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GCSE: Our Day Out

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  1. Our Day Out - a play written by Willie Russell.

    'Cries of Miss, miss, me mum said I could go, and Ms can I come if I haven't got enough money?' (Scene 2) This shows that the children of the Progress class are impatient because they do not wait for her to finish talking; they throw questions on her at the same time. They are ill mannered because they show lack of patience and don't use polite words when speaking to her. This is also proof that they are poor and speak with slang dialect.

    • Word count: 4453
  2. Our Day Out.

    But for most of the kids on this trip its their first time outside Liverpool. But they also went to other places along the way like the zoo, beach and the fair. The zoo and the beach were both to the objection of Briggs, but the fun fair was his idea due to a change in heart. The story our day out begins with Les the lollipop man helping kids cross the road. He is helping a girl called Carol cross the road who comes running up, with a school uniform which she also uses as her Sunday best and street clothes.

    • Word count: 2416
  3. Teenagers, Drugs & Alcohol

    TV shows, news reports, movies, and newspaper stories are good starting points for a conversation. Discussions about these issues should begin in early childhood, long before the teenage years. Adolescence is actually the worst time to begin talking to kids about drugs and alcohol; teenagers are the most likely to reject their parent's advice and to be influenced by their friends. Why do they do it? Why did you drink, smoke, or take illegal drugs as a teenager? Was it peer pressure? Curiosity? Or did you just want to feel happier and better about yourself?

    • Word count: 1006
  4. Cram School Bullying East Asian School Kids

    For instance, famous cram school brochures include the highest score of their ex-students to illustrate that they can help kids to reach high scores just like they had done before. Moreover, cram school obviously takes advantage of kids' dreams and parents' dreams for their kids because they know that Education in East Asian countries is perhaps the most decisive factor for personal career success in these competitive societies. Society's expectation like this is the flawed nature of the education system.

    • Word count: 1875
  5. Twentieth Century Drama Assignment based on 'Our Day Out' by Willy Russell.

    They don't know what it's like outside of their home town, because of their family background. The head teacher has a word with another teacher, Mr Briggs. He volunteers to go with Mrs Kay so that he can keep an eye on her. Mr Briggs doesn't believe in what Mrs Kay is doing, he believes that the children are rejects and that there is no hope for them. He doesn't want them to be educated because he knows that they would just want the same as what they've got.

    • Word count: 3659
  6. 'Sparkleshark': How do the characters arrive on the roof and what do their entrances say about them?'

    together by sticky tape', makes us imagine a type of person who is probably picked on, and that's why his glasses are broken. When Jake enters the roof, he is 'clutching a satchel', which implies that rather than just carrying the bag, he is holding it very closely to himself, as if he is using it to hide behind. As he walks across the roof he is 'familiar & comfortable' with his surroundings, & the roof is described as his 'secret hideaway'.

    • Word count: 781
  7. Dying Future

    deep into it that I ask god himself "please put no one in these situations ever" I sometimes ask myself a question " Should I have done it? Should I have killed someone for the drastic moment I was going through?" Part of me tells me I was wrong to kill someone, but the other part tells me I did what I had to do. I had many important things to do in my life, like walking my Jessica to school, help Carol cook, but now I can't even watch my daughter take her first steps.

    • Word count: 1242
  8. Explain how Philip Ridley tries to make "Sparkleshark" appeal to a modern teenage audience.

    The play is set in mid September at about 4.30 pm and the weather is sunny, the characters are outside making the most of the late summer evening. The characters There are nine characters in the play, five main characters and four secondary characters: - Jake is fourteen and slightly built. He is wearing a well worn but neat uniform. His hair is neatly cut. He is wearing glasses that are held together on the bridge with tape. Jake is very quiet, lacks confidence around other teenagers and likes to keep himself to himself.

    • Word count: 2372
  9. Our Day Out.

    Since those days in the drugged up 70's collage , Russel has produced Music and poetry and even a novel , but when this failed , he discovered playwriting . I find the main deference's between the characters of Mrs Kay and Mr Briggs are there feelings towards the children that they teach . Mrs Kay has a comfortable relationship with the children . This is evident in the way she talks to Mr Briggs about the children "ohh.. leave them ...they'll want to stretch their legs, let off a bit of steam ".This shows she is thinking about them

    • Word count: 871
  10. Compare two/three scenes showing how the writer creates contrasting dramatic effects

    "Briggs sits on a rock apart from the main group" The most frequent dramatic effecting this scene is laughter. It makes the audience laugh when Mrs Kay is playing football with the children, when Mrs Kay chases Kevin and ducks his head in the water and when Susan the teacher pretends to seduce Reily and these parts of the scene entertain the audience. At the end of the scene the writer changes the word and builds attention. This is because Mrs Kay can't find Carol it makes the audience surprise and they start to think and questions start to go through our heads.

