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GCSE: War Poetry

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  1. Was the Battleof the Sommea failure?

    The dialogue below the drawing shows how the General is asking for the difference between the rehearsal and the real thing. The major replies wittily 'the absence of the General' thus portraying how the General does all the talking at training when he is in safety but when it comes to the real thing he appears cowardly by staying back behind the trenches. This image of the Generals was most likely brought about by the consequences of bad tactics at the Battle of the Somme and was the feeling of many British citizens.

    • Word count: 1954
  2. By 1943 Great Britain had overcome the threat passed by the German aircraft and submarines. Explain the reasons for the outcome of the Battle of Britain and the Battle of Atlantic.

    and at sea (in the Battle of Atlantic: September 1939 - April 1945). The Battle of Britain occurred because Germany's main interviews were to expand their country's territory and to over power the world. The Germans had slowly moved their way through Poland, Norway, Holland and France and next was Britain. The Germans were planning to invade Britain by crossing the Channel from France. However the German navy refused to fight against the British navy because the British navy had more power and it was a lot bigger.

    • Word count: 1781
  3. The Battle of Loos.

    shelled, advancing first on Le Rutoire Farm and then on a compass bearing to the Lone Tree, where the battalion halted and got in touch with the other battlions of the Brigade. Later the advance was resumed, with the Battalion leading the Brigade, and the the final position reached during the night was a line of old German trenches parallel to and some 1,000 yards west of the Lens-La Bassee road. It is interesting to note that although this part of the line was supposed to be occupied, no troops were passed on the way up, and there were none in the trenches to be relieved.

    • Word count: 1568
  4. This is a study of the 1999 box-office hit, Gladiator, starring Russell Crowe. In this article, I will be looking at camera shots, soundtrack, special effects and other things, that enhance the viewing of the film, and increase its quality.

    The shot is filmed through Maximus' eyes, then zooming out to show that it is Maximus looking at the robin. After this scene, Maximus is shown talking to Quintus about the battle ahead. Quintus asks Maximus about the range, because he is concerned that they are not close enough, but Maximus replies, "the range is good." This shows Maximus' confidence, and this obviously shows he is experienced in battle and an influential leader. Maximus then mounts his horse, and turns to Quintus and says, "on my signal; unleash h**l."

    • Word count: 1701
  5. Is it possible to work out what happened at the Battle of Marathon from Herodotus' Narrative.

    There was a fight in which the Athenians were victorious. The crossed the borderline that the Corinthians had set up in order to separate the Thebans and the Plateans. These were the circumstances under which the people of Plataea put themselves in the hands of the Athenians, and which led to their coming to support the Athenians at Marathon. Some Athenian commanders were against risking battle because their force was very small, while others, including Miltiades, were in favour of fighting. Callimachus had the deciding vote as to whether they should fight or not.

    • Word count: 1032
  6. To What Extent Was the Battle of the Somme a Disaster.

    Under the command of Douglas Haig an attack was launched on the German army near the River Somme. The aims of this battle were to gain territory from the Germans, draw German forces from Verdun to help the French and to kill as many Germans as possible as part of the war of attrition. The plans for the battle were not too bad. The plan was firstly to bombard the German lines for a week with a huge artillery attack. The British dropped over one million shells on the German trenches. They were then to detonate two huge mines underneath the German trenches.

    • Word count: 1607
  7. Write a descriptive piece based on the theme of war or disability or degradation.

    You'll be like b****y tourists in foreign country you lot! Right Grison, outside, three times round the block." said 'Big Roger'. Cheers rung around the youngster's camp. This was not a good start to the morning as the battle was approaching, the next day in fact, and Grison's morale was dented. All day the higher ranked officers were bellowing out instructions, to the point of almost losing their bellowing voices, so that their soldiers are prepared fully and immaculately ready for war.

    • Word count: 1432
  8. Why is the Battle of the Somme regarded as such a great military tragedy?

    These are some of the main points. There were many factors that affected the success or failure of the battle of the Somme. These were the weapons, tactics, leadership weakness, human cost and the morale of soldiers. One of the important factors that affected the result of the Somme was the leadership weakness. The main leader that was responsible for the Somme was General Haig. Haig was a well-educated man; he was educated at Clifton College and Brasenose College and Oxford.

    • Word count: 1344
  9. Doomsday - creative writing.

