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GCSE: Shirley Valentine

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  1. Shirley Valentine Extra Scene

    Joe You're a bloody loon Shirley you aint changed one bit. It's eight o' clock at night. Shirley I know but wouldn't it be romantic you and me under the stars sipping a carafe of wine together. Joe No it would not Shirley I have traveled all this way to find you and it's a Thursday so I want me tea now. Because its Thursday I want me usual steak and chips, don't think you have got away with it just because your in some backwards country, don't forget your vows Shirley Bradshaw when you married me you agreed to look after me in sickness and in health and if you don't look after me I will be sick!

    • Word count: 1003
  2. To what extent do Thelma and Louise and Shirley Valentine tell stories from a women's point of view about women's real life problems.'

    Thelma and Louise a road film featuring two women who are trying to run away from the law because Louise has shot a man who was trying to rape Thelma. Throughout their journey they go on a quest of self-discovery realising the mistakes they have made in life and finding their true identity among the ravages their partners have made of their character. Shirley Valentine similarly features a woman who goes on holiday to discover that she has lost herself, the person she once was 'Shirley Valentine' and become a slave, a typical housewife that always fulfils her husband's wishes.

    • Word count: 1927
  3. George W. Russell - A Study of his life, paintings and impact on Irish culture

    I started off by going to the Oriel Gallery a Clare Street to see some of his paintings. My next step was a visit to 3 Upper Ely Place (behind Saint Stephen's Green), a place where � Russell lived between 1891 and 1898 (1897) and one of two places in Dublin where you still can see an original mural signed � Russell. Sadly, a lot of his other murals on Dublin walls has been torn down, taking an important part of cultural heritage away with it. Lastly I visited the Mount Jerome Cemetery (Harold's Cross) where � Russell is buried.

    • Word count: 2639
  4. How does Willy Russell use dramatic devices to explore the issues and themes of Shirley Valentine?

    Marjorie's stereotype changes. In Shirley's flashback of school, Marjorie is a stereotypical 'teacher's pet'. She was bright, well behaved and had elocution lessons. Shirley is shocked by the change in Marjorie. Her expectations, based on the stereotype established in school, were completely demolished and Willy Russell points out to the audience how foolish it is to 'label' people and not expect them to develop or change out of the narrow parameters ascribed to them. The fact that Shirley expected Marjorie to have a good job demonstrates how we all, even if only subconsciously, make judgements on what we see.

    • Word count: 1408
  5. How does Shirley change in the course of the play and how is the play organised to show the importance of these changes.

    The soundtrack is a way in which to inform us of what the theme of the screenplay is. The soundtrack is about fulfilling dreams and also introduces the issues of regret and ambitions. This implies that the screenplay is about someone chasing dreams and escaping the stereotypical life they entrapped in. This helps the audience know what to expect from Shirley and gives an insight into her character. The film commences with Shirley arriving home with the shopping into a small terraced house.

    • Word count: 2848
  6. Shirley Valentine - review

    As the film begins the setting alone is enough to show the mood Shirley is in and set the ton for the beginning of the play. A very dull grey sky, streets, which are littered in a very working class area of Liverpool. The setting suggests that Shirley is feeling depressed and sad, which her facial expression also suggests. Willy Russell uses flashbacks in the play so the audience gets to know Shirley better. The flashbacks show us how Shirley's personality has changed and what events have influenced that change.

    • Word count: 1402
  7. Strickly ballroom - Scott is portrayed as a weak and selfish character. To what extent do you agree?

    There are even moments of bravery in Scott's portrayal. It is this bravery that makes Scott a square peg in his world, as he is the only one that possesses the courage to act on his passion. Scott is portrayed as a na�ve character at the commencement of Strictly Ballroom, due to the sheltered and narrow-minded environment in which he is "thrown into". However, throughout the film Scott develops into a mature and developed character through his exposure to the outside world and Fran.

    • Word count: 684
  8. Describe, Examine and Analyse how Willy Russell uses dramatic devices to illustrate issues in "Shirley Valentine".

    Russell himself left school at 15 with just a basic English qualification- hardly the dizzy heights of academia which his father hoped for him to reach. Shirley also disliked school, due to a bullying headmistress, she could never reach her potential. Shirley is stuck in a loop of cooking and cleaning- Russell ended up in a cycle of moving from place to place himself, but, as Shirley goes to do, he defies the odds and makes an account of himself to the world.

    • Word count: 2400
  9. Traditions in "The lottery" by Shirley Jackson.

