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GCSE: War Poetry

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    Comparing Poems "Eve of Waterloo"

    3 star(s)

    The battle was a very significant one in historic context. It meant the end to the Napoleonic Wars. Infantry, cavalry and artillery were used in these wars. Throughout the poem there is an emphasis on tension. It starts off quite slow but by line 15, the tension begins. "That heavy sound" got the British denying the sound until the canon fires. This builds up the tension incredibly and urges the army into battle. Lines such as, "He rushed into field, and, foremost fighting fell", creates a scene of tension, excitement and speed.

    • Word count: 829
  2. Comparison of Vultures and Not my Business

    The poem vultures is written in free verse and consists of mostly short lines this was done so we read the poem slowly therefore appreciating its dark gloomy atmosphere. The poem not my business is split into four different stanzas each one specially written for each occurrence. At the end of each stanza there is a refrain this repetition is used to show that it is an instinctive response - he doesn't want to think about it. The last there isn't the usually words it's his turn.

    • Word count: 625
  3. Dulce et Decorum est

    "When will their glory fade? O the wild charge they made! Honour the light brigade. Noble six hundred!" This can be described as irony which Alfred also uses to get people to fight in patriotic wars. Who needs glory when you are dead? Wilfred Owen was an officer in the British army, he was actually in the trenches and saw the horrors of the war. He wanted to tell people at home that wars or fighting in wars for your country is not good neither is it glorious. "Obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud.

    • Word count: 877
  4. A wife in london

    Part two of the poem is ironic because in the first part the wife gets a telegram saying her husband has died in the war where it says 'flashed news is in her hand', then 'he has fallen - in the far south land'. In the second part, she gets a letter from her husband that says he is full of hope of his return. This is a twist of fate because he thought he would be returning home but he got killed after he had sent the letter.

    • Word count: 881
  5. How does Wilfred Owen's use of "natural' imagery in

    gives us a soothing and calm sensation, which re-enacts the pace of time before the battle. The alliteration of 'm' sound also helps developing this impression. The nature imagery, "Stark blank sky" (L.5) with the slow 's' sibilance alliteration and repetition of consonant also achieves this effect. This is a very happy natural scene, where long grass "swirled" in "May breeze". However, this is followed by an unpleasant simile of "pain" (L.10) and "veins" (L.9). Summer is personified while the onomatopoeia of the word "oozed" (L.9)

    • Word count: 893
  6. Compare Battle of the Elephants by Ihechukwu madubuike With Lull-a-Dirge by Joe de Graft.

    The government are described as elephants because they are big and powerful. In the first poem 'The battle of the elephants' there are two narrators, The first one is describing the witch and the other one is the witch. We know this because of this line ''they call her the demented witch'' means that she lives on her own. This phrase describes the witch so this speaker can't be the witch. The second speaker comes in; in the phrase 'there will be a Battle of the elephants the mighty husky elephants with tusks reaching out into the sky there will be a battle of the elephants.''

    • Word count: 650
  7. Radar and excellent new fighters account for Britain's victory in the Battle of Britain.

    As the battle progressed death of pilots would mean even more inexperienced 'boys' taking planes up. Likewise Radar which had been developed greatly by the British did provide a good cover of British outer airspace and warn of incoming enemy. Yet when in British airspace enemy planes had to be observed by the observer corp. It seems quite clear therefore that these two factors alone could not have been the reason for British victory. Counter factors about RAF Radar in fact made up part of a greater defence system known as the 'Dowding System' after Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding, the leader of RAF Fighter Command.

    • Word count: 865
  8. Was the battle of the Somme a complete failure? IntroductionThe 1916 Battle of the Somme was one of the largest battles

    The main weapon used by British soldiers in the trenches was the bolt-action rifle. 15 rounds could be fired in a minute and a person 1,400 meters away could be killed. However new weapons were being made and the British army introduced tanks, planes, machineguns, grenades and artillery guns. As well as on land attacks there were naval forces. Which Britain specialized in as they used battle ships and submarines. One of the most famous battle ships was the dreadnought.

