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GCSE: Other Poets

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    Base Details is a war poem written by Siegfried Sassoon in 1918. The year of 1918 was a crucial one in the First World War, and Base Details seeks to explore some of the bitterness and cruelty

    3 star(s)

    Most notable is perhaps how the author chooses to purposely understate serious issues, in order to suggest patriotic and sympathetic feelings for the reader. An example of such an understatement would be line 7 which says: "Yes we've lost heavily in this last scrap." "Scrap" in this context means "battle". However, we'd normally see "scrap" used in context with normal, unimportant fights, and even used as another term for "junk" or "garbage". This implies that the 'major' who articulates this line is obviously understating and fails to acknowledge the consequences, dramatic events, and horrors of the particular battle, thus making the reader feel disgusted about this 'major' character.

    • Word count: 698
  2. Peer reviewed

    Poetry from different Cultures

    5 star(s)

    The cocoa pod is from somewhere like Africa. In the second line, the way the words are placed really emphasises the word 'never' as it catches you out when reading out loud. You would normally say that phrase as 'is never', but in this poem, to emphasize the rhythm and the word 'never' the sentence is 'never is'. In the second stanza, onomatopoeia plays a fairly big part, taking over 3 words, 'drip', 'splash' and 'echo'. I think this not only gives a strong visual image, but allows the reader/listener of the poem to really imagine what's going on.

    • Word count: 873
  3. Poem Analysis : The First Day at School by Roger McGough

    His many observations and his deductions on what he sees enacts to the discovery of his naivety and obliviousness. Feelings of apprehension, first -day jitters and diffidence is felt as he went through this life-changing experience. It is shown through his repeated misspelt words ('...lessins','...glassrooms') and wrong understanding of the ringing of the bell; 'Waiting for the bell to go. (To go where?)'With that, this would be the theme. There are many use of the literary device diction in this poem. Reason so is that the poem is written in a child's viewpoint, where a child (still in his early years)

    • Word count: 935
  4. In Paris With You. Paris is referred to as the city of love, which may indicate that this is a love poem. The narrator of the poem sounds like a woman.

    The speaker continues to develop the theme of surviving heartbreak by comparing his or her situation with that of being marooned or being a hostage. Presumably, the reference to being marooned invokes a sense of isolation and vulnerability, just as the word 'hostage' suggests that they are trapped, perhaps trapped in their feelings for an old relationship. The last line of the stanza, 'But I'm in Paris with you' suggests a contrasting set of emotions, whereby the speaker's unhappy feelings are somehow tempered by the fact that he or she is with someone special in Paris.

    • Word count: 829
  5. The poem Marrysong by Dennis Scott is about a man who is desperate to understand his wife as he struggles to predict her feelings and reactions.

    Further into the poem many references are continuously made about the woman's mind as being like a "new country" an area unknown, yet to be explored and something to be part of "geography" (something that will be studied). It is described that this man as having "charted" her but the "roads disappeared.

    • Word count: 527
  6. Sonnet 29. This sonnet by Edna St. Vincent Millay is attempt to explain her worry of time aging her beauty away, resulting in her lover to loose interest in her.

    This is repeated again in the 3rd line and throughout the sonnet to emphasize its effect. The connotation to death is made in 'at close of day' you conclude that the women is near to death, which leads us to think that she is old. Therefore, the phase 'passed away', which implies that something is gone or that it disappeared, showing us that what was 'passed away' was her youth. Furthermore, in the phrase 'field to thicket', 'field' illustrates that something free and limitless; representing her when she was young.

    • Word count: 512
  7. Analysis of "Harmonium" by Simon Armitage

    The church's harmonium has been left in the church porch, ready to 'be bundled off to the skip'. The narrator asks his elderly father to help him carry out the harmonium out of the church. As the two men carry the harmonium the father makes a joke where that the next time the son carries a heavy weight out of the church in a box it will be his coffin. The persona of the poem tries to respond but he is unable to, perhaps due to the emotion he feels at the thought of his father's death.

    • Word count: 636
  8. "Brothers" by Forster. The poem Brothers explores the relationship between two brothers

    The themes, apart from relationships, that I feel could be linked to this poem are growing up and independence. The reason being is because the older brother, who is only nine years old at this time, consistently tries to convince himself that he is responsible enough to do things that adults do. For instance on the last line of the second stanza, the narrator quoted that he and Paul 'must stroll the town' as they would be 'doing what grown-ups do'.

