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GCSE: Thomas Hardy

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  1. “Tony Kytes the Arch Deceiver” and “the Seduction”.

    Hannah, Milly and Unity only wanted Tony because of the lack of men and, if they got married, they would have had a higher role in life and wouldn't have to work. There is a lack of men because they are all away at war. Tony promises each of the girls that he would marry them and spend the rest of his life with them. The author tells us that all the female characters use their prettiness to persuade Tony.

    • Word count: 900
  2. Consider the relationship between men and women in the short stories we looked at. How are these relationships influenced by the social and historical situations of the time?

    Despite the similarities in the storylines, these stories have totally different outcomes. One of the main comparisons that can be made in these two stories is the setting. "Looked at the trees, and beasts, and birds, and insects, " this is how Thomas Hardy sees the countryside. Hardy wrote this before the Industrial Revolution hit the countryside. Lawrence on the other hand opposes Hardy's perfect view of paradise, "stark, grimly, cold little market- places " is just one of the examples of Lawrence's subdued view of the "black, industrial countryside. " The influence for their opposing insight, could possibly be their personal experiences.

    • Word count: 999
  3. Tony Kytes and The Seduction

    The 'Seduction' a poem written by Eileen Mcauley. It is about a girl that who was seduced in the Birkenhead docks Liverpool. She meet a boy in a party she was drunk and then she was seduced. The seduction is a poem I am going to write about the male and female characters and how they treat each other Tony Kytes the Arch-Deciver The short story written by Thomas Hardy called Tony Kytes the Arch-Deceiver. It was written in the pre 19th Century, we know it was written in the pre 19th century because it said in the start of the story, the story looks like its part

    • Word count: 689
  4. Compare and contrast how the two authors Thomas Hardy and Charlotte Perkins Gilman present the women in the stories, The Withered Arm and Turned.

    The story is set in the 20th century. One woman called Mrs Marroner is a very upper class person compared to the other woman. "In her reserved, superior Boston-bred life", this describes Mrs Marroner and shows that she has an upper class life. In the 20th century Boston-bred was a developed and very rich city. The city had beautiful houses and was marked itself as superior place People who lived there usually were upper middle class people, and lived a calm life. Whereas, the other woman who is called Gerta works for her as her maid.

    • Word count: 2772
  5. Compare and contrast ‘Tickets, Please’ by D. H. Lawrence with ‘Tony Kytes, the Arch-Deceiver’ by Thomas Hardy

    This enhances the ambiguity and the sting that the 'mute, stupefied' women cannot explain at the end. 'Tony Kytes, the Arch-Deceiver' is much more conventionally romantic in its setting, the English countryside. There is relatively little description of the landscape or location, so the reader presumes that it must be a 'typical' summer's day, as is common in romantic tales. This again exemplifies the time in which the story is set - the late 19th century was a more straightforward, austere period than much of the 20th. 'Tickets, Please' begins with a long description of the train system, which depicts 'long ugly villages of workmen's houses...

    • Word count: 2593
  6. Is it possible for two stories, written in different centuries, one set in an English village, the other in the heart of an American city, to have anything in common?

    However Thomas Hardy believed that a story is not worth telling if you don't have "something more unusual to relate to than the ordinary experience of every average man or woman", all of his stories come from local history, traditions and folklore. Hardy tells the story of outcasts, parenthood, poor lives, having to work hard and jealousy, the story concludes with farmer Lodge, however much a father who ignores his son, hears that his son is going to be hanged, he knows they have an unbreakable tie and regrets ignoring him.

    • Word count: 681
  7. An Essay on the withered arm by Thomas Hardy.

    Gertrude is the young, beautiful blooming new wife. Age, beauty, status and social class divide them. Rhoda is extremely jealous of Gertrude we know this because she sends her son to spy on the new wife: 'see if she is dark' Her jealousy is what leads to the first element of the supernatural which is her nightmare. Stricken with jealousy, her subconscious thoughts surface in her sleep as she innocently dreams of grabbing Gertrude's arm 'in a last desperate effort, swung out her right hand, seized the confronting spectre by its obtrusive left arm.'

    • Word count: 1273
  8. A study of 'Tony Kytes, the Arch Deceiver' by Thomas Hardy and 'The Oakum Room' by Theresa Tomlinson.

    The girls on the other hand are acting with the clear intention of securing Tony for a husband. 'Throw over Milly? - All to marry me! How delightful!' This must mean that Thomas Hardy gave his story an ironic title, because Tony Kytes is more of an arch wimp than an 'Arch Deceiver'. However, because of the nature of a woman's place in society at the time, Tony ultimately has the upper hand. The women must wait to be chosen.