    • Word count: 633
  9. Battles and arms of the Civil War

    First Battle of Bull Run Also known as the Battle of Manassas, it was fought on July 21, 1861. It was the first major battle of the civil war. The Union under the command of Brigadier General Irvin McDowell was to go through and fight Confederate General Beauregard at the Manassas Junction. While this happened, Union Major General Robert Patterson was to engage Confederate General Johnston. With this, Johnston could not reinforce Beauregard. As McDowell marched for two days, he discovered that Beauregard moved up to Bull Run.

    • Word count: 973
  10. Why did Britain beat the Nazis in the Battle of Britain

    down over Britain were either taken prisoner or they took to hiding in the countryside, this increased the number of German pilots that were lost in Battle, which gave the Britons other advantages in the economy of the pilots they had to use. However the Germans were training over 800 pilots a month compared to the British that were only training 200 pilots a month. The Germans pilots also received more training than the British pilots making the German Luftwaffe more experienced then the RAF, which is another reason why the Germans should have won.

    • Word count: 881
  11. Why is the Battle of the Somme regarded as such great military tragedy? For this question, I will be exploring why the Battle of the Somme is regarded as such great

    Haig's misunderstanding of modern warfare lead to chaos on the battle field and what's more, no orders were prepared for the situations that soldiers found themselves in. Therefore poor leadership had a key role in making the battle of the Somme a great military tragedy. Furthermore, General Haig and Deputy General Rawlinson worked out the tactics. However German defences had been underestimated. This meant that when Haig and Rawlinson were relying on a huge artillery bombardment and mines to cut barbed wire and practically demolish German trenches and dug outs, neither of those were achieved, thus the battle is regarded as a tragedy due to tactics.

    • Word count: 898
  12. Why was the British able to win the Battle of Britain?

    Britain had magnificent technology. From the start of the battle, the British used radar. This allowed them to spot the size, height and direction of German attacks so that their offensives could be intercepted and blunted. This allowed pilots and soldiers to rest without suspense and when planes were spotted time to prepare and get into the air for flight.

    • Word count: 349
  13. The significance of the battle of the Somme

    Though this was appalling, it was a success in various ways. As a result of this failure they learnt from fatal mistakes for future battles such as the 2nd battle of the Marne on July 15th which assisted in winning the war. This, in theory, was a great step for the allies as it allowed a swifter and heavily improved attack. The Somme, in many ways, was more or less a training ground for Allied troops.

    • Word count: 591
  14. In 1066, it was a year of crisis. There were two b****y battles, namely the Battle of Stanford Bridge

    Harold Godwineson, Harald Hardraada and William (Duke of Normandy) all wanted to be the next King of England. Harald Hardraada fought with Harold Godwineson in the Battle of Stanford Bridge on 25th September 1066. After Harold won the Battle of Stanford Bridge, William (Duke of Normandy) landed in England. Harold was exhausted after the battle and he lost a lot of his good men. London was the capital of England. He did not want William to take this important city.

    • Word count: 351
  15. The battle of the Somme took place in the North- East of France on the 1st of July 1916

    New regiments began to form and one of these was called 'Pals Battalions'. These were people from the same community who were friends all went to fight together and even die together. The first place to be attacked was Vimy Ridge which was on the western front and is now a memorial to those who died and had to stay in inhuman conditions. The divisions sent to Somme of the French were only 5 because some were involved in heavy the battle at Verdun.

    • Word count: 582
  16. The Fight of A Life Time Between The Two Saiyans

    Vegeta was surprised by Kakarot's power. He knew that he was a true saiyan. They both were going at it fist to fist, they were using nearly every technique they knew, but both were saving the best technique for last. When they use their true power. Both warrior were merely toying with each other. There was no doubt that the fait of the entire universe will be changed by this electrifying battle between the two saiyan. The battle had been on for some time now, both fighters were not going to give up easily.

    • Word count: 785
  17. 'The Charge Of The Light Brigade' - analysis

    It seems the command was given for the soldiers to go to their death they knew this but they carried on to show that they would die for their country. The valley of death is a metaphor and imagery is used here. This tells you that the soldiers are going to their death and they know it. This describes what the valley was like. Forward the light brigade, this is direct speech and into the valley of death is where Tennyson is slowly building up repitition.