    This story is replete with symbolism, symbolism reflecting the dichotomy of humanity, the good and the evil of mankind. "The Lottery," Its Social Order and Male Superiority Issue As much as we would like to believe that men and women are viewed as equals in our society, often times we are disappointed. "The Lottery" describes a town's people who gathered on an ordinary summer day to perform a sacrificial ceremony village of any sense of noncompliance to its male governing hierarchical order making Tessie Hutchinson an unwitting sacrifice to serve the purpose of safeguarding the positions of capital is patriarchs.

    • Word count: 612
  10. Shirley Valentine.

    This would make us think that the movie is about Shirley and her unsatisfied life. The film opens with Shirley doing one of her domestic activities. She's carrying her bags of shopping in to the kitchen in a uncheery manner. Shirley then closes the door and leans against it . A moment later we have her talking to the wall "Hello wall" to indicate that she must be lonely and even shows us that she must be fed-up. Gillian pops by and asks Shirley to come over. Shirley (vo) said, "oooo she's got a brain tumour".

    • Word count: 1824
  11. “I believecomedy is the best way to learn the truth about ourselves. Maybe it’s noaccident that human beings are the only animals that laugh.” (Jack Rosenthal).What truths about human nature does Willy Russell hope to teach his audiencethro

    Shirley however seizes the chance she is given by her best friend Jane and challenges her reality. Shirley follows her dream "I'd like to drink a glass of wine in a country where the grape is grown. Sittin' by the sea just sippin' wine and watching the sun go down." The audience see Shirley's character develop. Shirley starts off very unsure of herself but Jane gives her the confidence despite Joe's criticisms to be independent and make decisions for herself. This is also highlighted when Shirley buys a bikini. "With my stretch marks? I'd get arrested for bringin' the human form into disrepute."

    • Word count: 1252
  12. How does Willy Russell succeed in creating a believable and appealing character in his Heroine, for the play Shirley Valentine

    Shirley's main dream is to go to Greece. Shirley is seen as a normal house wife, with two children that have left home, she has a husband, and she always sticks to her routine, for example she always cooks her husband Egg and Chips on Tuesday and Steak on Thursday. Shirley lives in a small semi-detached house with a small front garden. Also at the beginning of the play depict the scenes show Shirley doing her domestic activities such as cleaning, making beds and gardening. When she walks into the house the first thing she says is "Hello Wall," which puts the idea in our heads that she is lonely and bored and has arrived at what is commonly known as a mid life crisis.

    • Word count: 1122
  13. Shirley's monologe - Shirley Valentine.

    He'll realise that I don't want a life that's a monotonous routine. I learnt that on countdown yesterday! What do you think Wall? Ohhh Wall sorry I've talking in my head how could you of heard me, you're a good listener but you aren't psychic. Anyway I was just thinking about how I hope that Joe will realise that I'm going to start taking charge in the kitchen and I'm going to show it to him by changing his steak for eggs.

    • Word count: 1559
  14. How does the playwright, Willy Russell, make the strong, rebellious and independent aspects of Shirley’s character stand out against the dreary confines of the Liverpudlian kitchen sink setting where we first see her?

    Another theme Russell explores is how other people's opinions and expectations influence you. This is shown in what Joe expects Shirley to have done when he gets home from work; this is also shown in the way Millandra reacts when Shirley tells her she is going to Greece. The theme of people feeling desperate is also shown when Joe throws the Chips and Egg over Shirley and she finally snaps and decides what she has to do. Another theme shown in the play is that of the daily grind of everyday life and feeling trapped.

    • Word count: 1449
  15. How i would direct scenes 30 to 33 of Willy Russell's Shirley Valentine.

    Firstly, I will look at their clothing. I think Shirley should wear a very motherly clothes not all that poor but the normal clothes every mother would wear. This shows that she is a typical middle-aged housewife. It also tells us something of her background, which was very working class. Marjorie should wear very well designed clothes, and wear some kind nice jewels. This reflects her background, which is a middle class and her current career which is a first class hooker.

    • Word count: 674
  16. "Comedy is the best way for us to learn the truth aboutourselves" according to Willy Russell - What have you learnt during the course of the play and how is it a learning experience for the characters within it?

    to make something of your life "I've lived such a little life and even that will be over soon" There are many different techniques used to convey humour in the play and Willy Russell uses all of them very well. Ranges of one line comments are used to express how Shirley is feeling these techniques are know as verbal and visual humour sometimes Shirley would do or say something to show her unhappiness but in a funny way "It's the eleventh commandment.

    • Word count: 998
  17. Character study of Shirley Valentine.

    The first few flashbacks we see confirm what Shirley is feeling and how people take advantage of her. They show that her life is not her own, but it seems as though everyone else controls her. Her life is just so predicable and boring. She hardly ever goes out to have fun, and is very easily over-ruled. She envies people especially Gillian who is always jetting off to some exotic place whilst Shirley is at home looking after her husband, Joe. Shirley is basically Joe's slave he expects her to have everything ready for when he gets home: (E.g. Is it ready then? I get my tea at six o'clock and it's near ten past. What's goin' on?)