    • Word count: 1291
  11. Mrs. Kay and Mr. Briggs represent two different dramatic portrayals of teaching . Discuss these two characters and their two styles deciding upon which is the better suited to the children in

    Briggs is an arrogant git, this is shown when Les says "Arrogant get, that one is". Mrs, Kay treats the children like friends rather than students which gives her a better relationship with them, this is shown when Mrs. Kay smiles and links arms with Carol, Mrs. Kay also says to Mr. Briggs "I'm not going to let you prevent the kids from having some fun". We can tell that Mrs. Kay understands the difficulties that he progress class face when she says "There's nothing for them to do, any of them; most of them were born for factory fodder but the factories have closed down".

    • Word count: 1321
  12. Falling Down is a film about a man who we know very little about (at the start) apparently trying to get home to see his family, it is his little girls birthday

    This is all part of the Propp theory of media, but not as conventional as they are meant to be. You find out it is his last day (also stereotypical for the good guy cop in films) After getting out of his car he walks through to phone his wife form a phone box. At this point one of the main enigma codes of the story sets in when he is on the phone to his wife he doesn't say anything, and she just says "is it you?"

    • Word count: 1510
  13. Compare and contrast any two of the main characters in Our Day Out. Pay particular attention to dramatic effects and how the audience might react to each of them.

    These children have problems learning and need to be approached in a different manner. Mr Briggs might understand that if he understood the need for a progress class but he sees the class as an excuse for valuable teaching time to be wasted. Briggs' way of thinking can be classed as "Old School" where as Mrs Kay is a new age teacher. She believes in teaching the children with respect and trust and they will gain responsibility and behave well.

    • Word count: 929
  14. Chose three settings from Our Day Out and write about what they represent

    Further on in the play Carol says that she wished she could get out of the city and into the countryside and she tries to leave the coach party to stay at the countryside and get away from her town. The streets are there at the beginning so that we can see were it is that she wants to get away from and we understand why she loves the countryside so much as she lives in a very small poorly made house on a polluted smoky street which probably has no distinguishing features and looks the same as all the other streets round that area.

    • Word count: 634
  15. How and why are each of the characters trapped in “Our Day Out”

    England was in deep recession. The coal miners went on strike; the factories were suffering from lack of employment. Liverpool was in chaos. Willy Russell demonstrated this chaos in the play Our Day Out. He showed the poor education system; this highlighted how Liverpool needed aid to avoid the riots that were happening there in the late 1970's. Indeed this reflected the mood in society as a whole. Our Day Out is structured in a number of short scenes thus keeps the audience attention. Willy Russell has cleverly decided upon this as it gives an effect of a moving journey, the main aspect of the play, a journey through the education system.

    • Word count: 1216
  16. Our Day Out Literature Coursework

    This is shown in a conversation on the bus when Andrews tries to get a cigarette off Digga and Reily and they say he can buy his own because his mums loaded, he denies this and then Reily says; "Well she should be.... All the fellars she picks up on parly." This is implying that the boy's mum is a prostitute, what is worse still is that Andrews does not try and deny these allegations. Briggs catches Andrews smoking soon after and starts to talk about it with him, he asks what his mum thinks, to which the boy replies; "Sir, Sir, me mum says nott'n about it but when me dad comes home, sir, he belts me."

    • Word count: 1633
  17. Mr. Briggs from Willy Russell’s Our Day Out. Who’s teaching style do you think is bestFor the Progress Class?

    Briggs. On the other hand, Mr. Briggs is looked upon as a mean, strict and unforgiving teacher. Although he does care for the children, he shies about showing it. At the beginning, when Mr. Briggs is going to accompany Mrs. Kay on the trip, the children's happiness is suddenly turned upside down into sadness because they think that they won't have any fun now. As soon as he enters the bus, "Briggs stares at the Kids. All the Kids spot a cloud on the blue horizon." The only person that Briggs gets along with is himself. In the first part of this essay, I am going to describe Mrs.

