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GCSE: Thomas Hardy

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    Discussing my overall view of Thomas Hardy's poetry about him being pessimistic.

    3 star(s)

    In Stanza 3 Hardy uses words such as ' rotten, ript, rose'. These words gives many meanings to it, the word rotten can mean death, something dying, decayed. It may tell us how Hardy sees thing, the word ript gives the reader an onomatopoeic feeling, and it shows an image of something being torn. This can show how Hardy mood is, it also gives the tone and expression. The word rose can mean love, something bright, nature, and positives. These words so close together in the same stanza gives the reader an impression that Hardy sees nature or love in a way of decay something dying, he sees this as being torn.

    • Word count: 967
  2. Show how Hardy responds to the death of his wife, the thoughts and feelings expressed and the variety of devices he employs.

    His use of soft sounds indicates his wish that he could give the 'softest call' to say goodbye to her properly, and this is reinforced by his use of alliteration in the soft, wishful sounds of 'utter a wish for a word, while'. These soft sounds are then quickly replaced by the harsh reality of the situation, as Hardy sees 'morning harden upon the wall'. The rest of the stanza is concentrated on how much her death has affected him and more precisely how he did not know that it would affect him so much.

    • Word count: 4961
  3. The man he killed analysis. Through this poem, Hardy is expressing the human vs. social conflict. He shows the stupidity of the war as compared to the patriotic beliefs towards war of those at home

    He was very disgruntled about humanity's place in the scheme of all things. Through this poem, he is trying to convey that there are no good reasons in fighting the war. In the first stanza the main two characters are introduced. The action has already taken place. The poet is therefore reflecting on the event. "Had he and I but met" - the use of word "but" gives a clue that this stanza is about an alternate situation that could've happened. The idea in first stanza is in contrast to that in the second stanza.

    • Word count: 719
  4. How far do you agree with the view that Hardys poems are fundamentally about human error and failure?

    The connotations of its 'jewels' being the pinnacle of the Titanic's glory heightens the juxtaposition to the vivid image of them lying dead, with the 'sea-worm' crawling over the ship suggesting it is left there to rot. Hardy uses this contrast to criticise the failure of the Titanic, showing the reader how the great and "unsinkable ship" was left under the 'rhythmic' tides of the ocean. Hardy, however, goes further to blame the sinking on human ignorance as the even the 'dim moon-faced fishes' question 'what does this vaingloriousness down here?'.

    • Word count: 685
  5. With close textual references to On the Western Circuit and The Withered Arm, explore Hardys critique of relationships between men and women in a Victorian society?

    However, both stories also possess, as Hardy would have put it, detail within detail. The point of my essay is to get across Hardy's message on a woman's role in marriage, as Hardy would have done to his reading audience. Throughout the essay it will become plain why Hardy felt so strongly about a woman's role in marriage, and why he chose to write with women as the main characters. Channeling his opinion through the narrative voice is Hardy's main technique used to investigate the thorny issue of marriage.

    • Word count: 2065
  6. How does Hardy create sympathy

    The lonely position of the house evokes compassion for Rhoda, as well, as they are both segregated from the community, as if no-one wants them. Rhoda starts to become inquisitive over the Farmer's new wife, asking her son to see "if she is dark or fair...as tall as I...if her hands are white". We can tell that she is trying to be nonchalant and make it seem unimportant to her son; a sad acceptance that there is no chance of the Farmer and herself getting back together.

    • Word count: 1744
  7. Thomas Hardy

    "Lovers", "The moon", "His arm around her", "twinkled" and "laughed and leant". Now here is a few more quotes but from verse two. These show the change in mood. "Splashing was heard", "dripping body" and "snow". Although "the moon" is mentioned in verse one, and is thought to be romantic, it is also seen as sad because the moon changes shape and never stays whole, so that also gives away a clue that the couple may drift apart. The rhyming pattern is ABBAB it stays this way though out the whole poem with each verse having the same amount of lines and the same rhyming scheme.

    • Word count: 2489
  8. Wessex Tales How the characters are effected

    'If I had no notion that it makes my husband-dislike me-no love me less. Men think so much of personal appearance' (Withered Arm). This is all shown in Tony Kytes and The Withered Arm with Farmer Lodge using and abusing Rhoda Brooks. A woman could not do anything disloyal like commit adultery but a man could commit adultery and no one would say anything. 'I have privately married a young dear belle' (Melancholy Hussar). Age difference did not really matter then a man could marry a woman half his age. 'Years younger than he' (Withered Arm).

    • Word count: 3775
  9. two short stories by thomas hardy

    Randolph also becomes very impatient and snobbish in his attitude towards his mother; 'Surely you know that by this time' Randolph looks down on his own mother, due to the way he has been brought up, with his school friends, and Mr Twycott's influence .This theme is repeated throughout the story because she doesn't think she is good enough to be Randolph's mother and the 'vicar's wife' as she 'does not feel dignified enough to be his mother' and she feels inferior to them as she is from a lower class.

