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GCSE: Bram Stoker

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  1. In What Ways Are The Conventions Of Gothic Fiction Shown In The Texts You Have Studied

    The convention of Isolation plays a big part in stories of the Gothic Fiction Genre, the main character, or the "hero" of the story is often either emotionally ("not a particularly sociable kind of person" - The Vampire Of Kaldenstein.) or physically ("...wandering the more remote parts of Europe" - The Vampire Of Kaldenstein.) isolated from other people, sometimes both. This is the case in Frankenstein, he is both physically and emotionally isolated when he is working on his creature, and he does this again when he begins work on the second creature ("...I told Clerval I wished to make the tour of Scotland alone...

    • Word count: 915
  2. Bram Stoker’s Dracula

    The film starts by showing us how the death of one man's only love, resulted in him becoming an immortal 'creature', doomed to thirst after the blood of living animals, usually virginal young females. This opening scene is essential to the whole film as it tells of why Dracula isn't a normal man. "Vlad Dracule" was a knight in the sacred army of the church, who left his wife in order to fight against an invading Turkish army. The battle was successful, and the church' army won; yet, in retaliation, the Turks sent Dracula's new wife, Elizobeta, a letter that falsely reported the death of her beloved.

    • Word count: 2297
  3. Is Dracula a racist novel?

    This means he already knew he would face some racism once he moved. In I am legend Robert Neville never tried to adapt to the other kind. He wanted to kill them instead. Someday I'll get that bastard, he thought as he took a big swallow of the bitter drink. Someday I'll knock a stake right through his goddamn chest.' (3) This shows the hatred between the two different people. The vampires in the I am legend have put so much rage onto Robert Neville that he does not come out at night because he is scared the different people, ' "Come out, Neville!"

    • Word count: 1090
  4. Dracula: a novel of fin de siècle fear?

    Dracula clearly belongs to the Gothic with its continual transgression of social, psychic and realistic limits. Eve Kosovsky Sedgwick2 has identified the distinctive features of Gothic literature as follows; the setting is often a Catholic European country, and includes an oppressive ruin or castle in a wild landscape, it is likely to feature a sensitive heroine tyrannised and imprisoned by an older man intent on rape and murder, who is rescued by her impetuous lover. There is often an interest in religious institutions, sleep or deathlike states, the damaging effects of guilt, family ties, and hints of incest.

    • Word count: 2680
  5. The Gothic: A History

    An old house or a dark dungeon may replace it, but it is always unmistakable. Then let the terrors commence. This is another world, and it seeks to bring the protagonist under its sway. Supernatural manifestations, manifestations of the villain's usually quite natural designs, though in Dracula of course the two are one. Let the protagonist become intrigued, or desperate enough to voluntarily travel deeper into the castle's mysteries. Then comes the crux, the awful truth and then the escape, through fortuitous discovery or salvation from a romantic interest. Unless, of course, you are reading The Monk, in which case the villain recaptures the protagonist, rapes, murders her, and is captured by the Inquisition.

    • Word count: 2325
  6. Comparison of Gothic and Baroque Architecture.

    and privat houses wich are build in this style. Before the 12th century, the Churches where build with heavy, thick stone vaults (the structure which supports the sealing or roof) which tended to push the walls to the side. This structures collapsed sometimes under the enourmous pressure. The solution to this problem came in the middle of the 12th century, when the "rip vault" was invented. This was the first step to the Gothic style and the beginning of the Early-Gothic.

    • Word count: 1388
  7. In what ways could “The Red Room” and “The Old Nurses Story” be described as typical of the gothic tradition?

    Wells used these aspects in their stories to create a deep and gripping storyline. In "The Red Room" and "The Old Nurses Story" the setting is important, it conveys to the reader how remote and desolate the location has been set. "The Red Room" was inside an old haunted castle far from civilisation and "The Old Nurses Story" was set in the bleak moors of Northumberland. Other stories written in the gothic tradition use the same kind of setting for example "Dracula" by Bram Stoker is set in an old castle, the location far away in the mountains of Transylvania.

    • Word count: 1223
  8. The Bloody Chamber (Angela Carter)

    Furthermore, evil is thought to be more rampant and stronger in the twilight. The difficulty in which light penetrates the night can also show how the malevolent force within the castle is extremely potent, unsettling the reader. This further exemplified by how any light that penetrates is "dim", "lugubrious", and "cool (and) sad". Light is the motif of goodness, hence this emblematically represents how evil is triumphant over good in the bastion. Light also symbolically reveals: as the character "lights those candles" around the catafalque, she feels that her innocence is being lost. Also, the light was muted as "the electricity for some reason did not extend" to that part of the castle.

