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GCSE: Aldous Huxley

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  1. Brave New World- Would we want it? Do we have it?

    This embryo will later in its life become a rocket engineer. Later in the embryo's life once it has become a young child it is the subject of countless conditioning techniques this consist of sleep-teaching (while the child is asleep it has a tape played to him/her this teaches them. But if they are asked something about what was on the tape they will merely quote it not really knowing what it means.) Another technique is conditioning them from liking books and nature etc...

    • Word count: 842
  2. “The Crucible”

    The Puritans founded the town one generation before, a group of puritans who had fled England to be allowed to practise their religion with freedom. The residents of Salem believed in the Devil and thought that the witchcraft should be hunted down. The language of the play is violent and old fashioned to emphasise the claustrophobia of Salem and people who were all being condemned by everyone else. After the Second World War everyone in America was paranoid about a third world war starting.

    • Word count: 1167
  3. Examine the Way the Character of Bernard Marx Is Presented In the Brave New World

    They have no control over their lives or the ability to think for themselves. We know that this is not a good thing but because they have no experience of self-thought, they don't. There are no races, just five classes; Alpha Plus, Beta, Delta, Epsilon, and Gamma. Alpha Plus is the best class and Gamma is the worst. Everyone is supposed to mix with everyone else. No one is supposed to be alone because they are meant to have more than one sexual partner and not be monogamous. ' Sleeping around ' would be frowned upon in this world but there it is regarded as normal.

    • Word count: 1217
  4. Why Was Rochester Castle under Siege in 1215?

    By 1204 he had abandoned Normandy and he was forced to flee back to England. Like his father, Henry II, john spent a lot of his time arguing with the church leaders about how far the king should be able to tell the church what to do. It was unfortunate for john that the pope of the time, innocent III, was very strong-minded and thought that kings should do as he told them. When the archbishop Canterbury died in 1205, king john and the pop argued about who should get the job next. Both men were stubborn, and neither would give way.

    • Word count: 1182
  5. Dear Bernard,

    The words of the director keep ringing in my head: "you're claiming the right to be unhappy. Not to mention the right to grow old and ugly and impotent; the right to have syphilis and cancer; the right to have too little to eat; the right to be lousy; the right to live in constant apprehension of what may happen tomorrow; the right to catch typhoid; the right to be tortured by unspeakable pains of every kind". After I replied I wanted each of these things he replied: "You're welcome", and it was only a few seconds before my death that I was able to understand his words.

    • Word count: 576
  6. Which is the most impressive and moving of Clare’s asylum poems?

    It was at this time that he first became despondent, and then slowly his depression turned into mental illness. His wife Martha 'Penny' Turner could no longer cope to look after him and his children so he was entered into an asylum. It was here that he entered 'the land of shadows' where he thought he was, Byron, Burns, Lord Nelson or a famous boxer. He somehow managed to escape the asylum and he walked all the way back to his home. He was sent to another asylum where he lived until he unfortunately died. Clare wrote approximately 150 poems of which 'I Am' and ' To John Clare' are just two of them and these are the two poems that my essay will be based on.

    • Word count: 1785
  7. How women are presented in the short story “The yellow Wallpaper”?

    He says she is not to stir without his command. He thinks he is being caring but he is holding her down. When she says things that may question his beliefs or he thinks she shouldn't be saying because she is a woman then he laughs at her. He does it so often that when he does it she is expecting it. She gets used to it. When she tells him things about how she feels about her illness he tries to explain everything with a scientific explanation. He has no use of emotion in his replies to her.

    • Word count: 2344
  8. Unman Wittering And Zigo

    This suggests he is proud of his staff, their history and bravery. When the head enters the John's classroom in scene 3 he only says one line, then leaves "Carry on Ebony. Take no notice of me". This could suggest he is checking on John. The quote could also suggest that that the head is checking on the boys because he knows they are trouble. When John goes to see the head in scene 8, John tries to tell the head about Mr Pelham's wallet but the head try's to avoid the issue "I really don't think you need have left your form in the middle of a period".

    • Word count: 1779
  9. Describe what psychologists mean by the terms schema, and script, and illustrate each of these concepts with a concrete exampl

    The various things you know about horses are closely interrelated in your long-term memory in the form of a "horse" schema. Not only do schemas provide a means for organizing information, but they also influence how we interpret new situations. As an example, try the following exercise. Read the following passage one time only.

    • Word count: 438
  10. “Oh Brave New World that has such people in it!” Select 2 to 3 incidents that highlight the contrast between life in Brave New World and the savage reservation.

    Whizz and then click! The lift hatches flew open." This occurs in the London Hatchery where humans are mass-produced on a production line. It makes the brave new world run very smoothly, and clinically. For example, the babies do not grow in a womb, but in a bottle, and instead of born they are decanted. This does not seem a very natural thing to be done, but so long as it is clean and clinical it is done. This is because the citizens of the brave new world are conditioned to like everything sterilised this way: "Sterilisation is civilisation."

    • Word count: 1597
  11. The spring of ’75.

    While in Elmers the boys lost John's father and ran into four girls, one of whom was Carla. Peter took an instant liking to Carla and starting talking to her. Peter didn't really get far because of his drunken state, but Carla liked him and realised Peter was a nice boy. Peter and the boys stayed at Elmers into the early hours of the morning along with Carla. The time was 2:30am on the Saturday morning and the boys, Carla and John's father were the only people left in Elmers.

