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GCSE: Shirley Valentine

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  1. How does the writer, w***y Russell encourage us to sympathise with Shirley?

    This whole story is linked to Russell's past. Russell was born in Whiston; Liverpool in 1947.The story is also based in Liverpool where Shirley lives. His family were working class just like Shirley was. He also grew up in a very maternalistic atmosphere, and so he learnt the about how women view the world. This is why the protagonist of this screenplay is a woman. This story portrays the writers life in a more different and entertaining way. He also makes you remember who we are and to always be yourself.

    • Word count: 2038
  2. How does the dramatic technique used in the play help the audience to understand the importance of Shirleys transformation?

    Following this he did a variety of jobs, including stacking stockings in the warehouse; this is probably why he portrays the working class family simply as helpless victims. By the time he was twenty he wanted to become a poet and eventually went on to become a play write. Russell wrote the screenplay in 1989, the genre that 'Shirley Valentine' belongs to is kitchen sink drama. Kitchen sink drama is straight-laced realism with a focus on working-class life, social problems and relationships.

    • Word count: 2831
  3. Shirley Valentine-how does Russel encourage the audience to feel sympathy for Shirley?

    Furthermore, Russell always dreamed of being a writer although he went into hairdressing. This is also another links to Shirley due to the fact that she always dreamed of changing her miserable and monotonous life. It furthermore deals with domestic issues mainly, and is set in a working class environment and 'Shirley Valentine' certainly reflects this. Russell satirises feminism in the play by introducing Shirley's best friend Jane who believes in feminism, only because of her past experiences with her husband. Yet, Jane proves to be a hypocrite as she flirts with the first man she meets on the flight to Greece and it is Shirley who becomes self-sufficient and a positive role model for women.

    • Word count: 2821
  4. shirley valetine

    Shirley is portrayed as a sad house bound woman, forgotten, not appreciated nonexistent (not liteary) ["anymore"] and a woman with a loss of identity. "A girl is born to fly;" This is shown as a metaphor, as she is supposed to be free but is trapped. The lyrics in the film prepare and give us many clues to what the film is going to be about and how the character is. The sounds we have are beautifully sung but with a twist, as it is infused with the characters sorrows and boring lifestyle. Again it shows us how people feel towards her, what she thinks of herself and what she thinks, other people feel about her, "Shirley Valentine just wasn't there any more, a girl was born to fly: all her dreams, dreams are broken".

    • Word count: 2432
  5. How do the dramatic techniques used in the play help the audience to understand Shirley's transformation?

    Unfortunately he only managed to obtain one 'O' level in English which demonstrated the lack of courage and influence that was given to him. The play is further influenced by the literary traditions of 'kitchen sink drama' in a variety of different ways. Kitchen Sink Drama describes plays that encircle the stressful yet ordinary lives lead by typical working class families. The play is about challenging the status quo and exploring change. It is certainly a class-conscious message; but it's also about the idea of personal growth.

    • Word count: 2069
  6. Shirley Valentine

    After this he began to write comical songs and then he began to write scripts. His first play 'Blind Scouse' was premiered at Edinburgh festival and then in 1990 he wrote 'Shirley Valentine'. Kitchen sink drama deals with working class people and their everyday lives, and this is related with Shirley as this play deals with her everyday life. Kitchen sink drama relates with 'Shirley Valentine' in many aspects and this play may be influenced by kitchen sink drama. 'Shirley Valentine' deals with Shirley's everyday life which is similar to kitchen sink drama The opening credits of the film depict cartoon pictures of Shirley doing domestic chores of a stereotypical woman's life.

    • Word count: 2576
  7. Shirley Valentine - How do the dramatic techniques used in the play help the audience to understand the importance of Shirley's transformation?

    The play "Shirley Valentine" was written by w***y Russel. His life experience influenced the play because for six years he did a jod he didn't understand or like. He also lived in Liverpool like Shirley. He used to work in hairdressers so he knew alot about women. Like Shirley he makes a big change in his life by moving away from the job he did for 6 years. The play is influenced by Kitchen Sink Drama it starts as a kitchen sink drama but ends optimistic.

    • Word count: 2455
  8. How do the dramatic techniques used in the play help audience to understand the importance of Shirley's transformation?

    This job connected Russell to women and their lives where he was able to socialise with many women and gained an inside view of how they felt. Russell combined his problems in life to working class women, creating the relationship between Shirley and her life. Russell satirises feminism in the play by introducing Shirley's best friend Jane who believes in feminism, only because of her past experiences with her husband. But w***y Russell mocks feminism as Jane goes of with another man.

    • Word count: 2466
  9. George W. Russell - A Study of his life, paintings and impact on Irish culture

    I started off by going to the Oriel Gallery a Clare Street to see some of his paintings. My next step was a visit to 3 Upper Ely Place (behind Saint Stephen's Green), a place where � Russell lived between 1891 and 1898 (1897) and one of two places in Dublin where you still can see an original mural signed � Russell. Sadly, a lot of his other murals on Dublin walls has been torn down, taking an important part of cultural heritage away with it. Lastly I visited the Mount Jerome Cemetery (Harold's Cross) where � Russell is buried.

    • Word count: 2639
  10. How does Shirley change in the course of the play and how is the play organised to show the importance of these changes.

    The soundtrack is a way in which to inform us of what the theme of the screenplay is. The soundtrack is about fulfilling dreams and also introduces the issues of regret and ambitions. This implies that the screenplay is about someone chasing dreams and escaping the stereotypical life they entrapped in. This helps the audience know what to expect from Shirley and gives an insight into her character. The film commences with Shirley arriving home with the shopping into a small terraced house.

    • Word count: 2848
  11. Describe, Examine and Analyse how w***y Russell uses dramatic devices to illustrate issues in "Shirley Valentine".

    Russell himself left school at 15 with just a basic English qualification- hardly the dizzy heights of academia which his father hoped for him to reach. Shirley also disliked school, due to a bullying headmistress, she could never reach her potential. Shirley is stuck in a loop of cooking and cleaning- Russell ended up in a cycle of moving from place to place himself, but, as Shirley goes to do, he defies the odds and makes an account of himself to the world.

    • Word count: 2400

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