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GCSE: Blood Brothers

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  1. What techniques and devices does Willy Russell use in 'Blood Brothers'? How effective are they in communicating the message of the play?

    Willy Russell, though, does make 'Blood Brothers' stick to the action rule. The play is linked to 1 main storyline. 'Blood Brothers' is about 2 twins who are seperated at birth and die on the same day. Willy Russell only followed 1 out of 3 unities from Aristotle's rules. 'Blood Brothers' is more like Epic Theatre. Willy Russell wants us to sit in judgement of 'Blood Brothers' and to judge the characters. Another Epic Theatre playwright was Bertolt Brecht, who lived in Nazi Germany during World War 2. He wrote a play about a fruit and vegetable seller in New York and how he came to rise to become the leading fruit and vegetable seller in America with stores nationwide.

    • Word count: 1665
  2. How Does Friel Represent Childhood In The Play The Potato Gatherers?

    The play is set mainly in the potato field which is closely situated to their school. The play is set in Tyrone in North Ireland the play is set. It is a cold November morning and there is frost on the ground. Not exactly ideal situation for gathering potatoes but Philly is still wide-awake this early and rearing to go. It was six o'clock in the morning. The boys were chatting away without a care for whoever they could wake.

    • Word count: 1069
  3. With particular references to two main characters, show how the way they change and develop during the course of the play demonstrates Russell's attitudes to power and opportunity in society - Blood Brothers.

    This makes the audience aware of what is wrong with the lives of both families and creates dramatic tension. The main characters, Eddie and Mickey are people we can relate to: we feel pathos with them as they face the trials and tribulations of life. Russell uses pathos to involve the audience so they feel pity when Mickey loses his job, fear at the end of the play when the shooting scene takes place, and experience childhood joy when Eddie and Mickey share jokes. For example when Mickey says: "If Sammy gives you a sweet he's usually weed on it first" To which Eddie replies "oh, that sound like super fun" Humour, in its various forms, plays a large part in "Blood Brothers".

    • Word count: 1620
  4. Blood Brothers Portfolio.

    It was also interesting to see how Edwards opinion as an adult was much more childish and ignorant then Mickey's. This is probably because Edward had never had a financial difficulty in his life, so he couldn't understand what real life is like. However Mickey is the complete opposite. It also helped me to understand the challenges facing the professional actors who performed to play. I found it hard to convey a character of a young age and then convey the same character at a much older age.

    • Word count: 1348
  5. "Blood Brothers" by Willy Russell.

    The set was simple and related to the themes of class and money. The stage had a row of houses on either side of the stage, the "poor" neighbourhood on the left, and the wealthy houses on the right. The upper floors of the houses were used to house the musicians. Although the play is essentially "dark", especially at the moments where the narrator steps in to make a social comment on the goings-on, it has many funny moments. One especially is when the milkman turns out to be the doctor.

    • Word count: 1263
  6. Superstition and class are the two reasons which the Narrator has suggested could have caused the deaths of Mickey and Edward. He then asks the audience which one is to blame and this is what I am going to find out in my essay.

    This first superstition then leads onto the second showing of superstition. When Mrs. Jonstone says the first quote, Mrs. Lyons learns that Mrs. Johnstone is superstitious. Mrs. Lyons takes advantage of Mrs. Johnstone by inventing a superstition so that Mrs. Johnstone is unable to tell anyone about her giving one of the babies to Mrs. Lyons. "you won't tell anyone about this, Mrs. Johnstone, because if you do, you will kill them" This forces Mrs. Johnstone to be sworn to secrecy, because she thinks that if she tells anyone about what happened, she will kill them.

    • Word count: 1284
  7. Compare the structure and setting Of the two short stories 'The Half Brothers' By Elizabeth Gaskall and 'The Darkness Out There' by Penelope Lively.

    The main couple in this story, Helen and William, have a marriage of convenience. Helen married William Preston despite the fact that he was much older than her, because he was a "descent man to see after him", meaning her son Gregory would be ok and have someone to take care of him if anything should ever happen to her. It is made clear that she did not love William, but that she desperately needed him, and this meant that he had a lot of say in what happened.

    • Word count: 2015
  8. Michael Cunningham - The universe wouldn't be as intelligent without him.

    At the age of three he acquired a younger brother named Dean. In 1991 Michael started attending Harborne Primary School, then at the age of eleven he left Harborne Primary to start in Shenley Court Specialist Arts College and Sixth Form Centre. At the end of year eleven, aged sixteen, he left his secondary school with 10A* GCSE grades, and started training in the ATC in 2005. After two years he completed his training and startye4d full time work as an electrician for the Royal Air Force. Towards the end of October 2007, he was transferred to Duxford airbase to work as the Chief Electrician.

