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GCSE: Educating Rita

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  1. Educating Rita - Explain how the director uses cinematographic techniques to realise the scenes which are not/only referred to in the text

    He uses the camera to emphasise certain ideas and to add depth to the scenes. Lewis Gilbert exploits the camera to show what he anticipated the scenes to be like. One cinematographic technique used by Lewis Gilbert is foregrounding, which is used during the opening mise-en-scene. When Rita, played by Julie Walters, makes her entrance, first she is shown as a shadowed figure. As she then walks across the screen in her hair-dressing attire, her white top makes her stand out from the rest of the students at the Open University who are dressed in darker shades.

    • Word count: 1746
  2. Explore the development of the characters of Frank and Rita in the play Educating Rita.

    She doesn't have the knowledge or understanding of something like that to see anything other than its front. Language Rita's language at the beginning of the play is colloquial and the text shows that she has a working class accent. Throughout the play, as she integrates herself more and more into the society she aspires to, her language improves to a great extent. In Act 2 Scene 2, she tries to change her accent and 'talk properly' although she soon reverts to her normal tones. Frank is an educated man, albeit a troubled one, which is perhaps the reason for his pessimistic outlook on life.

    • Word count: 2553
  3. What is the most valuable piece of information a teacher can have about a SEN pupil in order to meet the pupil's learning needs?

    These levels are derived from the formative test taken in year 6. * MidYIS confidence bands The MidYIS confidence bands suggest that Frank is below the national average in terms of mathematical ability and verbal skills. * MidYIS chances graphs The MidYIS chances graphs predict that Frank has a 17% chance of getting a level 3 in his year 9 SAT's, a 46% chance of getting a level 4, a 28% percent chance of getting a level 5, a 9% chance of getting a level 6 and a 0% chance of getting a level 7.

    • Word count: 2772
  4. What is your opinion of Malachy and how does Frank McCourt present his father

    Instead of being at home looking after his family as he should be, Malachy is found at a pub drinking away the little money the family have. This leaves frank at home, as the oldest male having to help look after his brothers, 'father isn't there and I'm the man of the family.' Malachy never manages to keep a job for very long and hardly ever brings home the money, on payday, instead he goes to the pub to fuel his increasing addiction.

    • Word count: 1366
  5. Educating Rita is about two from opposite worlds

    Rita has a husband and her only habit is to smoke unlike Frank-whose habit is to get drunk. Rita knows how to put humor into a conversation by making fun of herself-but that doesn't mean other people are allowed to make fun of her as well. Frank thinks Rita's life is a lot more gratifying, he wants to be free and have a life like Rita's. Since Rita burst into his life there had been a breath of fresh air in the room "Is that all you wanted.

    • Word count: 731
  6. In what way is this scene, Act 1, Scene 1, a good introduction to the play's main characters? Do you think Willy Russell has made his opening dramatic and entertaining? In 1985, Rita White started an Open University

    Frank is introduced to the audience as an alcoholic because the curtains open showing him looking for a bottle of whiskey in the bookshelf. He believes that the solution to forget about work and his troubles; is to drink. "....They expect us to teach when the pubs are open. I can be a very good teacher when I'm in the pub, you know. Four pints of Guinness and I can be as witty as Widle." Page 26 Frank knows that he has a drinking problem: By saying "I don't need determination to get me to a pub" and "I was

    • Word count: 3005
  7. Read the opening of the play. In what ways is this a good introduction to the play's main characters and themes? Do you think that Willy Russell has made his opening dramatic and entertaining?

    All information about the characters and themes of the play come from the visual clue and dialogue. Willy Russell skilfully uses a dramatic and very entertaining beginning to introduce both characters and the plays theme. One way he makes the beginning entertaining is by using the difference in social class. An example is when Frank asks Rita, "You are?", Rita replies, " what am I?". Here, Frank is asking who is she as he's meeting her for the first time, however Rita doesn't quite understand what Frank means to ask her and so, baffled by what he just asked she repeats back his question from her point of view, asking who she is.

    • Word count: 1893
  8. Explore the ways in which Russell engages the audiences interest in the main characters and themes in the opening scene of Educating Rita and explain whether you think the play written in 1979 is still relevant to 2005.

    Does he drink too much? Is this important? Rita is introduced as an uneducated, loud, rude young woman. The first impression Russell gives the audience is Rita saying: "I'm comin' in, aren't I?" to someone she has never met before, which shows a lack of manners or simply a casual upbringing. He then shows her going to a chair and "dumping her bag". By using the verb "dump" Russell immediately suggests that Rita is not a ladylike person, and this follows the impression that she is ill mannered.