    • Word count: 1255
  9. Discuss the Portrayal of Womenin 'The Withered Arm' by Thomas Hardy and 'The Fly Paper' by E Taylor

    Rhoda has been forsaken and made wretched by Farmer Lodge, who has ruined her by not marrying her. In the same story, Gertrude is a lady because her marriage to Farmer Lodge has allowed her not to work and to be a lady. She "shows marks of a lady on her". In "The Fly Paper", Sylvia has no choices in life. Her grandmother makes her take piano lessons and her piano teacher bullies her. Her grandmother has total control over her life. Sylvia was: "feeling hot in her winter coat, which her grandmother insisted on her wearing, just as she insisted on the music lessons."

    • Word count: 1284
  10. Compare and contrast some of the short stories by Thomas Hardy paying particular attention to his depiction of & the role of women in the stories.

    we can see a developing life unfold... Teens=Tony Kites 20's=the withered arm (Gertude) 30's-40's=The Withered arm (Rhoda) 60's-Death=Old Mrs Chundle In Tony Kites we see that the women all want this young "Handsome" man and he wants them all. However Tony is not that attractive. The text itself states "'Twas a little, round, firm, tight face, with a seam here and there left by the smallpox, but not enough to hurt his looks in a woman's eye, though he had it badish when he was a boy.". This suggests that Tony had some scars on his face and therefore he would not be extremely beautiful, or dashing, so then you have to look at why the women fancied him.

    • Word count: 1192
  11. Compare the ways in which the authors of ‘The Withered Arm’ and ‘The Rocking Horse Winner’ portray the emotion of loneliness in the two stories.

    'The Rocking Horse Winner' could also be seen as a fable as there is a clear moral in the story, being that money cannot solve problems. Even when Paul presented the money to his mother thinking that this would make things easier at home the voices in the house "screamed in a sort of ecstasy: 'there must be more money! Oh-h-h; there must be more money'". The language in 'The Rocking Horse Winner' coincides with the fairytale style as it is simplistic and is easily understood.

    • Word count: 2510
  12. Compare and contrast the Seduction with Tony Kytes the arch deceiver

    They talk a little and giggle while drinking vodka. He then quickly began his seduction of her with a kiss. As a result of this encounter, she becomes pregnant. She is very angry, afraid and ashamed as she realises that her life has changed forever. In the poem there are two characters. Eileen McAuley does not name the boy or the girl in the poem as she is targeting society as a whole. These situations occur frequently because of the freedom given to teenagers.

    • Word count: 2113
  13. Who Do I Have The Least Sympathy For?, Tony Kytes “ The Arch Deceiver”, John Thomas, “Tickets Please” or Rudy “Seeing A Beauty Queen Home”

    Tony then picks up Milly and starts a conversation with her about marriage, knowing that Unity is still right behind them. He then comes up to another woman he has his eyes on, Hannah Joliver, Tony then plays the same trick on Milly and she goes to hide in the tarpaulin along with Unity. Now personally I don't understand how Tony could have the guts to offer a young girl a lift, when his fianc´┐Ż is sat right next to him, this changed my opinion of him, negatively.

    • Word count: 1990
  14. Tony Kytes and the seduction

    The boy is only young himself about 15-16, he also like's to look at young women in his magazines as he steals them and reads them under a bridge. The girl who is seduced is young so she doesn't know much about s*x so the boy takes benefit of this; she ends up three months pregnant which ruins her youthful life she is subsequently called a "little slag" by the boy.

    • Word count: 475
  15. In the story we have been studying, 'Tony Kytes the arch deceiver' and seeing a beauty queen home'

    From this we know that he does not have much respect for women, or the beauty queen at least, because if he had respect he would not think about the two pence, or about her in these terms. Thomas Hardy was about was writing in the mid 19th century, he describes lofe in that time, in a village in south west England we know that at this time children did not listen to their fathers advise we know this because Tony's father advises him to marry Milly so Tony put Milly at the bottom of the list.

    • Word count: 1229
  16. The Withered Arm

    Gertrude, the pretty 19-year-old bride, unwittingly fans the flames of a long-term rage inside Rhoda. Stricken with jealousy, her subconscious thoughts surface in her sleep as she innocently dreams of grabbing the girls' arm in a defensive tackle, only to find that her dreamed actions were not so innocent, as Gertrude meets her for the first time the next day and reveals to her a mysterious mark on her arm. Rhoda tries to replace any thoughts of witchcraft as sheer coincidence, but the marks on Gertrude's arm rapidly worsen, and she resorts to visiting a type of witch doctor named Conjuror Trendle to find the cause; much to Rhoda's dismay, as she is asked to

    • Word count: 651
  17. A comparison between

    Both pieces of writing show how young women can be misled by somewhat more experienced men. This is shown by their innocence and tendency to follow the male initiatives, to the extent that the young ladies in the Tony Kytes story are even willing to suspend common sense and ludicrously conceal themselves beneath tarpaulin. The differences between the two pieces of text lie inherently in the period in which they were written, in that the consequences of the gullibility of the girl in the seduction poem are devastating, whilst the girls in the Tony Kytes story merely suffer some injury to their dignity.