    • Word count: 807
  9. Nettles by Vernon Scannel. Vernon Scannells poem Nettles, creates a sense of pity when you read it as the image of a young boy falling in a nettle patch isnt pleasant.

    Bed seemed like a curious name for those little green spears That regiment of spite behind the shed" This scheme of rhyming the last word of every second line continues throughout the poem's entirety and in a strange way is quite comforting. Although the subject matter is nettles and being stung by them. The theme of this poem is war, although at first this may be unnoticeable. But once you reads it again you'll find many connotations of war contained within descriptions.

    • Word count: 700
  10. How the narrator is portrayed in Norman McCaig's "Aunt Julia".

    He really wished that he can talk with her. He has a passion and anger because he gets no answer. He then starts to describe her as a strange person "She wore men's boots" which shows that she is a hard worker woman. She gives the encouragement and the example of fast, active and strong woman who can do a man's work. He admires and compares her to nature and conveys her magical technique on the spinning wheel and he is comparing her with the air speed "marvellously out of the air "adjective to show us her magical skill.

    • Word count: 603
  11. How the narrator is portrayed in "Nettles" by Vernon Scannell.

    He feels worry about his son "sobs and tears" it's a metaphor to show he is upset and he would cry for his son who shows an example of loyalty and love. The narrator uses an imagery of the war showing that "nettles" are the enemies describing them as "blisters beaded" it's alliteration using heavy "b" to show how harmful the pain is to carry for an young child "his tender skin" shows that his son is soft and slender, the a connotations of war contrast with his son innocence and the fierce nettles.

    • Word count: 587
  12. Commentary on Rita Doves Fish Stone

    Diction, poem structures also important literary devices, and Rita Dove's selection of words contribute to the meaning of the poem. Imagery is also linked to symbolism. Throughout the poem, there are many symbols that can be interpreted. The symbols contribute to the overall meaning of the poem, in a tacit manner. This style can be seen In her style of imagery.

    • Word count: 601
  13. By considering the use of language, how does Simon Armitage portray the importance of his mother, in Mother, any distance greater than a single span?

    This first can be viewed as the measuring tape representing age and time. The phrase "You at the zero-end," shows how his mother has been with him, since the beginning of his life; at time zero of his life, shown by "unreeling years between us". As he grows older the length between his mother increases as he ages and so his age increases, similar to a length or distance. It also symbolises how he becomes more independent. As he grows older he relies less on his mother and so moves further away. The measuring tape is also representing an umbilical cord.

    • Word count: 923
  14. Michael Longleys poem The Pattern is about how a mans memories start flooding back when he rediscovers the bridal pattern for his wifes wedding dress. At first he is nervous to uncover the full truth about his wife and to look back on the p

    The envelope that held the pattern is described as 'fat'. This is a very simple, uninteresting adjective, which suggests that what is on the outside does not always reflect what is on the inside. For example the envelope may have been unattractive and insignificant to the man, but the pattern inside it held important and interesting memories. The poet is also nervous about unfolding the pattern, leading us to believe that he does not want to revisit the past and unlock the unwanted memories lying inside him.

    • Word count: 870
  15. TS Eliot Poetry/The Turning

    Although she recognises that change fundamental which is advantageous, she is unable to instigate change due to fear, not of change itself but the consequences it may bring. Her inability to express herself means that the resolution is elusive "watched TV with the sound off...how f******pointless people were without their voices" conveys her inability to verbalise her opinions and thus results in no resolutions to her implications. The "too Scared to leave him" highlights the detrimental consequences change will have specifically on her.

    • Word count: 982
  16. The short lyric poem, "maggie and milly and molly and may," is written by a famous American poet, Edward Estlin Cummings. The poem is about four young girls that go to the beach. Each girl's personality is revealed by what she does.

    Maggie found a seashell that sang so pleasant that she couldn't remember her problems. Milly became friends with a starfish. Molly was chased by a crab that frightened her. And May came home with a smooth stone that she found. Finally, E. E. Cummings concludes by making a profound statement: we find ourselves by the sea. The speaker in the poem could be either a male of a female. The speaker was most likely hidden somewhere, and he/she was observing what the kids were playing with or what they found.

