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GCSE: William Blake

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Blake and the Romantics

  1. 1 Blake along with Wordsworth, Keats, Byron and Coleridge are all associated with the Romantic movement in Europe in the late 18th century and early 19th century.
  2. 2 The Romantics sympathised with the 'common man' and supported the American and French revolutions.
  3. 3 Considered mad in his lifetime Blake was a seminal figure in the poetry and art of the Romantic age and some of his poetry has been said to be 'prophetic'.
  4. 4 Some critics have said that Blake is 'far and away the greatest artist Britain ever produced'.
  5. 5 Blake, along with other Romantics hated what the industrial revolution had done to Britain's cities especially London and idealised the countryside.

Blake's ideas and expression

  1. 1 Blake had progressive ideas and saw visions of angels throughout his life. He was deeply philosophical and mystical he was very religious but criticised organised religion.
  2. 2 He was a member of the free love movement and likened some marriages to slavery saying that marriage was 'legalised prostitution'.
  3. 3 In Songs of Innocence and Experience Blake embraced the standard Romanticism of the innocence of childhood.
  4. 4 In the Songs of Experience Blake shows how innocence is lost by fear, political, social and economic corruption and how people are oppressed by the church, government and the ruling classes.
  5. 5 Blake illustrated the poems themselves and they follow the ideas of Milton's Paradise Lost and the fall which he had illustrated previously.

Things to consider when writing essays on Blake's work

  1. 1 Blake's poems are deceptively simple but contain strong symbolism and liberal messages concealed within their regular structure and rhyme schemes.
  2. 2 Focus on the question by referring to it in the introduction, conclusion and by writing topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraph.
  3. 3 Analyse and do not describe the content of the poem.
  4. 4 Make sure all poetry terminology is accurate to demonstrate understanding of poetic techniques.
  5. 5 Always consider what you know of Blake's life and strongly held beliefs - the themes of social conditions, the poor, corruption, industrialisation, the church and marriage are present in all of his poems.

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  1. Analysis on London by W Blak

    This line outlines city's wealth and businesslike atmosphere. The city seems quite unlike the celestial image that Wordsworth once created. It is owned by man, not God and seems rigid and ruthless. 'Mark' means notice, it is also the name of Jesus' disciple, and marking work or maps. 'Marks of weakness, marks of woe.' The word 'marks' is repeated to emphasize these meanings. This repetition, thudding and oppressive, also reflects the suffocating atmosphere of the city. The voice of experience appears to come through, noticing marks on people, physical scars and signs of poverty, sing and slavery.

    • Word count: 996
  2. Tyger (Tiger) - William Blake Analysis

    William Blake begins his poem, commenting about the "fearful" tiger. It is a beast, a creature - which lives in the negative side of the human soul, in the dark shadows of life. Blake explores the wonders of God, the "immortal hand or eye," created such a ferocious creature. The fearful 'symmetry' refers to the excellence of proportion, and the wild, frightening characteristics and physical features of the tiger. The poet praises God, elucidating the difficulty in conceptualizing each aspect of the tiger. As the poem progresses, Blake uses the metaphor of fire to demonstrate the way the tiger sees, and its vision.

    • Word count: 687
  3. UK Tourism,D2

    The children will like the London Eye because they can get a bird's eye view of London, seeing the main attractions and landmarks over London. They can also get the chance to see a different view of London. The hotel I would recommend for the family the Hilton London Metropole. The prices start at about �54 per person per night. The hotel would suit the family; this is because it is only a five-minute walk from Paddington station and is fifteen minutes away from Heathrow Airport.

    • Word count: 768
  4. Creative Writing about A Holiday in London

    The bus seems not to notice and lazily pulls up regardless. Hurriedly the crowd of people that has hastily gathered step onto the bus and search frantically for seats before the bus lurches forward and continues its usual journey towards the underground tube station. On arrival at our stop we almost fall out of the bus and spill into the station. We slot our tickets into the machine, push through the barrier and begin our descent down some steps that look as if they are the original ones built in January 1863.