    • Word count: 1999
  18. Tony Kytes and The Unexpected

    But she falls out of love already. She does not want marry with him. Understandably as she wants a young, virile husband who will give her passion in the coming years and not and ugly man with smelly breath who is going to die in a few months! In The Unexpected we see Dorothea express her passion for Randall " But Randall, you were once so handsome but now you are hideous!" Dorothea realized that life is more than money; this can be seen at the end where she runs into the healthy nature and rejoices.

    • Word count: 794
  19. Discuss and compare the differences of the portrayal and male and female characters within ‘Tony Kytes the arch deceiver’ and ‘The Seduction’ ?

    The boy is a rogue, shadowy figure. Tony sweet-talks the ladies in order to be assured of companionship. This behaviour is typical for his period. "I never know you were so pretty before!" Tony pays compliments to charm the women, whereas the boy in the seduction succeeds in his attempts to charm the girl with alcohol. "He handed her the vodka" It is safe to say that the men the two pieces of text pay no attention to the consequences of their actions. Both of the males are representatives of their era. Tony is polite, attentive and always charming, and the boy in the seduction is left nameless as he could easily represent most boys in the 1980's.

    • Word count: 815
  20. The Withered Arm

    An example of this is the way he describes Gertrude. At the church, Gertrude is described as wearing a "white bonnet" and a "silver-coloured gownd", notice here the colours white and silver, colours of purity and beauty. It goes on to say: "It whewed and whistled so loud...that the lady coloured up..." This shows how Hardy is using noises to create an atmosphere. But I think that Hardy has chose these particular noises and other words, not only to describe what Gertrude is wearing, but also to let the reader know more about her personality.

    • Word count: 1630
  21. Tony Kites, the Arch Deceiver

    We then get the idea that the daughter may have an eating disorder, but the mother seems oblivious to it. 'Late at night I'd catch you raiding the kitchen cupboards', this could be a result of the poor relationship they have. After this the narrator becomes negative and pessimistic. 'Who'd have you'. Form this we can see that it sounds as if she doesn't even care about where her own daughter is, it is as if she is speaking about a total stranger.

    • Word count: 1803
  22. Comparison of the presentation of women in the stories by “The withered arm” by Thomas Hardy and “Tickets please” by D. H. Lawrence.

    Gertrude's secretive actions to cure her illness result in causing her death. In the story "Tickets please" by D.H.Lawrence, which is set in the early twentieth century during the First World War, the main characters are Annie and John Thomas. Annie works with other women on the trams as a replacement for the men who have gone to war and the work makes her feel important and free. John Thomas is an inspector on the trams who flirts with the women workers and begins to "walk out" with Annie. When John Thomas leaves Annie she becomes jealous and plans to get revenge.

    • Word count: 1469
  23. Both John Thomas And Tony Kytes Are Daring Characters Who Try to Manipulate The Women Around Them. Yet In The End Both Are Weaker Than The Women In Each Story.

    'Since we are in wartime, the drivers are men unfit for active service: cripples and hunchbacks.' The quote above proves the fact that is not many attractive men about. The quote also explains why there are not many men about as the story is set during early 1900's and all fit men are fighting for their country in the First World War. Tony Kytes is the main male character in the story 'Tony Kytes The Arched Deceiver.' Tony Kytes is a farmer working for his father. '...Round firm, tight face, with a seam here and there left by the smallpox, but not enough to hurt his looks in a women's' eye.'

    • Word count: 2061
  24. Both John Thomas and Tony Kytes Are Daring Characters Who Try To Manipulate the Women Around Them.

    (Page 14) This is written in a colloquial tone, which reflects Hardy's portrayal of Tony in a sympathetic light. The narrator speaks with humour and warmth. It is interesting that the writer is a male. He seems to have a lot more sympathy with Tony, than the females in the story. There are also a number of anachronisms used, such as "'Twas" and "...talking to 'ee". This, and the various dialect phrases used, for example "...loved 'em in shoals" makes the story seem very informal, and establishes a familiarity between the narrator and the reader. Another way in which Hardy has established this familiarity is the way he includes the lyrics to the 'Tailor's Breeches'.

    • Word count: 1880
  25. Two Sons

    He does not mean to upset any of the girls but as each one gets into his cart he becomes oblivious to all the others. He does however at one point say to Unity "perhaps I shall put a loving question to you after all, instead of Milly." This is not sincere of Tony as he only said it to make her climb under the tarpaulin in the back of his cart and here he does not get swept up in the heat of the moment as he had before but told an outright lie instead of asking her politely to step out because Milly was coming.

    • Word count: 870

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