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GCSE: Dylan Thomas

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  1. Dylan Thomas was born on October 27, 1914 in Swansea, Wales

    Thomas' vacillating religious beliefs had a lot to do with his reckless lifestyle and love for the drink. He would often go out to the bars and be gone for hours at a time, leaving his worried wife and children oblivious to what he was doing. His wife soon found out about his problem, and became concerned. His drinking began to get out of control when he would get engaged in huge disputes and fights in public places. His drinking is what led to his eventual death in 1953 at age 39. He died of alcohol poisoning in his hotel room in New York City after an all night drinking binge.

    • Word count: 1977
  2. In The Snack-Bar By Edwin Morgan - review

    Unfortunately, the toilet is down two flights of stairs so it takes a long time to reach it. When they finally arrive the man's weakness still shows through, "I draw his hands gently into the roar of the hot air, but he cannot rub them together." They must now make their way back up the stairs. Although the man pauses for breath, he never gives up, "which is the nature of man when all is said." Once the man has left the snack bar his struggle is not over.

    • Word count: 957
  3. Describe the imagery in "Fern Hill".

    The poet evokes his joys, mysteries, wonders of childhood in his poem "Fern Hill" through a series of image. Dylan Thomas attached great importance to the use of imagery and an understanding of his imagery is essential for an understanding of his poetry. As he was a poet both of the sea and the woods, the sense and sights of the countryside, the various objects and phenomena of nature - are the most important sources of imagery in his poetry. Imagery of pain, diseases, decay and death as well as s****l imagery are also frequent. The poet's golden and sunlit child was happy in the song filled house.

    • Word count: 1030
  4. 'The Hunchback in the park,' was a poem written by Dylan Thomas based on reality.

    The solitary makes the isolation significant because he is always left by himself and he is stripped from humanity because of his deformity. Thomas has focused on this mans isolation from the community he lies in, and the normality of work and housing. Sitting there 'eating out of a newspaper,' the reader can feel how the Hunchback has in a way become part of the park. In this part of the poem the poet wants to describe the man as not being an individual which he in reality he is but someone paying for the deformity he has.

    • Word count: 1134
  5. Under Milk Wood - review.

    The dead Mr Ogmore and the dead Mr Pritchard are often in Mrs Ogmore Pritchard's dreams. In these dreams they are lying beside her in her bed, one to each side of her. And here she wakes in her dreams and gives Mr Ogmore a nudge in the ribs. Then she starts to command them and treats them as if they were totally unable to live by themselves. Once they are awake she starts this, firstly by telling them that 'it is time to inhale your balsam'.

    • Word count: 2287
  6. Analyse how the poet deals the theme ofisolation in ‘A Hunchback in the Park,’ by Dylan Thomas.

    Thomas has focused on this mans isolation from the community he lies in, and the normality of work and housing. Sitting there 'eating out of a newspaper,' the reader can feel how the Hunchback has in a way become part of the park, and Thomas has decided to take a unique look at him. 'Propped between trees and water,' gives the reader the impression of loneliness and the hunchback decollates to everyone, a feature who is mocked and spurred for being different.

    • Word count: 619
  7. Comparing 'Twelve Songs' by W.H.Auden and 'Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night' by Dylan Thomas

    Dylan Thomas uses these two lines throughout the whole poem but only uses those two instructions either at the beginning or the end of each stanza. W.H.Auden uses a lot of Instructions, in fact the whole poem is just instructions:" Stop all the clocks...''pack up the moon and dismantle the sun..." But none of the instructions are repeated at any other point in the poem. The Instructions work so well because it really expresses both poets' feelings about loosing a loved one, by telling people what to do.

    • Word count: 1993
  8. Dylan Thomas' style in Under Milk Wood.

    emotions "O Tom, d**k & Harry were three fine men" the whole song is very sombre and is a technique that wasn't used in very many plays. It is very effective and the songs are repeated again numerous times throughout the play this use of familiar repetition is another attractive device to incite the listeners. To contrast the sombre song there is a happy song about Johnnie Crack and Flossie Snail sung by young children this is very useful as it is a step from the opaque and poetic style that he normally used.

    • Word count: 2010
  9. The Town of Llareggub

    He also refers to a gentle salty breeze throughout the introductory passage. This village is described as old-fashioned in terms of customs and the inhabitants? possessions. The inhabitants also appear god-fearing, with the church featuring prominently in the town. The sea is described as black in the night, and also as bobbing the fishing boats. All of these aspects about the town have been portrayed in an interesting way. Dylan Thomas creates the theme of darkness at the beginning of the introduction and follows it through until the end.

    • Word count: 708

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