    • Word count: 3032
  10. what does thomas hardy tell us about the author and his beliefs

    Hardy shows how strongly he disagree with the class system through the characters and his tales. Thomas hardy was influenced by the people he met in his childhood. Phyllis is a good example of this from the 'Melancholy Hussar of the German legion' as he quotes 'Phyllis told me the story with her own lips.' This makes the stories sound realistic. Throughout his stories the jobs he choose for his characters makes them very realistic for the rural area they live in, for example Rhoda Brooks was a milk maid, Sophie Twycott was a parlour maid, Tony kytes was a Wagoner and Sam was a market gardener.

    • Word count: 834
  11. Prose Study " The Withered Arm And Other Wessex Tales" By Thomas Hardy

    The word " little" is used here to suggest the vulnerability and the youth of Gertrude. There is always the impression that Rhoda Brook used to have an uncanny resemblance to Gertrude. But age slowly took its toll and the working life has made her become a " thin fading woman of thirty. " Hardy makes this one of the reasons that Rhoda focuses on the personality and appearance of Gertrude. During section three Rhoda has a dream or a vision, This is a fiction trigger that signals the rest of the events that follow throughout the story.

    • Word count: 4316
  12. Free essay


    She accompanies Michael Henchard to Weydon-Priors, and seems to be a dutiful wife to him. The fairgrounds such as that at Weydon Priors were conceived as places of 'frivolity' and perhaps immorality. We are told that there is no work or housing available in Weydon Priors and so it shows that it is a very low class village with nothing except a fair-field, but ignoring all the goings-on in favour of finding food. This shows that it is a very large and lively fair.

    • Word count: 889
  13. Compare and Contrast a selection of Thomas Hardy's Poetry

    This poem, is very descriptive, giving us the rich images of Hardy's childhood home. Throughout the poem, we enter Hardy's thoughts on his garden, and beyond. Nature is an element brought out often in this century, through poetry. He was thirteen when he wrote this poem, and we can see throughout the poem, Hardy's natural qualities for writing, for someone so young The poem opens, setting the image of the surroundings around the garden, and he gives many references to trees, 'High beeches, bending, hang a veil of boughs'. He uses run-on-lines to emphasize his continueing thoughts.

    • Word count: 4415
  14. Compare 4 of Thomas Hardy's poems In this essay I will compare The Going, Beeny Cliff, The Voice and Your Last Drive by Thomas Hardy. I will discuss the ways in which he presents an image of his late wife Emma.

    Again, Your Last Drive is addressed to Emma. Within this poem, it appears that Hardy is still quite shocked at the death of his wife and is finding the experience quite surreal. For example, "all undiscerned - To be in a week the face of the dead". This poem tells of his wife's last escapade, and how unexpected her death was. One linguistic device Hardy uses in this poem, is that he shows both her and his points of view. He juxtaposes the AB rhyme scheme with the sad tone of the poem.

    • Word count: 1015
  15. Two Can Play That GameFilm review. Genres: Comedy and Romance Running Time: 1 hr. 30 min.

    rely on her to advise them on what to do whenever their men start to step out of line (or as it is said in the film, "man trouble").But when Shante catches her own boyfriend Keith (Morris Chestnut), after he has phoned and said "he's working late" at a club, it is then that Shant� institutes her "Ten Day Plan" to get her own man back in line. Shant� is well prepared and has a wide range of weapons designed specifically to bring her man to his knees...and back to her; whether its sexy lingerie or superb home cooking everything she does is carefully planned to hit her man right where it hurts.

    • Word count: 664
  16. Essay with reference to the following Thomas Hardy short stories "Tony Kytes: Arch Deceiver", "Old Mrs. Chundle", "An Imaginative Woman", "Squire Petrick's Lady" and lastly "Destiny and a Blue Cloak".

    Hardy liked to write about the difficulties women faced in the society through his novels and poems, though he did not always get an understanding audience. We must also remember that at this time in Britain, there was lots of organised religion, which Hardy strongly despised, as we can see in Old Mrs. Chundle. He felt that religious people abused their power to their advantage. Relationships between men and women form a pivotal role in each of the six of Hardy's short stories I have chosen.

    • Word count: 4550
  17. Are the women in 'The Withered Arm' 'The Son's Veto' and 'Tony Kytes, the Arch Deceiver' victims or villains

    Women usually married young and they were expected to stay loyal to their husbands and obey them. There was no effective method of contraception and this meant many women had large families. Many children died young and women often died in child birth. Once women were married they had very few rights to their own property, which became their husband's. The roles of women in Hardy's short stories are contrasting; interesting women who depend on men yet are strong; but because of social constraints are not yet accepted into the workforce. The women in these stories that I will be focusing on are either victims or villains.

    • Word count: 1276
  18. Examine the portrayal of the relationship between the sexes in the short stories of Chopin and Hardy.

