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GCSE: Educating Rita

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  1. The question I am asked is whether or not I agree with this statement. The essay I am writing is about contemporary playwright Willy Russell's critically acclaimed and much admired play, Educating Rita.

    Frank is selected as Susan, who had frivolously changed her name to Rita after an author of "trash novels." When Rita attends her first session with Frank, she is fumbling and nervous, but also had a clearly vivacious and out going character, her first line was "You wanna fix that bleedin door!" These are clearly not the sentiments of a shy person, but Rita feels intimidated by the educated classes, and feels, perhaps, inferior, although she does her best to disguise it.

    • Word count: 766
  2. Educating Rita

    By contrast Frank is disillusioned with his life as an academic and the audience quickly gathers the impression that Frank would escape from his world if only he could. The play opens with some light humour as it appears that Frank is looking for a book, the audience automatically assumes that frank is searching for a book because of the appearance of the setting and Frank. So the humour is created when he finds what he is looking for and pulls out a bottle of whiskey.

    • Word count: 732
  3. In the opening scene, what are your initial impressions of Frank and Rita? In Educating Rita

    At times, he is also quite quick to snap at his girlfriend. For example, as soon as he answers the phone, he answers it saying. "Yes?.....Of course I'm still here...." Which indicates that he is slightly irritated, which may suggest that life at home with his girlfriend is not the happiest place. Perhaps more importantly though, it seems that Frank is very bored with his job. This may be the reason why Frank is an alcoholic, and why his life at home may be slightly difficult.

    • Word count: 862
  4. In scene 5, the relationship between Rita and Denny appears to have deteriorated dramatically but we see this from Rita's prospective. Imagine Denny confiding to a friend his own troubles.

    Denny: I don't understand that woman! What's she need an education for anyway? (Denny while still angrily speaking to Jack goes to the bar and chooses a pint of larger then sits back down) Denny: Just an essay. It wasn't as if it was important or nothin! Jack: What y' talking bout Denny? What essay? Denny: She makes out like I don't give her nothin. We don't ever go down to the pub anymore, don't go anywhere wiv each other!

    • Word count: 882
  5. Act 2 Scene 8 - Educating Rita

    Rita: Tch. I was going to but in the end, I needed a break from it. It was a bit of a shock to me system starting at a proper university y' know. You never stop working! I have two essays a week to do and my tutor he's proper strict like, if I don't get my essays in on time then he gets into a right strop, can't stand the man to be honest, the smug git. Frank: (Smiling) He's nothing like me then. Rita: No. Frank: Excellent! He sounds like a splendid teacher Ri... Rita: (Interrupting) Don't be daft Frank.

    • Word count: 896
  6. In the opening scene of the play what are your initial impressions of Frank and Rita.

    We meet Rita soon after Frank's conversation with his girlfriend has ended. We are told that she knocks at the door, and struggles to get into frank's study. This struggle to get into the study can be interpreted as the symbolic struggle of Rita's entry into education. From the moment Rita enters into Frank's room, we can see the marked difference between the two characters. Whilst Frank has this drinking problem, he is still clearly a man of intelligence and sophistication.

    • Word count: 926
  7. How does Willy Russell create dramatic tension and humour in the opening of Educating Rita?

    This shows that his restlessness and discomfort with his position in life. He is fed up and tired of his job and would be grateful for something out of the ordinary to occur. Frank is a university teacher that has a drink problem. In the opening scene he speaks obnoxiously indicating he feels his job is monotonous. He says, "Oh God, why did I take this on." He is quiet in comparison to Rita and says very little. He is somewhat irresponsible and is aware of his drink problem. He says, "I don't need determination to get into a pub."

    • Word count: 881
  8. What are your feelings towards Frank and Rita at the end of the play, and what have they lost and gained

    Whilst she used to be almost 'putty' in Frank's hands and looked up to him, and respected him as a great man, she has 'grown up' and no longer needs Frank's care, and sees him in a less grandiose light. We see Frank almost breaking down, because of the loss of Rita.

    • Word count: 382
  9. Speaking of Kenya's troubles in Chapter 11 of "Weep not child". Njoroge says confidently "Sunshine always follows a dark night. We sleep knowing and trusting that the sun will rise tomorrow".

