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GCSE: Educating Rita

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  1. 'Educating Rita' is a play that uses humour to make social observations. Discuss.

    After World War two there were also many political debates about the left and right which contributed to social unrest of an already troubled city. Rita is a fine example of a working class citizen of the 1980's whom may have come from a line of unemployment although she is a hairdresser. We see her looking for choice and wants to exceed in an education to gain a better quality of life by working g hard. Liverpool was also a place in which artists were many.

    • Word count: 1028
  2. "In Montana 1948 by Larry Watson, Wesley Hayden is essentially a weak man. Is this how you view him?"

    Such language confirms to us that Wesley is extremely feeble and is a man who is easily overpowered. Wesley's inability to please anyone also shows weakness as Wes falls short of both his son's and wife's expectations. His son, David Hayden, is disappointed that his father is the sheriff of Mercer County, "yet my father didn't even look like a western sheriff". Whereas Gail Hayden just "...wanted him to be an attorney", and not the Mercer County sheriff. He is thus described in this sense as "A man who tried to turn two ways at once - toward my grandfather,

    • Word count: 680
  3. Students with Special Needs in the Language Classroom.

    Also the teacher could find beneficial the oral comprehension exercises, in which the students must find some particular information. The teacher must consider that the student's learning difficulties mainly have interactive origins. This means that the difficulties depend as much on the student's own characteristics as on the environment in which the student develops, and his or her response to it. The pedagogical adjustments that those responsable of education have suggested go in two directions: a) Adaptations to curriculum access: modifications of the spatial and material aspects of the educational intervention allow the students with special needs to study regular curriculum.

    • Word count: 1300
  4. Tis': A Memoir - Frank McCourt.

    Frank did not even dare open his mouth for fear of being laughed at for his appalling dental hygiene. Tis is more about the emotional side of poverty Frank is still poor - he describes cheese sandwiches as a delicacy - but he is no longer at risk of dying from starvation. He generally finds places to sleep and food to eat He wants the comfort and worry-free lives of the comfortable Americans around him. He wants a girl with whom to share the "excitement."

    • Word count: 680
  5. Discuss the ways in which Russell's vision for 'Educating Rita' is a humorous one. What is the effect of the humour in highlighting the play's more serious issues?

    An' you wont be able to get out" is not only humorous but provides the audience with a clear insight to Rita's relaxed, 'breezy' personality. This is effective in highlighting the more serious issue of the development of Rita's character where she becomes more educated and more at ease with herself ( at one point in the play the audience sees her already in Frank's office reading a book). Russell's use of visual humour is effective as it provides the audience with comedy directly through what they are seeing on the stage.

    • Word count: 1597
  6. Original Writing - Prose: A sharp rap on the door brought Herbert out of his daydream.

    "Hey, with us around those ruddy Huns will run right back with their tails between their legs to the Kaiser!" Frank yelled as they ran through the fields towards the village. The land around them was losing its grip on summer, the leaves were turning and the air was fresher. They loved autumn; it gave them an excuse to act as children again in the great piles of golden leaves that would accumulate! At the top of the hill they stopped and looked down onto the unusually busy village.

    • Word count: 953
  7. How does Brian De Palma reveal character, advance the plot and establish subtext through the one or more mise en scene in Carlito's Way?

    self and striving to become who now he wants to be, as he exaggeratedly professes in a courtroom judge as a closing statement to an appeal, We do not sympathise with Carlito and it is obviously doubtable to believe him judging by his exaggeration, however the film subsequently presents us the sincerity of such a declaration. Carlito's chooses not to get involved and questions his young cousin Guajiro's choice of a lifestyle, evidently mastered by him judging by the following sequence.

    • Word count: 987
  8. Montana 1948 traces David's journey from innocence to an awareness of the existence of evil. Discuss

    Despite the disgusting nature of his uncle's crimes, and the effect on the Hayden family, David brings to mind a series of memories of his parents who are strong enough to withstand the pressures exerted by Frank Hayden's crimes, Julian's rage, and the townspeople's ability "to look the other way". David's journey begins "From the summer of his twelfth year", when Frank's crimes are first discovered. David's mother, Gail sends David away to his room as she discusses with Wesley, his father, the severity of Frank's assaults on the family's beloved Native American housekeeper, Marie Little Soldier.

    • Word count: 1077
  9. Is Frank a good teacher or a pathetic drunkard?

