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GCSE: John Betjeman

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  1. Compare and Contrast the Poetry of James Berry and John Betjeman, with particular reference to the Cultural Differences. Refer to at Least two Poems by each Poet

    Lucy is used to the unspoilt beauty of the Jamaican scenery so London comes as a big change. She describes it to Leela as: "A parish Of a pasture-lan what Grown crisscross streets." In Jamaica Lucy could leave her door unlocked but write of how she can't do that in London: "I carry keys everywhere Life here's no open summer." She sees the lifestyle as monotonous because every day seems the same. She feels in some ways that she doesn't really belong in London. In the poem 'From Lucy: Englan' Lady' she describes the Queen as being, "Like she a space touris'," because she is somewhat alienated from the rest of the population.

    • Word count: 1471
  2. An Appreciation Of Rhythm

    The writer uses school boy slang which makes you think a bit more about what the boy is trying to say and the different way he conveys his feelings. The boy begins to loose concentration on what he is doing and 'looks through the window' and sees a wall and begins to imagine what he really wants to do. The Poet then brings in a character, 'Old Jerry'. Old Jerry is the boys English teacher and the boy doesn't like Old Jerry because in real life Old Jerry knows that the boy isn't good at English.

    • Word count: 626
  3. Analysis of "Slough" by John Betjemen

    Furthermore, he compares mind and breath to ?tinned milk, tinned beans?, which could possibly be used to symbolise how ?mind and breath? have lost all value or meaning.In addition, he refers to ?peroxide hair? and ?synthetic air?. This could possibly be used by Betjemen to portray the artificial nature of modern living and how unnatural and superficial it is. This cynicism is emphasised by the way in which this poem makes use of lots of enjambment. This could possibly suggest that this poem is a sort of ?rant? by Betjemen, and that he releases all his views in a sort of ?stream of consciousness?.

    • Word count: 667

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