    • Word count: 456
  17. In her poem "Patterns", Amy Lowell created a vivid image of all the patterns surrounding the main character in the garden. She used patterns to describe the life of the woman and how it would've been if her lover had not passed away.

    The woman in the poem is saddened by the death of her lover. Knowing that death was a risk when her lover engaged in war, she has to accept the news with dignity. She has to stage a front to hide her emotions, in effect; she has to stay in her pattern. For her, life is a pattern and she has no way of escaping it. With the news of her lover's death, she begins to see life in patterns.

    • Word count: 491
  18. A Close Analysis of Pages 11+12 In Gawain and The Green Knight (Simon Armitage)

    Then when it says 'which might signal the king to start his supper' this tells us the king is very wealthy and need to taste it and he might send it back, this could show he was a fussy king. The story then says 'for barely had the horns finished blowing their breath and with starters just spooned to their seated guests', the horns had barely finished blowing their breath, this means it could have been a timed entrance, deliberately to make it look grand.

    • Word count: 764
  19. How does the poem Dover Beach manage to convey the poets disgust and sense of hopelessness so well?

    The poet describes the sea as "calm to-night. The tide is full, the moon lies fair", lines which set the reader at ease and gently let us feel the beauty of this scene. When we read on to the second stanza we hear "the grating roar of pebbles which the waves draw back and fling". This more aggressive line indicates that the sea that was acting so peacefully is now turning violent. The sound of the waves is described as "the eternal note of sadness". We really get the feeling that the poet is disturbed by these sounds in the poem.

    • Word count: 657
  20. Eliot's 'Journey of the Magi'

    It was also a poem that was inspired by a religious sermon, one preached by Lancelot Andrews that told of the struggle the wise men had to face journeying to the side of Christ. However, this is by no means all the poem is about: delve beneath its surface and you will come to understand that 'Journey' is very much about Eliot's own struggle with his religious identity. His metaphorical journey of rebirth is similar to the Magi's literal one: one that is fraught with hardship, but one that has its own bittersweet rewards.

    • Word count: 792
  21. Poem Analysis: Kid by Simon Armitage

    Robin and Batman have separated and Robin is bitter and angry with Batman. At first, using imagery, Robin describes the separation as being set free. "Let me loose to wonder...through the wild blue yonder." In contrast, he describes his own opinion on leaving Batman. "As you liked to say, or ditched me, rather, in the gutter." Robin feels betrayed so he reveals Batman's secrets. "Let the cat out on that caper with the married woman."

    • Word count: 443
  22. Brooklyn Cop by Norman MacCaig. The poem is about a cop who works in Brooklyn, New York which is known to be a rather violent society, thus making the job of a cop there even tougher.

    The poet as states the gorilla is "thick fleshed" to emphasis yet again that the cop is big built, large, muscly, tough and has a thick outer shell. "Built like a gorilla but less timid" I found this interesting because the joke provides a light-hearted opening. It's not a very flattering image as it compares the man to a gorilla which I find odd because gorillas are naturally wild animals that you wouldn't expect a police officer upholding law and order to be compared to.

    • Word count: 924
  23. In the Snack Bar - bravery

    This simile also conveys the man's bravery as it shows that despite him being a prisoner of his own disability - or metaphorically 'caught in a tent' - he refuses to give in to the pressures of his disability and his detachment from society. Morgan here, in my opinion, very effectively employs the simile and the transferred epithet to appeal to the reader and also to evoke sympathy for the disabled man which further augments the reader's understating of the man's bravery and endurance.

    • Word count: 909
  24. Extended Writing on Maya Angelou(TM)s poem Caged Bird

    This sets off a feeling of freedom of the bird. Angelou then shows us that, after the burst of energy, the bird relaxes as "he floats downstream till the current ends." This reflects very positive imagery and he is not putting much energy into doing what he is doing. In the last line the bird "dares to claim the sky" give us an idea of a risk taker and the fact that he is able to take risks. This verse is free, meaning it has no rhyme and I think this relates to the freedom of the bird.

    • Word count: 990

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