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GCSE: Other Poets

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  1. Thomas Kinsella - A personal response Thomas Kinsella is a poet that is very aware of transience.

    It shows that even in his work, he thinks about those who mean a lot to him. A poem that has a very strong sense of transience is 'Mirror in February'. The poet has an epiphany while shaving in the mirror one day. He realizes that he is the same age as Jesus when he died,"reach the age of Christ", but yet the poet has not accomplished his life's mission. To me, it seems as if the poet obsesses over his age and the fear of growing old "for they are not made whole".

    • Word count: 2035
  2. Poetry Comparision - Coming Home (by Curtis Bennet) & The Man He Killed (by Thomas Hardy)

    This characterisation is ironic as Thomas Hardy, from what we know, didn't go to war. On the other hand Curtis Bennet is a war veteran and is aware of the horrors of war. I think that it is for this reason that, although Coming Home is written by an onlooker, it has more provocative language and forces the reader to consider the deeper implications of war. This continues to show throughout the poem as the poet's thoughts become more apparent.

    • Word count: 2489

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