    Njoroge was offered to go to school by his mother. It is a real privilege for him, because he is the first one out of his family, who is able to go to school. He knew that by going to school, he could provide a better future for himself and his family. As we read on we see that education starts to decay, and as we reach the end of this novel, Njoroge has been forced out of school, and is forced o work at an Indian Shop, which it was really bad for him, because when he was younger he said he would never work for an Indian Shop.

    • Word count: 644
  10. How would i direct the first scene?

    This shows us that Frank perhaps has a drinking problem and is trying to hide it. There is then a telephone call between Frank and his girlfriend. I would want Frank to act rather frustrated when he is on the phone as he obviously doesn't want to be speaking to her. I would especially want him to act frustrated in the line, 'What do you mean am I determined to go to pub? I don't need determination to get me into a pub' Rita's entrance into the room is an important moment as it is when we meet one of the two main characters.

    • Word count: 586
  11. Explain how Willy Russell has made the opening scene dramatic and entertaining. In what way is the scene a good introduction to the play's main characters and themes?

    These are a few of the many stage directions that make the play entertaining. Frank uses a lot of irony through out the scene. An example of this is "Flora? Flowers?" Another example is: Rita: I wouldn't go an live in Formby. I hate that hole, don't you? Frank: Yes Rita: Where do you live? Frank: Formby These are a few examples of Frank's irony through out the play. This makes the play entertaining for the audience. The language used in the first scene is very funny because they don't always pick up on each other's cultural references, but also sometimes it is as if they are speaking different languages.

    • Word count: 883
  12. Devices of Rhetoric - Tony Blair - Annual Report Statement

    "Inflation is at 2.2 %" 'Us and them' is another technique Tony Blair uses often, examples such as "we" and "we're" are used frequently. Using these makes the listeners feel the speaker, in this case Tony Blair, is speaking on their behalf. The next noticeable device that Blair uses is of Imperative sentences. "...now we must make the next choice: to invest in the..."

    • Word count: 565
  13. At the end of Act one what has Rita learned about herself, her education and her relationships with others?

    I got home from work, he'd packed me case." Education has possessed Rita to the extent that she is unwilling even to discuss the mater or comprise in anyway, "in the circumstances I need to go on..." she is unwilling to discuss her current state with Frank, she is determined and does not take offence at a direct approach. This demonstrates how steadfast she is in her decision. The audience gets the impression that while Rita is in this limbo she views society differently, and understands the mechanics of the world.

    • Word count: 857
  14. What issues do we find in Educating Rita?

    Makes it a lot harder for Frank to teach her and make her understand what he is talking about. Rita watches a lot of television as do many others of class do, so when Frank mentions something Rita recognizes from the Television she presumes this is what he is talking about. ' Far-rah Fawcett Majors. Y' know, she used to be with....It's a TV program.' One of the big issues in the book is Rita's culture. Rita is part of the 'Working Class' So she goes to the Pub regularly, watches TV etc. ' I just see everyone pissed or on the valium tryin' to get from 1 day to the next.'

    • Word count: 853
  15. 'How Effective is the Opening Scene in Introducing the Characters of Frank and Rita to the audience?

    Not only does the text indicate that he 'pours himself a large slug' but also, that he does so in a sly way. His whisky bottle is cunningly hidden behind the Dickens books on his bookshelf. This demonstrates that he feels the need to hide the evidence. Already, in these simple, very few lines of stage direction, the scene has been highly effective in giving us a small insight into the character of Frank. As we read on, Frank's humour and sharp cynicism becomes apparent and gradually begins to shape our view of his character.

    • Word count: 803
  16. Educating Rita - An appalling teacher or an inspiration?

    He does not seem to know how to tell this to Rita for fear of hurting her feelings. As a teacher, he should have the ability to constructively criticise her essay writing skills, for her overall benefit. Frank integrates his social and pupil-student relations too closely. Act One, Scene Six is an example of this; Frank invites Rita to his house for dinner. Frank contradicts himself when it comes to the matter of independent learning. He encourages Rita to go to the theatre.