    • Word count: 752
  18. Why is the Battle of the Somme regarded as such a great military tragedy?

    The battle did not go to plan and is surrounded by a lot of controversy. Many people believe this battle was a tragedy. The British soldiers were ordered to walk across no mans land; this order was based on the assumption that the week long barrage had destroyed most of the German defences. General Haig had not gained enough knowledge on the condition of the German trenches after the week long barrage. This means that many soldiers' lives were put in danger when they were told not to run. This meant that the soldiers were easy targets for the Germans.

    • Word count: 913
  19. Original writing on the Western Front - Confidential- Military Report

    This plan did fail because of Belgiums resistance and Russias army being prepared earlier than expected of the Germans. Russia also had a plan of thier own and it turned out to be a success. They managed to overwhelm Germany with the size of their army and get it prepared in 10 days. This also helped the Schlieffen plan to fail. Our army and France had a plan aswell. Which was called Plan 17. It was a success as they managed to charge across the frontier and attack Germany forcing them to surrender. The British Expeditionary Force was well trained and equipped which meant they could go over to France anytime and fight along side them.

    • Word count: 940
  20. "Why Is The Battle of The Somme Regarded As Such A Military Tragedy"

    Haig and his Generals expected the Battle to be won quickly; they thought that after the bombardment not many Germans would have survived, he claimed, "not even a rat would be alive" at the end of it. The first reason (why the Battle of the Somme is regarded as military tragedy) to be looked at is the attitude of General Haig. Haig expected that casualties would be high, because he warned the politicians in 1916 that the country needed to be prepared for heavy losses if the war was to be won.

    • Word count: 879
  21. Why a Stalemate developed on the Western Front.

    This was the first problem that was going to lead to stalemate on the western front. The British Expeditionary Force landed in France and confronted the Germans on the 23rd of August at Mons. They fought well and the Germans believed they were up against machine gun fire. Taking this into account though the British did not have enough men to stop the Germans, but they killed many soldiers at that battle and were able to form an orderly retreat. They couldn't stop the wheel but the Germans lost momentum and were beginning to run out of fuel.

    • Word count: 626
  22. Explain how Herodotus builds up to the battle of Salamis.

    '...troops from all over the states hurried to the Isthmus, where they took up their position...they began to build a wall over the Isthmus.' The hurried construction of this wall shows the fear and the insecurity they possess in their own ability to win the battle of Salamis. Herodotus also builds up the tension by describing the details of the preparations made by the Athenians for the battle of Salamis, such as the evacuation of the city of Athens. This heightens the tension, since the reader realises that the situation is so serious that the Athenians are prepared to leave

    • Word count: 993
  23. The Awakening of Supreme Magus.

    Good and evil balance out the world. So when one evil person perishes another will always be born. This was his birthright, his destiny, call it what you want but this was something inevitable. Both warriors looked at each other with distaste, then both immense powers clashed with their swords, everyone stopped fighting for a brief moment because who ever won this duel would deal a decisive blow to their enemies. The battle raged on with a new level of fierceness, there was no holding back.

    • Word count: 744
  24. Using your knowledge of the Battle acquired during the trip and by referring to the information provided about the war, explain which interpretation of the Battle you feel is the most accurate.

    The battle was a success as the Allies, in the form of the Canadians, made plans and careful preparations for the battle. They made a full-scale replica of the battlefield and the troops practised the attack manoeuvres until they knew exactly what to do and when to do it. They also had aerial reconnaissance to continually update intelligence on the German defences by taking photos of the area. Also, tunnellers cut out twelve subways underneath the chalky ground; in order for infantry to move under cover to the German front line, as close as possible to the enemy.

    • Word count: 755
  25. The Battle of Dieppe.

    Most of the soldiers had basic training, but it didn't help them in b**b exploding. All of them might have been waiting for a short time or some had to wait for 2 months before engaging into battle which took their life in an instant. If the Allied General was more aware of the battle 907 Canadians wouldn't lose their lives on August 9, 1942 in the battle of Dieppe.

    • Word count: 551

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