    • Word count: 996
  5. advertising my local area

    London ist eine historische Stadt, die im Jahr 50 A.D. London hat ungefahr 7,619,000 Einwohner. Der Fluss Thames fleist durch London. Der Fluss Thames ist der grosste Fluss in England. Jedes Neujahr in der Mitternacht ist dort eine Feuerwerksk�rper-Anzeige in London, das ist fantastich! Das Feuerwerk ist sch�n und sehr bunt.

    • Word count: 271
  6. Free essay

    What can you learn from source A about the impact of the impact of the Beatles in 1960's?

    This shows the enormous impact the Beatles had because people rushed home just so they could catch a glimpse of them on television; Lumley also shows their impact on her personally when she describes the Beatles as the "fab four" and says they were "cool, hip, smart, lippy, charming and funny." Finally she shows just how much the Beatles had affected her life when she says, "it was heaven to be alive. However even though source A is useful it is not reliable as the language used is exaggerated as she says, "extraordinary silence and emptiness descended upon London, England, Britain."

    • Word count: 606
  7. William Blake: Freedom and Repression

    Blake's Outlook on the world was not all full of liberty as it was in "The Echoing Green". The contrary poem "London" represents an established view of Society, which is supported by the specific geographic position. Unlike the "Echoing Green", Blake has placed emphasis on a pacific Location which already represents a degree of control and restriction. One of the things that is Often said about Blake, is that he is writing in the context of the Industrial Revolution. A revolution which was to dominate an Economy based on Labour, therefore affecting the future and Freedom of Children.

    • Word count: 898
  8. English speaking and listening olympics presentation

    Thousands of fans, some in tears, danced and cheered as ticker-tape and balloons flew around their heads. Fans had flocked to the Square for a two-hour party but most stayed on well into the afternoon, with many waving flags, to celebrate London's success There will be an 80,000 seat Olympic Stadium to host the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as the Athletics. Ten separate train lines serving three stations will ensure that one train arrives at the Olympic Park every 15 seconds.

    • Word count: 518
  9. Compare and contrast the way London is presented in a selection of nineteenth century poems we have studied.

    This poem is 4�4 line stanzas with a regular rhyme scheme. This poem shows a negative side of London. This negative view is described by repetition through out the poem, e.g. 'cry', 'marks', (used in triples), 'chartered, (official document giving certain right to person/organization). The pace of this is fast. The city/London is presented as a really bad and influenced city that every man and child hates, there is a lot of evidence to support this point such as, 'in every cry of every man, in every infant's cry of fear, in every voice, in every ban, the mind-forged manacles is hear'. The writer talks about all the negative emotions which he sees in the people on the street.

    • Word count: 812
  10. In the poems "London" by William Blake and "Iguana Memory" by Grace Nichols there are many different ideas and themes which are expressed in different ways

    This idea is also put across by use of adjectives and the other words used to describe the setting. "Every black'ning Church appals" "Runs in blood down Palace walls" Words such as this have negative connotations as blood is related to pain and violence. This depicts what life in London was like. Similarly Nichols uses descriptive words to express the idea of children and childlike thoughts. By doing this we as the reader can imagine what it was like for her, as a child, to see the iguana. "..rustling..." Also we gather the impression from the form of the poem that it was deliberate written by Nichols in the style of a child.

    • Word count: 807
  11. HOW DOES THE POET CREATE A SENSE OF PLACE? Composed Upon Westminster Bridge by William Wordsworth & London by William Blake

    He uses a list of things to describe the morning and how beautiful it is. 'The beauty of the morning: silent, bare, ships, towers, domes, theatres, and temples lay...valley, rock, or hill'. Here, he uses man-made and natural things. Throughout the poem he uses personification to compare London with a person of royalty with such beautiful buildings, fields, 'smokeless air' and a sun with beautiful colours. London:- Unlike Wordsworth, William Blake lived and experienced the whole London life; this means he was able to write about the reality of the city.

