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GCSE: Shirley Valentine

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  1. Shirley Valentine. How does Russell invite the audience to sympathise with Shirley?

    For example another kitchen sink drama "A Taste of Honey" which is set in the 1950s/60s in Northern England is a much more typical of the genre as it is much grittier than Shirley Valentine there is also a lack of hope in "A Taste of Honey" and a lack of humour compared to Shirley Valentine. The play tells us that the majority of working class women are housewives and not treated suitably by their husbands. The husbands usually go out to work and would come home expecting everything done for them for example their supper.

    • Word count: 4289
  2. shirley valentine

    His ability to compose and story tell and his interest in drama, all facilitated the fact that he was able to write the successful screen play 'Shirley Valentine'. Having worked in the women's hairdressing profession he was able to develop ideas for 'Shirley Valentine', due to the womanly influence around him and the gossiping about their lives. He wrote the play so lower class people, especially woman, could relate to an Everywoman protagonist. The lives of Russell and Shirley are some what similar: both unacademic, both lived in Liverpool, this suggests that he wrote the screen play showing his struggles through a female voice.

    • Word count: 3039
  3. How do the dramatic techniques use in the play help the audience to understand the importance of Shirley's transformation? You should refer to the significance of the play's social and historical (settings, attitudes to women

    Shirley if cleaning and cooking, this tells us what her life is like, boring. You could see that she is tired of living out her life in an ordinary marriage, with very little going on, she has all this Unfulfilled Potential which she desperately wants to overturn. The words of the soundtrack are very cleverly adapted to the sketches shown. They tell the everyday life story of a woman that has ended up in a place where she does not want to be.

    • Word count: 3448
  4. Economic comparisons of First world countries and their GDP.

    After the parents have finished resting they return to work and leave by 7:00. Dinner is at 8:30 and the family is in bed by 11:00. From this we can see that Greek and Italian are not all that different. This lifestyle trait is common amongst majority of europe and especially with countries on the mediterrenean. It is because of this break in the day for lunch that business trading hours and school are divided. Italy's 56.7 million inhabitants are not evenly distributed throughout the peninsula. Many are concentrated within the major cities of Milan , Naples, Rome, Genoa and Turin.

    • Word count: 3277
  5. Shirley Valentine - How does Shirley change in the course of the play, and how is the play organised to show the importance of these changes?

    Some of the lyrics may suggest that Shirley has lost herself and speaks about losing your identity. The combined effect of these devices introduces to the key themes of the play and creates a suitable depressing and hopeless atmosphere to compliment the mood of the opening section. By looking at the opening credits, lyrics and soundtrack it makes us think the film will be about a bored housewife who has a life of wasted opportunities littering behind her. The film opens with several devices intended by Willy Russell, to reflect Shirley's state of mind. The first of the devices is weather.

    • Word count: 3168
  6. How Shirley changes in coarse of the play, and how the play is organized to show the importance of these changes?

    When I read that line it made me realise that Shirley doesn't keep anything in her. Even if she didn't have any one to talk to she let her emotions or feelings out no matter whom she was talking to. This shows she is reflective and self-aware. I noticed something about Shirley's husband in the opening of the play. I think she was a bit frightened of Joe... "Oh God! What will he be like, eh wall? My feller? What will he be like when he finds out he's only getting' chips on' egg for his tea?"

    • Word count: 3140
  7. Shirley Valentine

    Joe says: "You little bugger." (133)&(15) This shows that Joe is using his head to try to get Shirley to come back. He is using the good times of his marriage to remind Shirley, at first she gets taken in by Joe's deceiving. Shirley says: "Do you remember when you first called me that." (133) She says this while laughing, so Joe could be thinking that he has made a good move in mentioning that. He is mistaken because Shirley realises that Joe is just using this as a devious way of trying to get her back.

    • Word count: 3011

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