    • Word count: 633
  9. Blood Brothers - In this assignment I will discuss how fate and superstition contribute to the final Tragedy. I will also consider other elements in the play, such as social class, education, poverty, and coincidence, which are highly significant to the s

    The narrator is an ambiguous character, so he can also be portrayed as neutral, just telling and observing the story, or someone understanding and sympathetic, watching the events unfold. The prologue introduces the play, making the audience feel like the story is already written and Mickey and Eddie are destined to die. "An' did you never hear how the Johnstones died?" This is yet another reason to believe that fate is in control. However, there are powerful arguments to suggest that it is more coincidence and class that causes the deaths of the twins, for example, when Mrs Jhonstone has twins when she might have been able to cope with just one baby, and when Mr Lyons fires Mickey.

    • Word count: 945
  10. Choose a scene in "Blood Brothers", By Willy Russell. Imagine you are the director and write about How you would represent the scene on stage.

    Mrs Lyons has lots of money but no children and she really wants a child, Mrs Johnston cleans in Mrs Lyons house and when she tells Mrs Lyons she is pregnant. She asks to keep one of her babies, after a lot of persuading Mrs Johnstone gives in and the two brothers Mickey and Eddie grow up and become friends in ignorance of their fraternity. As they get older they drift apart as the class and money issue becomes more apparent between the two.

    • Word count: 3325
  11. On Being The Youngest.

    However, I firmly believe that every cloud has a silver lining, even if it's not always visible. Being the youngest, we do gain a few vital skills to survive in this dog eat dog world. In the process of getting pinched, slapped, punched, and kicked around by our older siblings, we develop a strong retaliation mindset that keeps us from being obliterated by our demented siblings. You decapitated my Tropical Swimsuit Barbie ? Look, your Hot Wheels were so hot, they melted! Undoubtedly, my brothers have suffered the wrath of my active self-defence mechanism more than once.

    • Word count: 693
  12. Assessment of Blood Brothers.

    To get us to understand the play we read more into it by taking scrip's from the musical and the original, and developing them by using: Brainstorming We brainstormed a lot about the play, what we all knew about it. We also brainstorm about the different themes of the play, money, dreams, friendship and superstition we then linked them to the play. This helped me a lot because I did not know the full play and this helped me understand the themes and how they connected to the play.

    • Word count: 2554
  13. My Mother Said I Never Should - response.

    I also found it challenging to be able to relate to each character and infuse a little part of my personality to each of them. I found I had these problems because I have not experienced some of the things the characters within the play had done. I managed to overcome this by remembering certain plays/television programmes/films I have seen that cover the certain subjects that each character was going through, for example when Jackie fell pregnant, I thought of 'Lolita' by Stanley Kubrick when Lolita falls pregnant at 16/17.

    • Word count: 6613
  14. ' Blood Brothers' by Willy Russell

    We were all given a script of 'Blood Brothers' by Willy Russell. We all read through the script first in class and we all enjoyed it. Some of the scenes were very funny but others were also very dramatic. We enjoyed reading the script and felt we could do well at acting it out. We then had to choose which scenes to do, and also which characters we were going to play. I played the part of Linda, whom Mickey, played by Duncan, grew up with and married.

    • Word count: 2042
  15. Drama portfolio - Our year eleven drama coursework classes have been studying a play written by Willy Russell called Blood brothers.

    I thought the show was excellent and it definitely fulfilled the high expectations I had of it. We explored Blood Brothers using many different explorative strategies, this helped me to be aware of all the various themes. An exercise where we used some of these themes in was when we got into groups and used hot seating to reveal more about the characters. Our group hot seated Mrs. Lyons to find her motive for taking responsibility for someone else's child. As me and my other classmates acted as physiatrists we tried to get 'under her skin' to convey these emotions, and eventually the pressure of being on the spot got inside her head causing Mrs.

    • Word count: 1159
  16. My Paper Planes By Kenneth Wee - Compare and contrast the speaker's attitude towards life with that of his subject in the poem.

    As we see from the poem, he remembered his brother for "dancing to your bubbling laughter's pace", something which was not embodied in the speaker himself. The speaker was also rather obdurate on the ways of the world. Living a very mundane routine throughout his lifetime, he has developed rigid ideals and lives in accordance to them. For instance, his pragmatic nature has shaped him into being diligent and discipline, challenging each obstacle that came in his way. However, this monotonous task has made him spiritless, for his thinks his life as unexciting.

    • Word count: 946
  17. It is a dark damp day; the rain is beating down on the corrugated iron of my four-roomed cottage on Condobolin Road.