    • Word count: 1869
  12. Existence vs. Essence in A Brave New World

    At first inspection, the Utopia in Brave New World does seem perfect in many aspects. Unhappiness, intellectual curiosity, disagreement, suffering, disease, and war are all outlawed. Ignorance can very well mean happiness. Even if it were forced upon the society, their conditioning would not reveal that "knowledge". Soma is the societies panacea, relieving the "Brave" New World of all its distress, yet more so of it's truth. Truth has also vanished and so has the depression that, at times, accompanies.

    • Word count: 1909
  13. Review Of The Film “Witness”

    The Amish lead strictly non-violent lives and will not result to violence under any circumstances. We the viewer can see this when the Amish are stopped in their carriages by teenage tourists, who spread ice-cream over some of the Amish faces, none of the Amish would retaliate but John fought back with violence, this demonstrates that the Amish will never resort to violence but John will always resort to violence to solve a problem. The Amish are also devoted to their religion, which involves not using any modern technology and wearing simple hand made clothes which do not include buttons only hooks and eyes, John makes fun of this by asking Rachel whether they are allowed "zippers".

    • Word count: 2888
  14. What do you learn about the characters involved in this interchange? How does Miller make the scene dramatic?

    John mentions to Abigail that people are talking of witchcraft, her way of dealing with this is to move closer as if trying to seduce him. This shows another one of her methods of persuading people to her way of thinking. Miller shows that what is going on between John and Abby is a sin in his stage directions, "[she dares come closer]" and "[feverishly looking into his eyes]" I think that these quotes also show Abigail is afraid of what John's reactions will be to her advances.

    • Word count: 1306
  15. Brave New World Coursework

    To make him self less bored John came up with was to amuse him self because the others wouldn't let him join in. He thought if he fasted for 5 days, he would help cure hunger and famine! We all know this isn't true but it made him feel better doing something. When people suffered he believed that they should be given respect and help wherever possible.

    • Word count: 430
  16. Comparing and Contrasting Aldous Huxley’s and H.G Wells’ Views of the Future With reference to “Brave New World” and “The Time Machine”.

    Contentedly, the people fulfil their social roles in life without experiencing pain or unhappiness. During childhood, methods such as hypnopedia are used to instil the advantages of obedience and immoral sexual relations into them. Then, at the end of childhood, they are given soma, which allows them to be free of experiencing the negative feelings of life. The World State's rule of conduct includes the saying; "Community, Identity and Stability". With the help of soma, this rule of conduct is instilled more deeply into the minds of the citizens.

    • Word count: 2332
  17. The Club Footed Grocer

    He is described as having a 'a large grocery in Stepney, which did a curious mixed business. Not always as we have heard of a very savoury character with the riverside and seafaring people.' This evokes the feeling that he has a shady and rather seedy business and is sometimes on the wrong side of the law. John's mother states that Maple has no friends and he does not deserve any, and she seems to bear a grudge towards him that he did not help John's father when in trouble. They have not had any contact from him, although we can deduce that she must have written to Maple as it is mentioned that 'if he is

    • Word count: 1697
  18. How have John Pilger and Tony Parsons used language to persuade the reader to sympathize with their point of view?

    John Pilger doesn't seem to understand that begging should not be tolerated. He should know that beggars who live by sponging of decent hard working people for their money should be ignored and encouraged not to beg. John Pilger article "The man with no name" has a story like title. The way he begins his article is just like an opening to a story. Comparing Pilger's title with Parson's you see that Tony parsons is way more insulting. "Beggars of Britain" The word 'beggars' means someone who lives by asking others for money and food.

    • Word count: 1056
  19. Examine the way Robert Louis Stevenson portrays character in ‘Treasure Island’ and look at how characters change throughout the novel.

    He meets Billy Bones, 'The Captain', when he comes to stay at the inn. The captain is a rich character, who drinks too much rum and is generally a bully of a man who soon recruits Jim to look out for a 'one legged seafaring man'. He is an old sea shanty, constantly singing, 'Fifteen men on the dead man's chest, yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!' much to everyone's displeasure. Jim is a very young gentle boy, eager to please and has nightmares about the one legged sailor. Jim very soon is introduced to wicked old sailors who come by to have heated and threatening conversations with the captain; Black Dog and old, blind Pew.

    • Word count: 1420
  20. Brave New World. Lindas version of the New Mexican Savage Reservation incident.

    Seeing them there, mindlessly repeating the directions to us, made me sure that I definitely would not want to be a Delta-Minus or any class for that matter, Beta-Minus? get the best of both worlds. We get very good jobs and Alpha?s are attracted to us. What could be better? The first message we heard from the Delta was that we were a good few miles away before we would even see the Savage.

    • Word count: 561
  21. Brave New World- Style and Technique Analysis

    This technique is shown when Huxley switches back and forth from the Savage Reservation to the brave new world. If Bernard Marx, an ?Alpha Plus?(Huxley, 14) in the brave new world, were to narrate this part in the novel, it would be focussed on self pity, and his unhappiness. Furthermore, it would no longer be deliberately focussed and thematically based on the replacement of humanity in the society. Additionally it would not give the impression of a thoughtless place in which no citizens have control. Thus, Huxley intentionally uses the technique of third person omniscient to ensure his novel remains unified and delivers his prediction. The utilization of irony is a key literary technique Huxley uses in his writing.

    • Word count: 4084

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