    • Word count: 2275
  18. The major themes in ‘Our Day Out’ are the lack of Education, Opportunity and Deprivation in the inner city, show how Willy Russell makes the Audience aware of these ideas.

    With the play having everyday conversations it makes the play sound more realistic. And people watching will understand it. Willy Russell puts his thoughts in most of the character's mouths and this is how he gets across to the audience. In the play a lot of humour is used to keep people interested in the storyline as at the end it really hits you. If the play had no humour no-one would get attracted to it and the message that Willy Russell is sending wouldn't get across about kids not getting any education and having nothing to look forward to.

    • Word count: 1680
  19. The major themes in our day out are the lack of education, opportunity and deprivation the inner city; discuss how Willy Russell makes the audience aware of these situations.

    Whilst Mr Briggs wants the trip to be for educational purposes Mrs Kay wants the children to have a good day away from Liverpool. Willy Russell uses the idea of a school day out as a technique of presenting his views to the audience, he uses the characters to express his views as he puts his thoughts into their mouths and we learn many things just through the general conversations of the children. The first example of this we see is when Carol is speaking about their surroundings on the bus, "Isn't it horrible eh miss."

    • Word count: 2422
  20. “Our day out” by Willy Russell

    Kay then goes on to say "Mr.Briggs.... As long as they don't go near the road I don't see any." " Mr Briggs replies to her "All right Mrs.Kay." Mr.Briggs and Mrs.Kay are outside the shop while the children are inside chaotically pushing and shoving around the counter. Mrs.Kay is trying to speak to Mr.Briggs but he too busy telling off Ronson for running. Finally Mr.Briggs heard Mrs.Kay saying "Well I just thought that you might like to have a sit down away from them for a few minutes" Mr.Briggs doesn't really take much notice of this he just changes the subject back to whether they should go and supervise the children in the caf´┐Ż.

    • Word count: 1759
  21. Our Day Out by Willy Russel - Scene 31 Conway Castle Analysis

    It's too late for them. Most of them were rejects on the day they were born, Mr Briggs. We're not going to solve anything today. Can't we just try and give them a good day out? At least we can try and do that. Briggs: [The castle looming behind him] Well, that's a fine attitude isn't it? That's a fine attitude for a member of the teaching profession to have. [End of original text] Use this episode to explain what you have learnt about the two characters attitudes towards their pupils and how this is presented.

    • Word count: 3584
  22. Our day out - Willy Russell

    As her thought on living in the glorious sunny locations she watched on her T.V. ' ... Y' know if I started to work hard and learned to read eh? Well, d' y' think I'd be able t' live in one of those nice places?' (page 4) The quote above shows Carol's ambition to learn to read and write, which in her mind will enable her to live a cosy life in a dream location. Mrs Kay is a teacher in her early forties, however is portrayed as a mother to the children in the book.

    • Word count: 4002
  23. Our day out

    Kay and Mr. Briggs. They firstly stop off at a pair of shops. A male shopkeeper closes his shop when he sees the children coming towards him. He is prejudiced and thinks because of their appearance and accent that they will steal all his food from his shop. The children are disappointed and angry. The next stop is the zoo. The children are walking through and suddenly start stealing animals. There are mainly guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens and other small things that were stolen.

    • Word count: 1703
  24. How does Willy Russell Convey Social and Cultural Background in 'Our Day Out'?

    The children also use slang words. For example, they refer to the Corporation as 'The Corpy', bonfire night as 'bommy night', and cigarettes as 'ciggies'. In any society, the colloquial dialect is an essential part of the culture, and the use of it in 'Our Day Out' forcefully conveys to the audience the essence of the background of these children. Symbolism plays a significant part in 'Our Day Out', because it gives Russell the opportunity to display how the children feel about their hopeless situations, without having to state it in the text or put it in the dialogue.

    • Word count: 4266
  25. The School of My Dreams

    The school spreads across a mile of the hills of Singapore and houses students from all around the World. Language is not a problem as when we are born we have a small chip installed in our head that gives us a fluent understanding of every language in the World. I am now 15 and have many close friends in this school. Alex, Paul, Alli and Bruce are my closest friends. Alex, from Scotland, has very strong Scottish features about him. He has always been set on causing trouble in the school and has recently come up with a plan to hack into the school computer system, switching off everything, from the lights to the mechanical dinner serving droids.

    • Word count: 761

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