    Men! Get back to your troops and wait for my signal on the pulse radio." The group of battle hardened officers crawl off the hill until they are sure that their new enemy coming into the far end of the valley cannot see them. If they do have the element of surprise, none of them wanted to be the one to blow it by being spotted. Once the last of the troop leaders is in position, it isn't long until the signal is given. The Device had continued to move forward at a steady pace and is now in range.

    • Word count: 1065
  10. A Critical Analysis of

    Also, the words used for onomatopoetic effect are all descriptions of adversity and hardship. Words such as "shot" and "storm'd" conjure up images of the death in the mind of the reader. The stanza layout is specifically used to reflect the journey of the cavalry. In stanza one, they are striding towards the battlefield, moving "half a league onward". In the second canto, they are still travelling to the valley, and tension is mounting, even though their leader "had blunder'd".

    • Word count: 1118
  11. Marathon 490 BC

    Delos - When the Persians arrived at Delos, all the priests had fled to a nearby island. The Persians told the Delians that they had no intention to sack the city, and instead offered a sacrifice of 300 talents worth of frankincense to the gods. Carystus - The Persians made siege to them and starved them of food, and then the Carystus' went over to the Persian side. 5. a) When news reached Athens that the Eretrians were going to be attacked they sent help, 5000 soldiers in total, but when the Retrain generals were in a split decision of what to do, some faithful leaders told the Athenians to go back, or they would meet their death.

    • Word count: 1332
  12. Compare the treatment of the battle of Agincourt by, respectively, Laurence Olivier and Kenneth Branagh in their films of Shakespeare's Henry V

    Colour was inevitably used anyway in order for the film to appear up to date. The target audience was obviously anyone who was beginning to feel depressed as the war dragged on. The Branagh version was made in 1989. By this time, everyone knew how tragic and terrible war was as communication had moved on to the extent that everyone had seen broadcasts of battle scenes from Vietnam. So Branagh took the opportunity to make a more realistic version of Henry V, the battle scene is almost a mockery of the deception carried by Olivier's version.

    • Word count: 1066
  13. Compare and contrast The Charge of the Light Brigade withThe Defence of Lucknow by Alfred Lord Tennyson - What contrasting attitudes do they convey? How does he do this?

    Lawrence was leading of the 1700 men until he died at the opening of the siege. This poem was created by Tennyson in order to let people know, how brave the British were during this battle. Tennyson wants to let people know how well the English fought, in order to let people give sympathy and empathy for the British. I will be comparing and contrasting these two poems, as well as including the attitudes and themes of both poems. In the poem "THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE" it can be distinguished that Tennyson, indicates the British are real brave throughout the poem.

    • Word count: 1793
  14. Compare and contrast Tennysons The Charge Of The Light Brigade and Wallaces War showing how the two poets express very different attitudes to warfare.

    reckon that most of the men in the Crimean war would believe In, king and country which is in my opinion the most valiant thing to, but not the most sensible. They believe it is their duty to fight to save their country. Alfred Tennysons background was that he was a famous poet he was the Queens appointed poet. He had no experience of battle personally. He just read Russells article about the battle in the Times newspaper report. So he did not see any blood or death.

    • Word count: 1207
  15. How did the Ulster 36th Division prepare for the battle

    New roads and rail-tracks were constructed and 120 miles of water pipes were laid. Tented accommodation for half a million men and 100,000 horses was put up. Mines were tunnelled, placed and charges under enemy strong points. Barbed wire cages were built for prisoners. Casualty clearings stations and mass graves were prepared and huge guns were placed wheel to wheel while planes shot down German "sausage" observation balloons. Battle plans were made in detail. The aims of the battle were; 1. To relive pressure on Verdun 2. To inflict grate loss on the enemy 3.

    • Word count: 1031
  16. Show how the respective codes of honour in 'The Battle of Maldon' and 'The Charge of the Light Brigade can be compared and contrasted. What differences in verse-style account for the different effects of each poem?

    wrist to the safety of the forest and strode into the fight;" This is because his best falcon is no longer needed as it cannot help him in battle. Only skill and bravery can. This is shown by the last words, when he strode into the fight. The next sentence says: "One could well see that the youth would not be weak in the turmoil of battle." This shows that all of the warriors had faith in their earl, even young, inexperienced people.

    • Word count: 1780
  17. Why was Britain able to win the Battle of Britain?