    • Word count: 628
  12. Interpretation of The Sick rose and the Eagle

    The 'invisible worm' could be sperm, as you can't possibly see sperm. For the two lines of the poem, 'And his dark secret love, does thy life destroy' gave me the clue that the sperm was infectious, which killed that beloved woman. The poem, as mentioned earlier, hasn't got only one meaning. "Rose" can also be translated into a kind of flower, with large, scarlet layers of petals, which hide the stigma of the flower. In this case, the superficial meaning of the poem becomes very understandable.

    • Word count: 989
  13. Essay Title: A comparison of the poems 'A London Fete' by George Patmore and 'Clever Tom Clinch Going to be Hanged' by Jonathan Swift

    The poet describes the crowd as a "rabble" an uncontrollable force almost like a mob, an evil atmosphere "as mothers held up their babes to see, who spread their hands and crowed with glee," everyone in the rabble is involved almost as if they were all one person, all enjoying the entertainment, as it was called during the Pre 20th Century. A crowd would gather around Newgate's prison, which was a prison in London like death row, during the 1800's many would have seen the spectacle of a prisoner being brought forth to the hangman's rope.

    • Word count: 797
  14. Essay Question: With close reference to a range of poems comment on Blake's presentation and/or use of the natural world in "songs of innocence and experience'.

    However, in the first stanza of 'The Lamb', Blake, as in 'The Tiger', asks questions, and these are again directed to the animal, although the reader has less difficulty guessing the answer, which the poet in any case gives in the second stanza. The picture of The Lamb's feeding "by the stream and o'er the mead" is a beautiful one, which suggests God's kindness in creation. On the other hand, Blake imagines the tiger as the embodiment of God's power in creation: the animal is terrifying in its beauty, strength, complexity and vitality.

    • Word count: 996
  15. This essay is about comparing the two poems London and Composed upon a westminster bridge , london is by a man named William Blake who has a very bad view of london during the romantic period and C.U.W.B

    of gods creation , he doesnt actually say that in the poem but that is what he is getting at , he doesnt really take notice of the class system , he concentrates more on london itself and how beautiful it is . In stanza 1 also , Blake mentions the word's MARK and MARKS several times , which is his way of suggesting that the poor have lost their identity and dont really have a purpose to live in London and/or they're not wanted , also it connotes the repressive regime of the 1970's Romantic period , and finally

    • Word count: 703
  16. Compare the different impressions of London that are created in Wordsworth's 'Composed upon Westminister Bridge' and Blakes 'L

    In the third stanza he says, "And the hapless soldier's sigh runs in blood down palace-walls". This suggests that he blames the government for sending out soldiers to fight and die for no real reason. He then talks about how prostitution is all over. "How the youthful harlots curse blasts the new-born infant's tear, and blights with plagues the marriage-hearse". This implies that even the pure like marriage and giving birth is covered in the background by the impure prostitution, and this corrupts everything. The poem is literally about the bad points of London as he walks through the 'chartered' streets, this is what comes to his mind and what he sees.

    • Word count: 997
  17. Compare and contrast the poems 'London' by William Blake and'Composed upon Westminister bridge,september 3,1802' by William Wordsworth.

    Both poems are written in a typically romantic way,even though William Blakes "London" has a negative veiw of London as a city. One example of "london" being written in a romantic way is at the beginning of the poem: "I wonder through" this is seen as typically romantic because of the words used i.e wonder and also most poems use languege like that in most poems.He also repeats himself alot with words such as "In every" which is also typically romantic.William Wordsworth is writing about his love of London by describing it in a personal level he writes: "Never did

    • Word count: 935
  18. Comparison between, Composed Upon Westminster Bridge by William Wordsworth and London by William Blake

    Wordsworth follows the traditional sonnet form of fourteen lines each with ten syllables and a structured rhyme scheme. The sonnet is usually associated with romantic love poetry, so before even reading the poem it provides the reader with a good idea of the attitude of the poet towards the city of London. Wordsworth's vocabulary is romantic and he links the city with the countryside. He also personifies London describing the city a beautiful woman. "This City now doth, like a garment, wear The beauty of the morning; silent, bare," Blake's poem has four verses and follows a set rhyme scheme

