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GCSE: Other Poets

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  1. Out Out Poem Analysis

    This is suggested, if not implied, by the poems simplistic underlying overall message conveyed about everyday life. It essentially articulates that societies greatest downfall is naivety which leads to inevitable misfortune, or at least this is what I interpret. At first, the saw in the poem is seen as the main perpetrator, responsible for the tragic death of the boy. Remember, though heavy imagery and personification was used throughout the poem but centred mostly around the saw, drawing attention away from the dominant fundamental cause - the naivety of the boys sister. The entire situation of a young boy handling such heavy machinery, which could be compared to a much stronger grown man, almost determines the fate of the boy from the very beginning, despite what the sister did.

    • Word count: 650
  2. Comparing the movie of The 13th Warrior and the Epic of Beowulf.

    The characters, Beowulf Beowulf, and Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan The 13th Warrior are of different groups. Beowulf is Anglo Saxon and bullseye is Swedish. In The 13th Warrior groups of men fight the evil which are men dressed up as bears, called Wendol possibly to seem more frightening, and their mother, who is an evil witch person and the leader.

    • Word count: 581
  3. The title of Crabbed Age and Youth is important because it gives us an idea of Deloneys view of age

    We know this because he says, ?age is weak and cold, ?age is lame? and ?age?s breath is short?. However if you were to interpret the poem to demonstrate a parent-child relationship, then the poem can be taken in a new, different way. Consequently ?age? would represent a parent and ?youth? would represent a child. You could say that due to the fact that the view is so stereotypical that the poem is written by someone young, because they have not experienced what it is like to be old.

    • Word count: 2120
  4. Beowulf the movie and Beowulf the poem stay pretty close in comparison except for a few major details and a few smaller details

    In the movie, Grendel has a reason to want revenge. In the poem however, he kills the Danes because he is a monster and that is his nature. In the movie, Grendel doesn?t want to harm Beowulf or the Danes because he doesn?t think they deserve it and that they haven?t done him wrong, unlike in the poem where Grendel kills them for no real reason. Another difference would be that in the poem Beowulf goes back to Geatland, home of the Geats, to become king but in the movie Beowulf stays in Denmark, home of the Danes, to take over for Hrothgar after his death.

    • Word count: 603
  5. Beowulf. The epic, Beowulf, by an unknown poet, accurately portrays the characteristics of an epic hero.

    Beowulf, who claims to be the mightiest warrior in existence, courageously destroys any monster in his path. As he converses with Hrothgar, king of a land terrorized by the evil monster Grendel, he expresses his power shown in the past. Beowulf tells Hrothgar, ?I drove Five great giants into chains, chased/All of that race from the Earth,? speaking of his evil-fighting past (154-155). Raising justice against these monsters takes a lot of strength, which many men do not have. Beowulf, however, carries the necessary amount of power to complete these tasks. Later on, when Beowulf finally gets in front of Grendel, ?He who had come to them from across the sea, ? had driven affliction/Off, purged Herot clean,? just as he has promised.

    • Word count: 688
  6. A Parental Ode to My Son Poem Analysis

    The last part ?by moonlight pale? could mean that his son is bursting with energy and can play all day till night time when the moon is out. The poem also suggests that the poet?s son is mischievous but also innocent by using phrases like ?Thou imp of mirth and joy!? which suggests the writer is saying his son is a mischievous child of laughter and joy.

    • Word count: 591
  7. How do the words of Tennyson's poem express Marianas frustration and depression?

    Tennyson uses pathetic fallacy regularly to enhance the mood that is being put forward to the reader. A point that is being made is that fact that Mariana has being living in this house for quite some time, which has partially led to her frustration. This image of frustration, stagnation and despair is reflected in her environment: ?blackest moss?, ?rusted nails?, ?broken sheds? and ?ancient?. These images effectively lead the reader to associate these characteristics with Mariana, and then to presume that she, too, is lacking vitality, and is therefore frustrated with where she is.

    • Word count: 776
  8. Epitath for Beowulf. Beowulf will be missed for his courageous actions, compassion towards his people and his strong will to fight.

    If he saw trouble, no matter what country, he would do go to the country to defeat their monster. He has fought and won battles against many monsters. He also cared about people from other countries. He went to Denmark to save Hrothgar and his people from the monster Grendel. He did not do this for the money that he would receive after he did it for glory and to bring peace to Denmark.

    • Word count: 495
  9. Walter De La Mare The Keys of morning Commentary draft

    Also in this verse there is juxtaposition ?Death softly watching her in the sunshine pale and sweet?. It is strange to put death and sunshine together as death is frequently associated with darkness. Also De La Mare writes that the sunshine is pale and sweet. However the sun cannot be sweet. Therefore it is a metaphor. The second stanza is a description of death and the keys he is holding. ?He sat with half-shut eyes like an old sailor in a ship?. This is a simile. In this verse De La Mare writes ?These peeping small, Louisa saw quite clearly?.

    • Word count: 1115
  10. Analysis of "The Highwayman" written by Alfred Noyes

    Instead, she would have to sacrifice her life in order to save her lover. This is further reinforced by ?and h**l at one dark window?, further suggesting that Bess?s life was near ending. Furthermore, the simile ?? down like a dog?, suggests the horrid death of The Highwayman as the kings men hunted him showing no remorse. Here the poet creates the horrific image of death; death that compared to an animal being hunted down. Secondly, poet uses ?similes? throughout as another technique to help further develop a clear and concise image of the events almost like a moving picture.

    • Word count: 1641

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