    The attack involved wave after wave of German bombers bombing harbours and naval bases of southern England. The first phase of the German attack reached a climax on August the 15th when 76 German bombers were shot down and 34 RAF fighters were lost. The second phase of Hermann Goerings attack on Britain was concentrated on destroying air bases, these attacks were the most crucial for the Germans because during August 24 and September 6, German raids destroyed 466 Hurricanes and Spitfires (Britain's best aircraft)

    • Word count: 1792
  18. "The charge of the light brigade" by Tennyson was written about a disastrous military escapade during the Crimean war.

    The first two lines, "Half a league, half a league, Half a league onwards," Creates a steady rhythm, which is meant to imitate the sound of the horses' hooves. From the very beginning of the poem, a solemn tone is established by Tennyson, by describing the valley as "The valley of Death" The focus is almost entirely on how it happened, not why it happened. The emphasis is not on the individual, but rather on the brigade as a whole, and their collective heroism and sacrifice for their country.

    • Word count: 1444
  19. Enders Game - Summary

    Most of the book took place inside Battle School, a large school for the few children thought smart enough. The Government owns ender. He has no life, his parents signed it over at birth, he is a third. Thirds aren't given choices, they are vermin, pests, a waste of space, food, and air in a world where population is controlled, birth is requisitioned. Peter and Valentine, Ender's older siblings, both showed promise. The problem was that Peter was too violent and hate-filled, while Valentine, in turn, was too empathic and had too much love for humanity. Ender was the median.

    • Word count: 1010
  20. Compare and Contrast the Poem ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’ (1854) by Tennyson and the Film Version (1968) of the same events by the Director Tony Harrison

    he and the Commander of the Light Brigade, Lord Cardigan, marched with their cavalry towards the Russian army, and to their fate. At the end of each line of the poem Tennyson writes the words, "the six hundred", referring to the six hundred cavalrymen. In verses one, two and three Tennyson portrays the Light Brigade as riding gallantly into the battle, he writes, "Rode the six hundred". In the forth and fifth verse he changes it slightly to emphasise the death of a number of soldiers of the Light Brigade.

    • Word count: 1699
  21. Battle Royal.

    This statement illustrates an idea that the whites coerced the narrator into the smoker. He could have turned down this invitation but "he was afraid to act any other way because they didn't like that at all" (2). The na�ve narrator lives for the moment and fails to contemplate the existence of anterior motives. In addition, without the narrator present, the fight would include only nine boys. Very seldom do organized fights include an odd number of participants. One can only question whether the whites' purpose for inviting him to speak was to fill the roster for the battle royal.

    • Word count: 1209
  22. The Battle of Passchendaele (The Third Battle of Ypres)

    This turned out to be a bad command decision, as the delay of six weeks meant that the good campaigning weather was lost which proved to be particularly unlucky. The problem for Haig was taking the battle away from Plumer and his staff, and giving it to Gough. It was said that Plumer, "knew every puddle" but Haig still wanted Gough to take charge. Haig thought that to win the battle it needed the spirit that the young Gough would give to it.

    • Word count: 1822
  23. Compare and Contrast The Charge Of The Light Brigade with The Charge Of The Heavy Brigade Paying Particular Attention to the following

    We are told that the soldiers should follow 'up the hill, up the hill' at the end of the first stanza and again repeated in the second. Similarly Tennyson also uses repition in the 'charge of the Light Brigade' in order to mimic various sounds, such as 'the Charge of the Light Brigade' where 'cannon' is repeated three times in the third and fifth stanzas. Through both poems there is not a distinct and constant rhyme scheme which allows Tennyson to manipulate the tone and pace of each poem and to create different atmospheres.

    • Word count: 1990
  24. Battle Royal

    The rationale behind his action includes the fact that he will finally deliver his speech to this lofty audience. The Battle Royal combatants include ten black boys. "I felt superior to them in my way, and I didn't like the manner in which we were all crowded together into the servants elevator" (3). Each fighter was stripped of their dignity and demoralized in this smoker but the protagonist feels superior to the other fighters. The main character feels better than his fellow combatants because the white men will let hi deliver his speech after the fight.

    • Word count: 1512
  25. The Battle Of Gettysburg

    One of the squad's leaders in Pickett's division was General Lewis Armistead, a participant of the prior war of Mexico and a close friend of Winfield Hancock. Armistead's brigade was made up of five regiments of Virginia troopsL 9th, 14th, 38th, 53th, 57th, coming to a total of about 2000 men. These five regimens would be supported by the other two brigades of Pickett's division. At approximately 12 noon, the 9th Virginia Regiment, which was under the command of Colonel John C.

    • Word count: 1312

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