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GCSE: Shirley Valentine

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  1. Shirley Valentine. How Does Russell Invite the Audience to Sympathise with Shirley?

    This essay is going to answer the question 'How Does Russell Invite the Audience to Sympathise with Shirley?' Russell invites us to sympathise for Shirley in a variety of ways. For example when Shirley talks to the wall "Hello Wall" this shows loneliness because she has no-one to talk to. Shirley then turns to the camera asking "Well what's wrong with that?" as if what she was doing was perfectly normal. Another way in which we sympathise for Shirley is when she talks about her relationship with Joe when they were young "He used to laugh, Joe. We both did" showing that their life has become much quieter for both of them and they are bored with each other.

    • Word count: 786
  2. How does w***y Russell invite the audience to sympathise with Shirley?

    Most of the sketches show Shirley doing housework, very bored and lonely housewife. w***y Russell employed many dramatic devices to present Shirley Valentine as a very ordinary, working class middle aged housewife. Dramatic devices such as the deliberate choice of the Liverpool accent and the monologue when Shirley talks to the wall were selected intentionally to highlight her utter loneliness and maybe even lack of confidence and personality. This is pointed out when she says " I like a glass of wine when I'm doin' the cookin'. Don't I wall? Don't I like a glass of wine when I'm preparing the evening meal?"

    • Word count: 842
  3. shirley valentine

    The author of Shirley Valentine, w***y Russell was born in Whiston, Liverpool. He left school at the age of 16 (similar to Shirley) with 1 'o' level. He went into hairdressing but always dreamed of being a writer. The genre of this story is based on the term 'kitchen-sink drama'. Kitchen-sink dramas end unhappily and have a more realistic representation of a social life. The title sequence and opening scenes of Shirley Valentine represent the unvaried life of Shirley Valentine represent the unvaried life of Shirley. At the beginning there are many different water-colour drawings of Shirley at different times.

    • Word count: 885
  4. Strickly ballroom - Scott is portrayed as a weak and selfish character. To what extent do you agree?

    There are even moments of bravery in Scott's portrayal. It is this bravery that makes Scott a square peg in his world, as he is the only one that possesses the courage to act on his passion. Scott is portrayed as a na�ve character at the commencement of Strictly Ballroom, due to the sheltered and narrow-minded environment in which he is "thrown into". However, throughout the film Scott develops into a mature and developed character through his exposure to the outside world and Fran.

    • Word count: 684
  5. Traditions in "The lottery" by Shirley Jackson.

    This story is replete with symbolism, symbolism reflecting the dichotomy of humanity, the good and the evil of mankind. "The Lottery," Its Social Order and Male Superiority Issue As much as we would like to believe that men and women are viewed as equals in our society, often times we are disappointed. "The Lottery" describes a town's people who gathered on an ordinary summer day to perform a sacrificial ceremony village of any sense of noncompliance to its male governing hierarchical order making Tessie Hutchinson an unwitting sacrifice to serve the purpose of safeguarding the positions of capital is patriarchs.

    • Word count: 612
  6. How i would direct scenes 30 to 33 of w***y Russell's Shirley Valentine.

    Firstly, I will look at their clothing. I think Shirley should wear a very motherly clothes not all that poor but the normal clothes every mother would wear. This shows that she is a typical middle-aged housewife. It also tells us something of her background, which was very working class. Marjorie should wear very well designed clothes, and wear some kind nice jewels. This reflects her background, which is a middle class and her current career which is a first class hooker.

    • Word count: 674
  7. "Comedy is the best way for us to learn the truth aboutourselves" according to w***y Russell - What have you learnt during the course of the play and how is it a learning experience for the characters within it?

    to make something of your life "I've lived such a little life and even that will be over soon" There are many different techniques used to convey humour in the play and w***y Russell uses all of them very well. Ranges of one line comments are used to express how Shirley is feeling these techniques are know as verbal and visual humour sometimes Shirley would do or say something to show her unhappiness but in a funny way "It's the eleventh commandment.

    • Word count: 998
  8. How does w***y Russell address issues of gender in the extracts from 'Shirley Valentine'?

    It is here in this time where w***y Russell sets his play 'Shirley Valentine'. The play is a monologue from the character Shirley, a middle aged woman, the wife of Joe, a believer that a woman's role is as a housewife, and a mother to two children both of who have move away from home and are part of the new youth culture. In the play Shirley tells the audience of her situation at home and how it lead her to go to Greece in search of her lost youth, to become Shirley Valentine again the girl she was before her marriage to Joe.

    • Word count: 989
  9. A Comparison between Billy Liar and Shirley Valentine

    Shirley Valentine on the other hand was written as a film script, by the author w***y Russell in the 1980's, but the story is very similar to that of Billy Liar. Shirley is a housewife and mother to two grown up children. Her husband Joe is very insensitive and unaffectionate. Shirley's best friend Jane invites Shirley to spend two weeks with her in Greece on holiday. Like Billy, Shirley wants very much to escape her mundane and structure lifestyle, but is apprehensive, after a row with Joe she is determined to go.

    • Word count: 999
  10. By What Means Does w***y Russell Engage Our Sympathy For Shirley In The Opening Part Of The Play?

    Shirley has an ability to make humour out of what may be at discomfort to her. Maybe the marriage to Joe is an example of this. Shirley's life becomes jaded and boring, as her life seemed to go down hill after marrying Joe. "They say don't they...I felt like that at twenty-five". It seems as though Shirley was cheated out fifteen years in her life, which creates sympathy for Shirley. Shirley finds it hard to make friends and to socialize with others. "I haven't known Jane all that long, but she's great." Shows this and Shirley is troubled when she hears that Jane is going to Greece for two weeks.

    • Word count: 704
  11. Shirley Valentine

    We have been given two versions of this idea from a male and female perspective in two different movies. "American Beauty" focuses on a male character to address his midlife crises while "Shirley Valentine" focuses on a female character to address her midlife crises. Though they both address the same theme or idea it is attempted in very different ways. "American Beauty" is a socially conscious drama that hopes to sober us from meaningless materialism and to tap us back into the small beautiful things that we are likely to forget in life.

    • Word count: 439

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