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GCSE: John Betjeman

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  1. The Giant Maggot

    There is no one to talk to. I am on my own. Secluded. Isolated. Inaccessible. Cut off from humans. There is nothing that will confront my brain, something that will stimulate it. Some days I end up counting and taking notice of stuff, like how many times the guards have their brakes, what times they have them in, who patrols where and on what day. I even know their personal problems their family and even their childhood. I just listen. Time passes slowly. It seems an eternity. That's why I'm writing a story. Once a day I'm authorized to go outside.

    • Word count: 2134
  2. Touch with Fire Notes

    * A poisonous snake * The poet believes that he should kill the snake but he cannot do so. Was it because the snake was quite? No harm? He was too cowardly? Drinking as if it was an invited guest? Or because he felt honors that such a creature should come out from the earth to visit him? * After drinking, the snake prepares to go back down into his hole in the wall but the author is suddenly horrified at the idea of it going back into the darkness, and without thinking he throws a 'clumsy log' at it but he was sorry for what he did.

    • Word count: 2102

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