    • Word count: 681
  17. Educating Rita

    " Honest to god he doesn't half get on my tits". Frank has a reply, which if he had three more seconds to think what he was saying he wouldn't of said it; the reply was an automatic reaction, and that quote was "Good. You must show me the evidence". I have an example of dry humour, they are both engaged in conversation about students, and Frank starts off by saying. "Reading and Studying? What do you think they are, human proper students don't read and study". Frank carries on to say it was a joke.

    • Word count: 961
  18. How successful do you think the film of Educating Rita was as an interpretation of the script, particularly in representing setting and character?

    The setting in the play is very straightforward. Just the one room, one scene, Frank's study. The room is lined with selves full of books, with the odd bottle of whisky concealed behind large spined books, the large bay window over-looking the lawn and the real students, Frank's desk placed neatly in-front of the widow, a second desk with Everest sized piles of papers and books. The room symbolises Frank's personality and traditional academic life. The setting varies greatly in the film with various scenes and themes .eg.

    • Word count: 923
  19. How does Willy Russell explore the theme of conformity in “Terraces”?

    In this scene they are in a quiet family scene with a wife, husband and child. It's relaxed, there sitting still and not drinking alcohol. Danny (the husband) is immediately set apart, he is first shown reading a novel, which indicates that he is intelligent, sensitive and quiet. Danny is different and doesn't want to go to the pub but his wife encourages him to do so, he agrees and they go to the pub. All the other men are presented as members of a group. Whereas Danny is a loner, he described as considerate " if you want to go out, we'll go out" he responds to the needs of his wife Susan.

    • Word count: 925
  20. Discuss the Themes of Social Class and Education in ¡®Educating Rita¡¯

    been realizin' for ages that I was, y' know, slightly out of step...See, I wanna discover myself...I wanted a better way of livin' me life.' Her wanting to change is ironically similar to her current job, as a hairdresser, where her customers 'wanna walk out a different person.' Whereas Rita knows that 'if you want to change y' have to do it from the inside.' And she's trying to do just that through an education. Rita's mission to discover herself is obscured by her desire to move social class.

    • Word count: 837
  21. How did Willy Russell make the opening dramatic and entertaining?

    This is also found to be entertaining as he hides his addiction by secretly storing the bottle behind Dickens. As Frank was on the phone to his wife, to whom he is being quite rude to which is also entertaining to the audience, someone knocks at his office door.

    • Word count: 260
  22. Is the ending of Willy Russell’s “Educating Rita” dramatically satisfying?

    skill required to feed a hungry mind like hers but Rita refuses to hear anything of the sort and insists on him accepting to take her on. Frank at the beginning is obviously power figure being the teacher and male in the relationship. However Rita readily comes in to argue her point with Frank at great lengths. Rita is in a way dependent on Frank she come to see him whenever she discovers something new or does something new.

    • Word count: 576
  23. How Relevant Are the Issues Raised In Educating Rita In the Year 2000?

    People don't want Rita to change but she feels she has to and say's y' have to decide whether it's gonna be another change of dress or a change in yourself'. Then Frank say's 'But you - erm - you managed to resist another new dress. This part of the scene has a lot of tension in it but then Willy Russell uses humour to break the tension by using the previous quote. -This is part of an informal education because Rita has learnt from the mistake she made not to learn at school that she wasn't perfect and needed re - educating.

    • Word count: 999
  24. How does the environment effect education in the educating Rita?

    Willy Russell wrote the play as a comedy but by doing this he also covered many life issues. Introduction to Rita Rita is 26 years old and works in a hairdressers she represents the lower uneducated class in the play. Rita turns to education she believes that it is very important and she wants to be educated more than anything. She says she wants to talk about "the things that matter" because she feels that her life is currently going nowhere. Rita's husband Denny doesn't like the idea of Rita being educated and he thinks by the age of 26 Rita should be pregnant or already have a baby.

    • Word count: 606
  25. An assessment on the character Anne Frank.

    I will be writing about her and her experience during the holocaust trapped in a loft. Many interesting things happened to Anne during the play, but the 'date' between her and Peter didn't just involve them, it involved everybody in the loft. Before the 'date' they were getting ready in their rooms and they were both really dressing up.

    • Word count: 297

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