    • Word count: 1375
  9. How Stoker, Poe, Wells and Conan Doyle Have tried to make their stories Horrifying

    The Squaw- By Bram Stoker Bram Stoker has several ways to make his story horrifying and one of them is the way his characters develop the story to unravel the supernatural side of the Squaw. Stoker uses the typical gentleman (the narrator) to make the American seem like the bad guy of the story when he shows the Americans reaction when he kills the kitten. The American tells the story of the Squaw back in America: " Wall, I guess that air the savagest beast I ever see cept once when an Apache Squaw had an edge on a half

    • Word count: 978
  10. Are Dracula and Atticus portrayed as heroic for breaking society’s taboos?

    What separates him from the rest of Maycomb is his willingness and personal pledge to help and not segregate the towns 'niggers'. The taboo that is highlighted in Harper's book is the defiance of a white man against a whole community to prove a Negro's innocence over a white man's. Heroism is; Great courage, valour, bravery, intrepidness, fearlessness, boldness and pluckiness. Heroism is the ability to maybe use arrogances to reach the best result in a challenging event. Do heroes exist?

    • Word count: 2962
  11. How did Dracula Highlight Repressive Victorian Attitudes Towards Women

    Britain was primarily a patriarchal society. Men discounted women as being completely irrational and incapable of logical thought and therefore women in this period where generally ignored; their views were not considered valid enough to be taken into consideration. During this period the gothic novel under went a period of transition also. This was redirected into a new form entitled "Irish gothicism". This new branch of Gothicism is illuminated in many different dimensions; a form that dealt largely with contemporary concerns and discovers a vocabulary for that which cannot be spoken about - taboo subjects.

    • Word count: 872
  12. Literary Gothic

    Frankenstein is the most important product of this Gothic tradition. Its text relates to science, poetry, psychology, alienation, politics, education, family relationships, and loads more. Even so, I can't imagine a more Gothic circumstance than the secret creation of an eight-foot-tall monster out of separate body parts collected random people. All of the mentioned elements above appear in Frankenstein. For example, nature is used frequently to create atmosphere. The bleak, white fields of the Alps and the mists of the Arctic are there to indicate the isolation of the two villains.

    • Word count: 2870
  13. Discuss the relationship between sexuality and cruelty AND/OR or death in any TWO texts.

    (Stoker p.365). In taking them, Dracula spawns antagonism between himself and Van Helsing's men, as women are a necessary constituent to the durability of human existence. Yet, what is more important, Dracula poses a threat to systems of patriarchy. Fred Botting endorses this argument as he suggests that: 'By way of women Dracula attacks men...' (Botting p.151). Consequently, Dracula's brutal sexual nature remorselessly uses women, to deny mortal males their heirs through human procreation. Therefore, Dracula is most certainly a megalomaniac, as personified by his monstrosity and clearly an opponent of the theories of Darwin.

    • Word count: 3526
  14. Look closely at Jonathan Harker’s journey to Dracula’s Castle. How does the director give the impression of danger?

    The clip begins in a tropical garden somewhere in London. Soft melodic music can be heard in the background alongside birds and running water this gives the audience the impression that Jonathan is safe and free from danger because their is no threat posed to Jonathan from anything in the scene. Jonathan and Mina are discussing Jonathan's return from Transylvania. They are making plans to get married. At this point, the audience's attention is drawn to the peacock's feather, which is moving clockwise across the screen.

    • Word count: 2899
  15. Dracula Is One of the Most Important and Influencial Novels of Its Genre, Why, What Has Made It So Successful?

    He is there to aid Count Dracula, a Transylvanian nobleman, in buying an English estate. Once meeting the Count he settles in within the castle, but although initially he is charmed by the Count's generosity and intelligence, gradually, he comes to realize that he is a prisoner in Dracula's castle, and that the Count is a demonic being who plans to prey on the teeming masses of London. During the course of the novel Dracula leaves Jonathan to die at the hands of three female vampires, but Jonathan is desperate and attempts to escape. Meanwhile, in England, Jonathan's fianc´┐Że Mina visits her best friend, Lucy Westenra.

    • Word count: 1971
  16. How effective is the “Tomb of Sarah” as a Gothic Horror story?

    We have the Hero of the story, who we know only as "Harry". He is a very distinguished gentleman, who is well respected and enjoys what he does. As the events unfold Harry is very rational and calm in his manner. When confronted with the evidence of localised fog and strange dogs synchronously howling, as well as viewing the corpse he simply decides to investigate further and posses more evidence before he confronts the rector or anyone else with his theories.

    • Word count: 878
  17. Compare the ways in which a sense of terror is created in Chapter 2 of Dracula and The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

    As these two passages are based on description (describing the house and Mr Hyde in The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and describing Count Dracula?s house in Dracula), adjectives are key in creating tension and terror. In Dracula, the adjectives reflect that in the dark, all your senses are heightened, so everything seems bigger, ?I stood next to a great door, old and studded with large iron nails, and set in a projecting doorway of massive stone?.

    • Word count: 1002

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