand even more torturous waiting and travelling before we reached our destination.

    • Word count: 730
  14. The Perfect Relationship - Gilgamesh and Enkidu

    The relationship they have is that of two soul mates, who emphasize sharing and compliment each other. Gilgamesh is very devoted to Enkidu as Enkidu once was devoted to Gilgamesh. Now he is weeping for his friend Enkidu; he is "bitterly moaning like a woman mourning" (94). Gilgamesh's grief is as strong as a deep and emotional woman's cry and sorrow for her loved ones. Gilgamesh also calls Enkidu his brother which is another piece of evidence of his closeness with Enkidu. Brothers as close blood relatives usually share everything, and love each other unconditionally. Gilgamesh also calls Enkidu "a glorious robe," which is the most important amongst others, and which wraps the body very close, and

    • Word count: 684
  15. Blood Brothers by Willy Russel - a critical review.

    The two boys, Eddie and Micky are brought up separately, with very different upbringings. The boys meet again at the age of 7, they discover they were born on the same day and decide to become blood brothers. They remain strong friends, however, until their different classes effect their relationship very strongly in adulthood. This may be a very entertaining story, but the play is not just a story. Willy Russel is trying to symbolise and take a stab at the British class system and the tragic prejudice that comes with it, he does this in a very moving and thought provoking way.

    • Word count: 1094
  16. 'Blood Brothers' Theatre Review.

    The gobo was in a strange shape that could have been veins or something very close to it, the shape was a contemporary shape used to make the audience think. Then, people started to come on slowly, two lay down on the stretchers and a red cover was used to cover them, the others stood around looking grieved. Suddenly the overture went quieter and the narrator started to speak, I listened and realised that this was the end of the story, I thought this a very effective way to start, especially how the mood suddenly switched as the story went back in time.

    • Word count: 1416
  17. 'Blood brothers' - Study the contrasts that Willy Russell sets up in the musical and write about different life styles and life chances that Eddie and Mickey have.

    Eddie has gone to the wealthy family and Mickey has gone to the working class family. Willy shows the first major part this is how their parents treat them by the way they speak to them. Like for example Mickey's mother says to Mickey "just shut up, you never mind, You don't go near there". This shows that working class get treated with less respect. Also Eddie is shown with a lot more love than Mickey, this is not because Mrs.

    • Word count: 1567
  18. On the Black Hill.

    is not by strict definition a scene, but it carries a vital importance to the meaning of the novel. Like any good introduction should, it lays out the bare bones of the following novel, and introduces the main characters. It introduces the setting and creates a vivid atmosphere, one that will endure throughout the entire novel. It also sets the foundations for the themes and conflicts that will play a major part of the novel. The novel starts of directly by shortly introducing the protagonists, Lewis and Benjamin Jones, who "...for forty-two years [had] slept side by side in their parent's bed, at their farm which was known as the Vision."

    • Word count: 2378
  19. Discuss the influences on the lives of Mickey and Eddie in Blood Brothers.

    The social context is messy at the time between late 70s and early 80s that the play was set. It is called recession. Margaret Thatcher is the Prime Minister; she encouraged people to make lots of money. As a result, the rich people in middle or upper class can earn much money but the poor people in working class lost their jobs. Life is very hard for working class, as they get poorer without a job. Mickey's family is suffered from this social climate. His family is poor. Unlike Eddie, his family is in middle class, he is rich.

    • Word count: 1355
  20. Who or what is to blame for the tragedy in blood brothers?

    Edward the 'son' of Mrs. Lyons has been brought up in an affluent society with all he needs and wants. But what he has, he inherited giving him an ascribed status. His brother Mickey however, is brought up with the struggle to get by with his mothers whom works hard just to get by. Mickey again has ascribed status but this time, in a lower class than Edward. This class divide is noticed in many ways throughout the story. Firstly, it is noted in the production note at the beginning of the play were we get to see inside the Lyons's house but not in the Johnstone's house.

    • Word count: 1314
  21. "And do we blame superstition for what came to pass? Or could it be what we, the English, have came to know as class?" Which do you think is more responsible for the deaths of Mickey and Edward in Willy Russell's Blood Brothers.

    Willy Russell points these superstitious events out to the audience, by using one of the characters to mention this or a song will be used to show something superstitious happening. At these stages in the play he is already asking the audience whether they believe in superstition. The first incidence of superstition comes at the beginning after the opening song; this is when the audience finds out that Mrs Johnstone is superstitious and that superstition may appear later in the play.

    • Word count: 2330
  22. Blood Brothers.

    they ever found out they were one of a pair they would both die this theme was also included in the songs by the narrator. At the end of the play the narrators last few lines are "do we blame superstition for what came to pass or could it be what we, the English come to know as class" I think this is a very true statement that the class system is what killed them. Also the themes of love and friendship were in the play, this was between Eddy and Mickey who where blood brothers and Linda was in love with Mickey.

    • Word count: 1039
  23. A critical account of a live theatrical production written as a member of the audience - Blood brothers.

    Philip Stewart had a devil type influence on the other characters. He made me feel a sense of danger throughout the play. The story is presented to you in a flashback, as you see Eddie and Mickey dead on the floor before it even starts. Songs are performed to create tension between characters, to show superstitions, and to show a characters true feelings. Some of the scenes were humorous and an example of this is when Eddie, Linda and Mickey are talking to the policeman and Eddie says "I am Adolph Hitler and I'm catching the 92 bus".

    • Word count: 1022
  24. Blood brothers - Development phase.

    By looking at the photo of the two brothers we can see a huge difference in their costumes. Both brothers are wearing a school uniform, however, they are in a very different state. Mickey's is torn and tattered. He has holes in his jumper, baggy socks, and scuffed shoes. Eddie's is much smarter. All his clothes fit, and they are respectable. He shows no sign of dirt and his shoes are laced and shiny. In pairs, we used the photo as a stimulus to improvise a scene between the two brothers. It is the scene in which they first become blood brothers.

    • Word count: 1332
  25. Blood brothers - The response phase.

    However, Mickey is unaware of the problem, and doesn't see the law as a big deal. This is subtext, as the audience have a good idea what is to follow and realise that this will set the fate of the brother's, as they get older, "Aah... take no notice. We've been caught loads of times by a policeman". By using subtext, in this way, I gained an insight into how the characters may develop later on in the text. I think the writers used subtext in this particular scene to highlight the later problem of guns, and to show the audience a clearer picture of the characters.

    • Word count: 1630

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