    • Word count: 1503
  18. Shirley valentine by Willie Russell.

    Jane eventually convinces Shirley to accompany her on the holiday. Shirley and Jane leave in the day and they get on the plane to leave for Greece. When Joe gets in from work he finds a note attached to a Greek tourist poster pinned on the door saying 'gone to Greece, be back in two weeks'. The first additional scene takes place at Joe's work. A medium sized factory with workers in it. Joe walks in front of a moving forklift truck with his head facing the floor and nearly gets run over by it.

    • Word count: 1904
  19. Economic comparisons of First world countries and their GDP.

    After the parents have finished resting they return to work and leave by 7:00. Dinner is at 8:30 and the family is in bed by 11:00. From this we can see that Greek and Italian are not all that different. This lifestyle trait is common amongst majority of europe and especially with countries on the mediterrenean. It is because of this break in the day for lunch that business trading hours and school are divided. Italy's 56.7 million inhabitants are not evenly distributed throughout the peninsula. Many are concentrated within the major cities of Milan , Naples, Rome, Genoa and Turin.

    • Word count: 3277
  20. Shirley Valentine - How does Shirley change in the course of the play, and how is the play organised to show the importance of these changes?

    Some of the lyrics may suggest that Shirley has lost herself and speaks about losing your identity. The combined effect of these devices introduces to the key themes of the play and creates a suitable depressing and hopeless atmosphere to compliment the mood of the opening section. By looking at the opening credits, lyrics and soundtrack it makes us think the film will be about a bored housewife who has a life of wasted opportunities littering behind her. The film opens with several devices intended by Willy Russell, to reflect Shirley's state of mind. The first of the devices is weather.

    • Word count: 3168
  21. How Shirley changes in coarse of the play, and how the play is organized to show the importance of these changes?

    When I read that line it made me realise that Shirley doesn't keep anything in her. Even if she didn't have any one to talk to she let her emotions or feelings out no matter whom she was talking to. This shows she is reflective and self-aware. I noticed something about Shirley's husband in the opening of the play. I think she was a bit frightened of Joe... "Oh God! What will he be like, eh wall? My feller? What will he be like when he finds out he's only getting' chips on' egg for his tea?"

    • Word count: 3140
  22. How does Willy Russell address issues of gender in the extracts from 'Shirley Valentine'?

    It is here in this time where Willy Russell sets his play 'Shirley Valentine'. The play is a monologue from the character Shirley, a middle aged woman, the wife of Joe, a believer that a woman's role is as a housewife, and a mother to two children both of who have move away from home and are part of the new youth culture. In the play Shirley tells the audience of her situation at home and how it lead her to go to Greece in search of her lost youth, to become Shirley Valentine again the girl she was before her marriage to Joe.

    • Word count: 989
  23. A Comparison between Billy Liar and Shirley Valentine

    Shirley Valentine on the other hand was written as a film script, by the author Willy Russell in the 1980's, but the story is very similar to that of Billy Liar. Shirley is a housewife and mother to two grown up children. Her husband Joe is very insensitive and unaffectionate. Shirley's best friend Jane invites Shirley to spend two weeks with her in Greece on holiday. Like Billy, Shirley wants very much to escape her mundane and structure lifestyle, but is apprehensive, after a row with Joe she is determined to go.

    • Word count: 999
  24. By What Means Does Willy Russell Engage Our Sympathy For Shirley In The Opening Part Of The Play?

    Shirley has an ability to make humour out of what may be at discomfort to her. Maybe the marriage to Joe is an example of this. Shirley's life becomes jaded and boring, as her life seemed to go down hill after marrying Joe. "They say don't they...I felt like that at twenty-five". It seems as though Shirley was cheated out fifteen years in her life, which creates sympathy for Shirley. Shirley finds it hard to make friends and to socialize with others. "I haven't known Jane all that long, but she's great." Shows this and Shirley is troubled when she hears that Jane is going to Greece for two weeks.

    • Word count: 704
  25. Shirley Valentine

    Joe says: "You little bugger." (133)&(15) This shows that Joe is using his head to try to get Shirley to come back. He is using the good times of his marriage to remind Shirley, at first she gets taken in by Joe's deceiving. Shirley says: "Do you remember when you first called me that." (133) She says this while laughing, so Joe could be thinking that he has made a good move in mentioning that. He is mistaken because Shirley realises that Joe is just using this as a devious way of trying to get her back.

    • Word count: 3011

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