    • Word count: 992
  19. Compare and contrast Blake and Wordsworth's view of London William Wordsworth and William Blake both wrote popular poems about London

    He uses logical and considered tone in the structure of "London." Wordsworth's sonnet is a very, romantic and optimistic poem about London. To Wordsworth, London is beautiful, as beautiful as the countryside or a more natural landscape; he doesn't see all of the urban buildings and busy streets. Unlike Blake, Wordsworth sees the natural splendour of the capital "the beauty of the morning" rather than the dreary way of life Blake focuses on. Wordsworth only chooses to see the beautiful "garment" that London wears to cover up the grimy and gloomy city behind it.

    • Word count: 938
  20. Compare the ways in which Wordsworth and Blake describe LondonIn 'Composed upon Westminster Bridge' and 'London'

    Composed on Westminster Bridge is a poem set at sunrise "The beauty of the morning" "Never did the sun more beautifully steep" and shows London as a calm and beautiful place. The writer shows London to be the most beautiful place there is and that nothing can compare to it "Ne'er saw I, never felt, a calm so deep!". Wordsworth uses his poem to paint a picture, showing London to be beautiful and describing it using personifications " The river glideth at his own sweet will" to show he loves city as he would love a human being.

    • Word count: 746
  21. Compare and contrast the presentation of London in composed upon Westminster Bridge by William Wordsworth and London by Willia

    The poem is set in the cramped back alleys of London, which are associated with restriction and oppression. It is in the middle of the day, when the factories are alive, and the people are living their pointless lives, therefore Blake will be seeing London at the height of activity. Wordsworth is written in 1802 and describes more of the architecture and the buildings that he can see from the distance it can look rich and wealthy from the outside but this is just a mask of the grime London in the streets and the decaying horrible society that London has been moulded into.

    • Word count: 997

    The bombing also caused disastrous disruption to other aspects of everyday life. Like I've already indicated, the mere destroyed or damaged houses wasn't the only problem; school life was interrupted, families were homeless, and worst of all children were separated from their parents through the evacuation system. Evacuation was introduced at the start of World War Two so that young children were safe from the cities that were considered to be in danger of Nazi bombing. In addition, getting the masks on and getting in to the shelters wasn't also the only problem, everyday life was extremely affected in that also gas and electricity was cut off, which caused immense difficulties.

    • Word count: 641
  23. "Benjamin Franklin-More Than a Revolutionary"

    Benjamin had many other careers in his life he was a printer, author, diplomat, philosopher, inventor and a scientist. Benjamin had many inventions that improved our live such as the first library, the Franklin stove, and the first volunteer fire fighter company. All of these inventions we still use today. The library we use to take out books for free and return them on time. We use the Franklin stove to cook our food.

    • Word count: 443
  24. Mr Blake's views on "upon Westminster bridge" I read Mr Wordsworth's poem. I was dismayed by his views on London

    One day I was walking through the streets of London and it sprung upon me to write a poem. This is my view on the real London. I opened the poem with the line "I wonder through each chartered street" I used this word wandered to make it seem as if I was freely roaming the streets not knowing where I was or where I was going. As if I was lost down the back streets of London. Chartered street carry's the mark of changed and revolutionised London. All the streets seemed dull and grim and had something mysterious about them.

    • Word count: 628
  25. In William Blake's Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience, many of the poems correlate in numerous aspects. For example, The Chimney Sweeper is a key poem in both collections that portrays the soul of a child

    These lines are describing the main character Tom Dacre's dream during the night. Many of the innocent young boys that labored as chimney sweepers were killed in the dangerous profession and potential death was always a concern. After Tom's dream was documented in the poem, an Angel appeared possessing a "bright key" and "he open'd the coffins and set them all free." The Angel with the bright key to free all of the deceased juvenile boys portrays the innocence and purity of the chimney sweepers. In addition, the Angel also told Tom that "if he'd be a good boy, He'd have God for his father and never want joy."

    • Word count: 842

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