    Mary, the eldest is the sister I never knew, as she passed away at infancy. Second born was Anne then came Edward- everyone knowing him as Ned, then Margaret, James and Daniel. At the young age of just three years old in 1866, many events took place that changed my life; my little sister Grace came into the world around the same time we as a family moved to Avenel. That year my father John Kelly also passed away of dropsy, an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the body tissues, or cavities causing swelling or distension of the affected parts.

    • Word count: 2163
  18. What similarities and differences have you found between

    The title of "The Half Brothers" wouldn't catch the reader's eye because it is boring and the words are all familiar. When looking at the general themes of the two stories it becomes clear that they are very similar. For example both have the theme of jealousy. In 'The Half Brothers' it is William Preston's jealousy of Gregory and in 'My Oedipus Complex' it is Larry and his father's jealousy of each other first and then of Sonny. In both stories it is jealousy of a mother's love, which makes the reader relate to the stories more, because it is a common issue.

    • Word count: 2429
  19. In 'Dream Life and Real Life' and 'The Half-Brothers', how is sympathy created for the character in each, who makes an important sacrifice?

    There are however, many similarities between the two texts, and indeed the two characters. Both are quite alone in the world, having lost their parents early on in their lives. 'The Half-Brothers' begins with an account of the birth of Gregory, and the death of his mother, and preceding it, his father's. Jannita's mother is never mentioned, but we are told of her father's death very near to the beginning of the story. As a result of these tragic losses, neither child has anyone to look after them, and both have to endure the treatment of their respective 'families'.

    • Word count: 1044
  20. Twentieth century Drama assignment – Bloodbrothers

    It comes into the play some years after they decided to become blood brothers. I intend my scene to make the audience stop and think about the way people are treated in our generation because of their class. When reading the play written by Willy Russell I noticed that Mrs Lyons is seen who is a character with severe mental issues. She can break down very easily and can get extremely paranoid at the slightest thing. I decided to use her character in my scene because I feel that she is the best character for acting out.

    • Word count: 666
  21. The Function of the Narrator in Blood Brothers

    Although the narrator knows what is eventually going to happen he doesn't try and prevent it in any way and even seems to be pushing the characters into performing their actions. The narrator speaks in rhyming couplets, which is akin to the supernatural characters used by Shakespeare; this would link with his prophetic knowledge and his cold presence around characters. There is a point in the play where the narrator takes Mrs Lyons coat off her and hangs it up.

    • Word count: 1225
  22. Choose a production you have seen during your course, which made a strong emotional impact on audience. Discuss in detail one scene or section that made an impact on you.

    The scene continues with Mickey who enters erratically interrupts him. Mickey is breathing awkwardly this make the audience unsettle as the way they have seen Mickey as a child, is a change as you see someone completely different at the end than you saw at the begging as a load playful child. The lighting is quite bright and concentrated on the main stage and characters. There are no other sound interruptions as this helps the audience pay attention to what is being said on stage.

    • Word count: 895
  23. I am writing to apply for the job of director in the new production of Blood Brother.

    Mickey was brought up in a council estate by his mother. But Edward was brought up in a wealthy house by Mrs Lyons, who he thought was his biological mother. Mickey speaks using slang, however Edward speaks in a rich wealthy accent. Both brothers have different backgrounds. Mickey was brought up by his biological mother and grew up on a council estate. Mickey has had awful experiences in his young life, he has never been as wealthy as Edward. Mickey's mother only had enough money to feed all her children. Mickey did not care about his education, but felt passionate about earning his work and pay and looking after Linda and himself.

    • Word count: 973
  24. Authors of short stories have to pay attention to structure, atmosphere, social background and language, comment in detail on the way your attention is sustained by 'the Half Brothers' by Elizabeth Gaskell.

    Elizabeth Gaskell uses structure a lot to maintain the reader's attention. 'The Half Brothers' has a very long and detailed background that helps the reader to understand and begin to care about the characters and their lives so far, thus sustaining their attention. This is unusual for a short story as it is traditional for short stories to have no background or scene settings. A further outcome of this detailed background is that Gaskell's characters are developed.

    • Word count: 567
  25. Compare And Contrast The Codes And Conventions Of 2 Documentaries, Showing How Their Presentation Affects The Subject Matter

    In both documentaries there is hand-held camera work. In '9/11' the 'Naudet' brothers are filming the fire fighters and in 'September Mourning' Roger Graef has spent 6 months with the relatives of the victims. '9/11' has an introduction in which Robert Di Niro is in, he is from New York and is a well known actor so he feels as if he was involved in September 11th. He is standing in what looks like a 'fake background' in a studio. It is also dark and only has been lit by streetlights.

    • Word count: 1438

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