    • Word count: 971
  9. Frank Lampard is one of the best midfielders in English football and an inspiration too many. At just 27 he has won a whole array of awards r

    Both his father and uncle have been successful footballers along with his cousin, Jamie Redknapp. Franks career started in 1994 when he was signed by West ham of whom his uncle was the manager of and who his father was currently playing for. Unfortunately he did not make much of an impression and so the fans turned against him. Later he was loaned out to Division two's 'Swansea City' for who he played just 7 games and scored only one goal and was later struck with an injury to his right foot which left him out for the rest season.

    • Word count: 434
  10. In Montana 1948, written by Larry Watson, the events that took place irrevocably changed David Hayden's life in several ways, both good and bad. The novel Montana 1948, is written from the point

    affable Uncle Frank was gone for good" Event 3: Frank's death * scars, no longer believed in the purity of history * produced cynical approach to history * could no longer believe any historical record may have been true * "did not believe in the purity and certainty of the study of history" Essay In Montana 1948, written by Larry Watson, the events that took place irrevocably changed David Hayden's life in several ways, both good and bad. The novel Montana 1948, is written from the point of view of David, the son of the Mercer County's sheriff, Wesley Hayden and features many events which are indelible from his memory.

    • Word count: 805
  11. Educating Rita - The scene where Rita shows the most change

    The OU also organised summer school trips and set students assignments. There were also chances to learn through distance learning e.g. BBC 2 programmes, TV and radio. The Open University was a huge breath of fresh air for the whole education system as it meant that nobody could be discriminated against and everyone had the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge. The OU followed a post-war philosophy that all citizens have a right of access to Higher Education. It also narrowed the borders that were up separating the middle from the working class, as now everyone was on the same level and were interacting with each other.

    • Word count: 2189
  12. In the novel Nervous Conditions by Tsitsi Dangarembga, the theme of female rebellion is displayed throughout the book and can be seen

    Her school mates dislike her for her white mannerisms and she has no Shona mannerisms to fall back on. Nyasha is stuck in the middle and her struggle to make a place for herself in society leads to her rebellious ways. Nyasha has had the benefit of a British education and knows first hand what kind of lives women in Europe lead. She sees women who are modern with mini skirts and women who are independent and can lead their own lives. After living this way of life and then being placed back into Africa, Nyasha must deal with a major culture shock.

    • Word count: 1168
  13. Rita leaves her home and family behind and moves to a different place. How does her life style change? (P2)

    The way Rita's life has changed is that she is more confident and she knows what she wants. Rita appreciates the environment out side her experience and starts to go to the theatre. Her marriage breaks down because Denny her husband is not supporting her. Denny is jealous that she is changing. Socially Rita gets to know other students and starts to get involved in their conversations and she build in confident and her language starts to improve and she think before she speaks and makes sense in what she is saying.

    • Word count: 2901
  14. Educating Rita is a humorous play giving out a very strong message, which is telling the reader to never give up in life and k

    Other characters are only mentioned in the play, but in the film have been cast as parts. It worked well for the film, but I think it lost the closeness which plays such an important part in the theatre. Some people would find this to be tedious, but I think it adds to the intensity and intimacy between the audience and the characters. Frank is a very important to Rita's transformation. The relation ship between frank and Rita at the beginning of the play is not strong, Frank doesn't really want to tutor Rita because he knows she is an uneducated woman and it will be a challenge for him to educate her.

    • Word count: 2619
  15. In what ways is Act 1 Scene 1 of "Educating Rita" a good introduction to the play's main characters and themes? Do you think Willy Russell has made his opening dramatic and entertaining?

    Willy Russell uses two very different styles of writing for each of his characters, the introduction to his play begins with a conversation between lecture Frank and his wife. "Look if you're trying to induce some feeling of guilt in me over the prospect of a burnt dinner you should have prepared something other than lamb and ratatouille..." Russell was determined to show Frank's striking upper class exterior, with the usage of such formal and polite language, the audience are immediately made aware that Frank, is a well educated, proud and knowledgeable man.

    • Word count: 1291
  16. Act 1 scene 5 is the dramatic climax of act 1 in the drama "The Diary of Anne Frank" written by Goodrich and Hackett. The play is based on the Diary of Anne Frank

    After this everyone jumps to conclusion "it's the green police they've found us" and "no it's a thief looking for money". Mr Frank tells every one to calm down. Mr Frank goes downstairs to check what has happened as he gets downstairs the green police and someone enter the flat. He rushes back upstairs at the first time possible and bolts the door behind him at the end of the scene the two families join in sing a Hanukkah song as this calms everyone down again and all tension has gone.