    As a teacher, he should have the ability to constructively criticize her essay writing skills, for her overall benefit. Frank integrates his social and pupil-student relations too closely. Act One, Scene Six is an example of this; Frank invites Rita to his house for dinner. Frank contradicts himself when it comes to the matter of independent learning. He encourages Rita to go to the theatre. Yet, on the other hand, when Rita comes back form Summer School, Frank comes across as jealous and discouraging when she endeavors to tell him about what she has learnt. Frank ultimately proves to everyone that he not only is an appealing teacher but also a pathetic drunkard when he walks into the lesson drunk and starts insults not only the students but also famous authors.

    • Word count: 890
  10. The Purpose Of Education.

    However, education cannot be too geared towards an academic approach. For example, I feel that the education system in Singapore is too exam-oriented. Though in Raffles Institution, there is no more focus on examinations, there still common tests and quizzes. Furthermore, other schools, specifically neighbourhood schools, still focus on examinations, which I think is a dangerous pitfall, since schools should not exist solely to make another person more knowledgeable. It should instead be used to help make the children's minds more creative, and not so rigid, in the sense that they would be able to look at things at different perspectives.

    • Word count: 643
  11. Choose two scenes from the film that illuminates the text of Educating Rita by Willy Russell.

    The play Educating Rita by Willy Russell gained great popularity especially during the early eighties. There has also been a movie made from it starring Julie Walters and the more famous Michael Caine. As so often the case, the movie was more elaborate with additional scenes, some of which were spoken of or retold by the actors in the play. The movie also included several actors while the play only featured two, Frank and Rita. In this essay I am going to explore how the film illuminates parts of the text when performed on stage.

    • Word count: 1444
  12. Educating Rita - summary.

    that's fucking rubbish', these are strong bold words which shock the audience and help them to see the huge changes Rita goes through during the play. During the first scene Rita is dependant on Frank completely, she needs him to educate her, 'I've not half got a lot to learn.' and therefore is totally dependant upon him. This changes as the play progresses, and Rita becomes less reliant on Frank, and Frank becomes more reliant on Rita. This continues right up until the final act where Rita no longer relies upon Frank, but Frank is completely reliant on Rita.

    • Word count: 817
  13. From your study of Willy Russell's 'Educating Rita', describe which character in the play changes the most.

    At the end of the play the two characters seem to have changed roles, Rita comes back from summer school and knows more then she ever thought she could and discovers that the 'proper students' are not as good and intelligent as she thought. Franks relationship with Julia is breaking down and the banishment to Australia seems more and more imminent. The two seem to swap roles because Frank used to tell Rita things and she would try and understand it, but the return from summer school shows that she has memorised Blake poetry and has significantly changed.

    • Word count: 1113
  14. "Educating Rita" is a semi-autobiographical play about a working class woman who aims to change her life through education. How do you think Willy Russell wishes his audience to be affected by the play?

    '...look at those tits!' This is a typical example of Rita's language in the first scene. Frank is very taken back by Rita and the way she talks. This shows that Frank is surprised that Rita uses this language. Willy Russell makes Rita use this language as a way of contrasting the two characters and their backgrounds. Frank and Rita's conversations in the scene quickly changed subjects. Rita mentioned a poem about death and Frank assumed she was talking about Dylan Thomas. She was in fact talking about a Liverpudlian writer named Roger McGough. Frank had to admit 'I don't think I know the actual piece you mean...'

    • Word count: 1063
  15. How does Russell show the differences between Frank and Rita in Educating Rita?

    Before Rita arrives you see Frank speaking on the phone to what appears to be his other half. We learn that he has taken on an Open University student to pay for his trips to the pub. When Rita arrives, I think Frank is shocked by her behaviour but intrigued, as he may not have met a student like her before. They get on well, right from the word go, as Rita is very forward and determined to make the relationship work. Frank, on the other hand, is only in it for the money and is used to dealing with more courteous women who carefully choose their words and act politely around men whereas Rita just blurts out whatever pops into her head.

    • Word count: 970
  16. Educating Rita - 3 most powerful and dramatic scenes in the play.

    It has to be dramatic because there are only two characters in the whole play, and if the author does not capture the reader's attention immediately, it could ruin the rest of the play, this is true for a normal play but even more so in this. It also sets the foundation for what the audience expect to come from the remainder of the story. I believe the first scene is successful in doing this because it introduces the characters in an extremely effective way.

    • Word count: 1857
  17. What does Rita gain from her education and what does she lose?