    Armand's love for D�sir�e does not stop there and it is built up by the use of the words 'prairie fire', which highlights how destructive his love is for her. We find out that Armand did not know who D�sir�e really is as 'he was reminded that she was nameless'. D�sir�e's origin is unknown and she does not have a family name neither its reputation. Reputation was usually important in that time, as people were really class conscious. After having a son, which Armand desired for, Madame Valmond�, D�sir�e's adopted mother, realises that there is something not quite right about the baby as she says, 'this is not the baby!'

    • Word count: 1457
  19. Exploring and comparing relationships inTony Kytes the Arch Deceiver and The Son's Veto

    if she is allowed to marry and he refuses to let her wed as he does not approve of her husband to be. In both stories there are characters involved in relationships but they have similarities and differences. In Tony Kytes the Arch Deceiver, Tony Kytes is torn between three respectable women Hannah, Unity and Milly each with different quality's and faults. But due to his little knowledge in relationships he ends up upsetting all the women but lucky for him Milly agrees to marry him.

    • Word count: 621
  20. What Similarities and differences can you find between Growing Up and The Son's Veto? You should pay particular attention to the way the relationships between parents and children are portrayed by the authors. Thomas Hardy

    Joyce Cary passed away in 1957. When he died he had become accepted as one of the best modern novelists. In 'Growing Up' one of his famous novels, there is a moral, 'no matter how old we are we are never too old to learn.' This story concentrates on the relationships of the two sisters and their father, it grasps the meaning of love from the father, hate from the daughters to their father but most of all it grasps the meaning of growing up vividly in a more modernist twentieth century way.

    • Word count: 755
  21. Thomas Hardy, 'Tony Kytes, the Arch Deceiver' and Charlotte Perkins Gilman 'Turned' In what contrasting ways, and by what means, are relationships between men and women portrayed in the two short stories you have studied?

    Marroner goes to live after she leaves her husband. The parallel openings show the differences and similarities between Mrs. Marroner and Gerta. The differences are that Mrs. Marroner is a high class women and Gerta is a poor immigrant from Sweden. The similarities are that they are both hurt by the same man, Mr. Marroner, Mrs. Marroner's husband. However, 'Tony Kytes' has a straight forward structure, it follows chronological order and uses a flashback only once where Milly Richard's, Tony's fianc�, becomes restless in the wagon and meets Unity Sallet.

    • Word count: 1260
  22. The three stories, I am going to compare are 'The Withered Arm', 'The Son's Veto' and 'Tony Kytes the Arches Deceiver'.

    She is upset about what he said to the other two and asks him if he meant it. He lies to her and the pair of them get married the following Sunday. The Sons Veto tells you what it is going to be about in the title. This is about the son's protectiveness towards his mother. The main character in this story is called Sophy Twycott. The dilemma of the story is when Sophy falls down the stairs and is disabled for the rest of her life. She cannot work so her only other choice now is to get married.

    • Word count: 1782
  23. "The signal man" and "The withered arm" both create mystery, intrigue and suspense effectively. Consider the methods used by Dickens and hardy to arouse the interest of the reader. Which story did you prefer?

    He spent time helping the wounded and dying before rescuers arrived. This horrific tragedy may well have influenced Dickens's views on trains and technology in general. This event in his life may well have given Dickens the inspiration for "The Signal man". Everything in, "the signal man," happens over a very short period of time, 3 days; I found this had a positive effect on the story as it kept the story intense and gave the reader a sense of involvement. Also the fact that there are only a few characters in this short story kept the focus on the main characters, I thought this was good in the way that it kept it simple and easier to follow.

    • Word count: 1992
  24. How much sympathy do you have for the woman in 'Tony Kyte's arch deceiver' and 'Tickets please'

    Both stories tell us, that men at this time like to be able to have the prettiest girl, and enjoy being able to choose from several. In "Tony Kytes" it appears very important for the women to be good looking, as they are all mentioned in terms of their looks, being described as "dashing" or "handsome". The women are aware that looks are important and even think that this alone will enable them to find a husband. Tony Kytes the Arch Deceiver" is a funny story of an afternoon when Tony was driving home from the market in his wagon.

    • Word count: 1988
  25. Thomas Hardy writes about the divisions between the upper and lower classes within three of his stories: 'Absentmindedness in a Parish Choir'; 'The Withered Arm'; and 'The Son's Veto'

    After the son was born the people in the village knew of this affair. Because Farmer Lodge was in the upper class and was male he did not suffer as much for his actions as Rhoda. When Farmer Lodge marries Gertrude, Rhoda knows that he has truly made his desertion and never to be a part of her or her son's lives "Yes mother" said the boy "Is father married then?" She had to bring up the child alone but was not ashamed as she told the son that Farmer Lodge was his father so he knew that both he and his mother had been abandoned by his father.

    • Word count: 2759

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