    • Word count: 755
  17. The ways in which Russell portrays the

    In 'Educating Rita' there are two acts. In the first act there are eight scenes and there are seven scenes in the second, fifteen altogether. This whole book is over a one year period and Frank and Rita are the only two spoken characters in the play. The scene is set at the Open University inside Frank's office in England. This is effective because it shows you how the characters change but the setting will always stay the same. It shows the change more effectively. Frank's office is very dark, there are a lot of books against the wall, a large bay window and a large painting Rita describes as "erotic."

    • Word count: 1259
  18. Karl Swindlehurst English language Coursework

    As she reached her street and turned to face her house, she could see the silhouette of a person in the door way. A voice sounding rough and slurred shouted ; "Decided to come back have you" The voice that emanated from the door way was that of her fathers. Eveline' s reply was blunt "Yes I have father" The voice being slurred was a sure sign that her father had been drinking, because he was a drunkard. Eveline also knew her father would become violent when drunk so she kept calm, trying not to upset him.

    • Word count: 1551
  19. Educating Rita Coursework

    As he removes the book a whisky bottle is revealed which he then pours a drink from. The audience at this point believe frank is an intelligent, short tempered, middle-aged man who could be a closet alcoholic. After the alcohol fiasco Frank has a telephone call with his partner with whom he is very sarcastic with. The first thing that is noticeable is that Franks speech is recognisable to that of a drunken man confirming any alcoholic queries the audience may already have. His first comment is very disrespectful and also a sarcastic comment: "yes of course I'm still here". From this one sided call the audience realise that the partner expects him to be somewhere else.

    • Word count: 868
  20. Discuss the portrayal of metamorphosis In Willy Russell's 'Educating Rita'

    During Russell's life, he wrote a number of plays, such as, 'Our Day Out' and 'When the Reds.' Most of his plays involve characters that have had a deprived upbringing or are set in working class surroundings. He enjoyed writing about his own experiences as a child and a couple of his plays incorporate metamorphosis as a main theme. 'Educating Rita' is a good example of this. He tried to show people who watched his plays that they can be whoever they want to be and if they put their minds to it, they will succeed. The play 'Educating Rita' is about a twenty six year old woman 'Susan White' (preferred to be known as Rita,)

    • Word count: 2241
  21. If you were directing 'Educating Rita', how would you seek to achieve the humour for an Audience

    When Rita enters Frank's classroom in the first scene, she blurts out: "I'm coming in, aren't I? It's that stupid bleedin' handle on the door. You wanna get it fixed!" As director, I would have the actress playing Rita fall through the door and point towards Frank, as if to order him to fix the door. The actor playing Frank would have to put on a stern face, looking in disbelief at Rita; in shock at the way she entered.

    • Word count: 1588

    In the play Willy Russell tries to show the ways in which Frank and Rita communicate. When Rita first walks into Frank's room she is full of questions, she has a lot to say. It seems as though she is full of life. Frank describes Rita, "Do you know, I think you're the first breath of fresh air that's been in this room for years." Frank likes it that Rita is different from his other students because the things she says come to her naturally. Rita has not been trained how to think unlike Frank's other students; she gives her own personal opinion on things.

    • Word count: 1501
  23. "Educating Rita"

    She is now keen and eager to learn even though her husband Denny thinks that it is time for her to settle down and have children. Rita has set her sights higher than this. Rita is currently working as a hairdresser, but wants to achieve so much more than that, she wants an education. We get an idea of what sort of personality Frank has got by the conversation he has with Julia when she calls him to see when he was coming home.

    • Word count: 777
  24. Educating Rita

    Rita's schooling disadvantage is shown in her recollection of school life: "...borin', ripped-up books, broken glass everywhere, knives an' fights. An' that was just in the staffroom. Nah, they tried their best I suppose, always tellin' us we stood more of a chance if we studied. But studyin' was just for the whimps, wasn't it? See, if I'd started takin' school seriously I would have had to become different from me mates, an' that's not allowed." (Act 1, Scene 2, p17)

    • Word count: 1021
  25. Discuss the ways in which Russell portrays the changes and developments in the characters of Rita and Frank in Act 1 Scene 1 and Act 2 scene 1

    In the centre of the room there is a larger desk covered with books and papers. The walls are also lined with books. On one wall hangs a nude religious scene. The way in which the scene is set gives the reader a first impression that Frank is a disorganised person. Yet when we see all the books we assume that he is an intelligent person too. When the scene opens we see Frank searching for something. At first we think he is looking for a book because he is recalling the names of some authors.

    • Word count: 2429

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