    Rita, however, insists that he is the only tutor she wants. She can relate to him, he looks like a "geriatric hippy" and is "a crazy mad piss artist who wants to throw his students through the window" Rita would probably not have felt so at ease with a conventional tutor. Rita has pre-formed ideas about what "real" students are like: this shows her innocent, yet street-wise naivety about higher education although she has the ability to choose between the background and upbringing she had, and the educated world.

    • Word count: 1740
  18. How Does the Author Gain and Hold the Audience's Interest in the Opening of the Play?

    The author uses a one-sided telephone conversation between Frank and someone we expect to be his wife or girlfriend. This entertains the audience as they are wondering what the person on the other end of the line is saying. We become more accustomed to Frank's character as the telephone conversation is also humorous: "Darling, you could incinerate ratatouille and still it wouldn't burn" and " What do you mean am I determined to go to pub? I don't need determination to get me into a pub". This shows an insight to frank as a person. He has a dysfunctional relationship with his wife and drinks a lot.

    • Word count: 615
  19. Educating Rita- How Does Russell Make The Opening Dramatic and Entertaining?

    In 1970 he trained as a teacher. You can see in the play that Russell is commenting on society as Russell is almost like Rita, she lives near Liverpool with little education and works in a hairdressers and tries to get the opportunity to have choice by getting an education. During the play Russell shows that the class system is apart of modern society and Rita kind of wants to change classes, from working to middle, she doesn�t know how to chose and has little education. Equal opportunities in the way that women are expected to have babies and stay at home all day but in his

    • Word count: 2051
  20. Billy Liar 20th Century Drama Coursework.

    Billy: I was supposed to go to London with her last night but I didn't. Arthur: so that's another one you've upset. Billy: I'd better go! Billy has just seen Rita walking up the road with a large man. He runs off in the other direction leaving Arthur standing in the road. Rita: (yelling after Billy) you better run Billy but I'll catch up with you one day and you'll be sorry. I want my ring! 15 minuets later Billy walks through his garden gates and into his house. Geoffrey is sitting in a chair reading his paper.

    • Word count: 2233
  21. Willy Russell's attitude to education as revealed in Educating Rita.

    Education makes Rita stronger and "that's what Denny's frightened of". This evidence could be Russell trying to question why education is so important? As Frank says, education is "nothing of value" as he takes it for granted. To Rita, education is "everything". Rita has a very admiring view towards education and is always referring to "proper students" who she idolises. She sees education as an escape from herself and her current life. This can be seen from the way she describes herself as a "stupid woman" and says she wants to change "from the inside".

    • Word count: 939
  22. 'Educating Rita'.

    As this option didn't exist she had been taken in as an employee at the hairdressers. As she gets older and independent she realises she wants more from life and education and wants to know 'everything'. She questions her life saying 'is this the absolute maximum I can expect from this livin lark.....you have to decide whether its gonna be another change of dress or change in yourself' and Rita decides on the latter. The significance of the door being stuck refers back to her childhood education never being easy and Rita being shut out from it.

    • Word count: 1197
  23. Explain how Rita's background and environment were a poor song and show how this reflects Russell's own experiences.

    This was the plan for life, the standard model which was applied to them both by their families and friends and they were either going to have to follow it or reject it and with it reject their loved ones. Whilst Rita was probably always destined to become a ladies hairdresser, for Russell hairdressing was a 'lucky' escape from the dreaded 'factory fodder' life which he had feared since childhood. He had seemed equally destined to fall into it from the 'D-stream' which his life was set upon but after failing his exams and avoiding work in his underground club

    • Word count: 2043
  24. Educating Rita - summary of theme and narrative

    Frank holds back abit at the beginning of the play, he seems shocked to how upfront and forward Rita is and he just lets her take the lead most of the first session. Frank just sits back and answers questions thrown at him by Rita. He doesn't really want to do the Open University thing but Rita really wants to change herself and her lifestyle, but at the same time she doesn't want to do any hard work for it.

    • Word count: 1763
  25. Discuss the significance of any one scene in Educating Rita in terms of the development of Rita and/or Frank - Explain how Russell makes the scene dramatic and entertaining.

    Rita has also developed a relationship with some of the other students. She made more friends. Before she didn't have any student friends and was too afraid to speak to them because she wasn't one of them. 'A crowd of us stuck together all week'. It seems as if she is becoming more like a typical student as she has being doing things with them. 'Dead late every night, we stayed up talkin', we went all round London, got drunk'. This suggests that she is different now. And is more like a proper student.

    • Word count: 1461

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